Hazardous Drug Safety

April 2014 - Vol.11 No. 4

PP&P has published numerous articles in recent years on ensuring hazardous drug safety. For more information on effectively managing hazardous medications, see the below sampling of articles:

Ensure Nursing Safety During Hazardous Drug Administration
Q&A with Seth Eisenberg, RN, OCN
February 2014 Oncology Supplement

Safe Management Strategies for Hazardous Drugs
By Colleen Moody; Lindsey Poppe, PharmD, MS, BCPS; and Stephen Eckel, PharmD, MHA, BCPS
January 2014

Staff Competency Program for Chemotherapy Preparation
By Sylvia Bartel, MPH, RPh
September 2013

Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs
By Martha Polovich, PhD, RN, AOCN
November 2012

CSTDs as a Cost of Doing Business
By Firouzan Massoomi, PharmD, FASHP
November 2012

Collaboration for Managing Hazardous Drugs
By Seth Eisenberg, RN, OCN
October 2012

When Should Handling Precautions Be in Place for Hazardous Drugs?
By Luci Power, MS, RPh
March 2011

Using CSTDs to Mitigate the Risks of Hazardous Drugs
By Luci Power, MS, RPh
November 2010

Identification and Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs
By Thomas H. Connor, PhD
March 2010

Speaking of...High-Alert, High-Risk, and Hazardous Drugs
By Patricia C. Kienle, RPh, MPA, FASHP
July 2009


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