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April 2014
Volume: 11 Number: 4
Articles: 11

Hazardous Drug Safety
pg. 1
We're Celebrating our 10th Anniversary!
pg. 2
Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining ADCs
pg. 6
340B Software Maintenance Strategies
pg. 12
Apply Human Factors Design to Ambulatory Safety
pg. 18
Implement Technician-Driven Medication Reconciliation
pg. 22
Spring Hospital Pharmacy Conference
pg. 24
What Hazardous Drug Training Should Nursing Receive?
pg. 26
Unit Dose Market Watch
pg. 28
HDClean from ChemoGLO
pg. 30
New & Noteworthy
New & Noteworthy

CareFusion announces the new Pyxis IV system to help standardize workflow in the central pharmacy IV room, and securely manage a closed-loop pick, prep, ... read more

The motorized cleanroom shoe cleaner from Terra Universal makes cleaning shoes fast and easy. The cleaner has an internal HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner, ... read more

Equashield II is a closed drug transfer system that helps protect health care professionals from hazardous drug and vapor exposure. The system has a quick ... read more

Covidien introduces the ChemoPlus Training and Certification Program for compounding hazardous drugs. The new program provides education on safe-handling ... read more

Smart Solutions offers ambulatory pharmacy IVR applications to individual hospitals and hospital chains. Their recent centralized hospital chain implementation ... read more

Emporos Systems Corporation has enhanced its MerchantSoft POS System to include new features that simplify outpatient services by making script delivery ... read more

With an inventory of hundreds of standard modular pieces available in over 20 wood and solid laminates in the pharmacy collection, Hamilton Sorter modularCaseworks ... read more

AquaPur ST from Decon Labs is sterile, purified water for use in dilution of sterile disinfectants for cleanroom applications. The purified water is filtered ... read more

Cooper-Atkins\' TempTrak Enterprise Wireless Monitoring now offers transmitters and probes for the federally funded Vaccines for Children (VFC) program. ... read more

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