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November 2013 - Vol.10 No. 11 - Page #28

Medication Packaging Verification System
AmerisourceBergen Technology Group announces the new FastPak Verify, a verification system for both multi-dose and unit dose packaging operations. The system works seamlessly with the FastPak EXP high volume packager to analyze the size, shape, marking, and color of every pill in a package to ensure it matches the associated prescription. If the system identifies an issue with any medication in the package, it is color-coded on screen for easy review. Furthermore, the system will physically mark any item that needs review as the packages are scanned so the pharmacist or technician can easily find it. Measuring only 28- by 25-inches, the FastPak Verify is compact and requires minimal space in the pharmacy.

AmerisourceBergen Corporation
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Outpatient Pharmacy POS Software
Emporos has added new features to its MerchantSoft POS System to make prescription delivery easier, faster, and more efficient in the outpatient setting. An improved design using overlapping windows, tables, and tabs maximizes the touchscreen interface. The system helps address HIPAA privacy and PCI security issues, and requires fewer steps to accomplish tasks while providing quick access to patient and prescription information. A new interactive customer display and interface for credit card processing improves security and the new interface with PayLink allows for direct, secure access to the payment process. The system also has improved data flow performance using Web services architecture, and customer authentication is made at the point-of-sale and sent directly to the enterprise server.

Emporos Systems Corporation
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Sporicidal Disinfectant and Cleaner
Peridox RTU from Contec is a broad-spectrum EPA-registered sporicide, bactericide, virucide, tuberculocide, and fungicide one-step disinfectant and hard surface cleaner with a three-minute sporicide efficacy claim. The disinfectant contains no alcohol or bleach, leaves minimal residue on surfaces, and is compatible with most surfaces found in the pharmacy compounding environment. With patented, hyperactive chemistry, shorter kill times, and powerful wetting agents, the product remains wet and works fast for assured efficacy against hard-to-kill spores and other dangerous pathogens. The cleaner enables a simple, one-step cleaning and disinfection process that does not require a pre-clean operation. Peridox RTU can be used for daily and monthly USP <797>-required cleaning procedures and also is available in a concentrated formula.

Contec, Inc
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340B Software
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS), a pharmacy services provider that implements, manages, and documents best practices for 340B programs, introduces 340B-Smart—a software platform that provides the pharmacy with full 340B regulatory compliance, audit protection, and a support staff of 340B program experts to ensure continual program optimization. 340B-Smart is easy to use and provides pharmacies with precise allocation of 340B costs.

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services
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Tamper-Evident Vial Caps
Tamper Tuf vials and caps from Health Care Logistics provide a tamper-evident solution for the extemporaneous unit dosing of oral liquid medications. The unique cap design features large ports for easy filling, helping to protect medication integrity and improve patient safety. A tab on the cap snaps into the filling port to permanently close the vial and a tear-away strip allows for access with a quick pull. Once pulled, the cap shows evidence of usage or tampering and the strip cannot be reattached. The amber vials with white caps are available assembled or unassembled in 15 mL and 30 mL sizes. The vials protect the integrity of light-sensitive medication and are graduated every 5 mL with raised markings. Tamper Tuf vials are sold in packages of 250 with caps included.

Health Care Logistics
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RFID and Bar Code Scanner
JADAK announces its support for high-frequency RFID applications with the HS-1R, a handheld scanner that integrates 1D and 2D bar code scanning with RFID reading and writing functionality. The scanner has an ergonomic and compact design and is composed of medical grade materials. With dual technologies, the scanner can assist in many health care applications, such as patient identification via wristband scanning, drug inventory tracking, and digital signature capture using the built in camera modes. As part of a medical system, the HS-1R can be tailored to meet a specific user’s requirements to help reduce medical errors, streamline workflow, and improve patient satisfaction.

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Outpatient Pharmacy Dispensing Robot
The KL100 from Kirby Lester is a midsized-dispensing robot that can handle 50% or more of a pharmacy’s total daily orders. The system can automate 100 of an outpatient pharmacy’s top-moving tablets and capsules, providing an elevated capacity for busier operations. The unique FillSafe solution allows the pharmacist to completely control the security of the refill process. At just 59-inches deep, the KL100 has a small footprint and easily fits into existing floor plans without renovation.

Kirby Lester
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Medication Management Platform
The Omnicell G4 Unity medication and supply automation platform now stores up to seven years of data to assist in compliance audits. The flexible platform meets the medication management needs of hospitals, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), and non-acute care sites. A single database can connect five Omnicell systems for managing general medications, controlled substances, supplies, anesthesia products, and mobile workstations. Users have the choice of connecting through a physical server, virtual server, or Cloud Connect. The G4 Unity platform supports multiple sites and time zones and remote access also is available. Standard software upgrades are included with Omnicell’s service agreement.

Omnicell, Inc
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Inventory Management Software
Pyxis technologies from CareFusion has added new features to its Pharmogistics inventory management software. Enhanced capabilities include the addition of IV compounding workflow management. The software uses bar code verification and integrates directly with a hospital’s IT system to help track inventory, simplify workflow, and reduce costs. Pharmogistics also helps improve medication safety enterprise-wide.

CareFusion Corporation

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Cleanroom Cleaning Disposables
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals announces the launch of Pharma-Sat Plus, the newest addition to Acute Care’s USP <797>-compatible cleanroom disposables product line. The product is an ultra-low endotoxin, pre-saturated wiper made from a polyester/cellulose blend and is available in both sterile and non-sterile versions. Pharma-Sat Plus Wipers meet USP <797> regulations and the USP <161> endotoxin limit for medical devices of 0.06 EU/mL.

Acute Care Pharmaceuticals

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