November 2015 - Vol. 12 No. 11 - Page #38

Formulary Software
Aesynt, in partnership with Analytical Research Laboratories, an FDA-registered lab, provides a cost-effective resource for the stability, sterility, and density data needed to enhance preparation and storage of compounded sterile preparations (CSPs). With Aesynt’s Formulary Toolkit, pharmacies can improve inventory management, reduce medication waste, and support patient safety through a single-source library of cGMP-quality stability studies and validated data to support extended beyond-use dating for CSPs. Extended BUDs reduce medication waste and enable facility-wide cost savings. The product optimizes IV inventory, eliminates outsourcing, and ensures the availability of sterile, stable, and effective medications while expediting IV automation implementation and maximizing ROI associated with sterile compounding.

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Tablet Packaging Machine
The ATP 2 Automated Tablet Packaging system provides continuous operation, thus emphasizing redundancy and uptime for optimal efficiency, and reducing labor and operating costs. Users can operate with limitless canister automation, run the system continuously without stops for refilling trays, and run half tablets through the machine. The ATP adherence package, AdherePac, can be customized with color, images, and reminder bags for non-oral solids. It offers four pouch sizes and integrates with the suite of pharmacy solutions offered by TCGRx.

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Refrigerators and Freezers
Evolve pharmacy-grade refrigerators and freezers from Phononic provide a complete solution for protecting vaccines and medications. Operating without the limitations of a traditional vapor compression system, Evolve products use a compressor-free SilverCore refrigeration system. The refrigerators and freezers offer superior temperature stability and precision with a true center-air temperature control to <0.5°C variability, lower maintenance costs, quiet operation, and reliability. All Evolve products are embedded with the SilverPoint temperature monitoring solution, which provides real-time temperature recording and alarm event monitoring at the unit and remotely.

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Frozen Medication Management
AutoFreeze+H delivers access-controlled frozen storage and computer-driven dispensing for frozen medications, which improves patient safety, provides complete inventory control, and enhances efficiency. The product supports bar code confirmation of all dispensing and storage of frozen medications. AutoFreeze+H consolidates medications as part of a comprehensive, integrated inventory system; enables easy, centralized control and perpetual inventory management based on par levels; and supports integrated wholesale ordering. Through integration with Talyst AutoPharm Enterprise, the pharmacy can manage medication inventory from arrival to delivery to the patient care area.

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IV Analytics Tool
Aesynt’s REINVENT is a global registry that provides health care organizations with IV automation analytics through aggregated compounded sterile preparation data. By leveraging the aggregated data collected from Aesynt’s i.v.STATION, registry participants can analyze current industry trends and benchmark measures for quality and process improvement. REINVENT data yield insights into drug, site, container, and operator performance across a range of metrics and output types. This capability helps participating organizations improve operational efficiencies and safety for employees and patients, while supporting cost reductions.

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LCD Temperature Monitoring Display Module
Rees Scientific’s LCD temperature monitoring display module allows users to view sensor conditions of a unit from the display module. Monitoring the temperature of medications and vaccines is a crucial task, regulated by many government health organizations. The LCD module easily integrates with the system for scalability and complies with the guidelines for vaccine storage and handling from CDC, NIH, NIST, AAP, and PHAC. A local audio and visual alarm is available, along with the ability to inhibit the alarm from the module.

Rees Scientific
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Inventory Management Software
Aesynt’s Enterprise Medication Manager software is a pharmacy supply chain solution that provides real-time ability to view and act on medication inventory and demand. Inventory is visible within every stocking location or device in a facility and health system. Real-time insight allows pharmacists and technicians to aggregate medication demands, effectively respond to urgent needs, mitigate shortages, identify opportunities for dramatic cost savings, and free valuable time to deliver effective clinical care.  

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Ambulatory Pharmacy Platform
ScriptPro offers a complete ambulatory pharmacy system that integrates with the EMR. The operational, safety, and patient-payer communication needs of inpatient systems may not function effectively in the outpatient setting. Because the outpatient environment differs from the inpatient area, the proper software needs to be in place. ScriptPro’s ambulatory pharmacy platform enables med-to-bed programs, adherence/communication follow-up, real-time third-party claims, and point-of-sale processing. Visit booth #1039 to learn about ScriptPro’s ambulatory pharmacy platform.

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Company Expansion
Amneal recently formed Amneal Biosciences, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amneal Pharmaceuticals focused exclusively on the commercialization of high-barrier-to-entry generic biosimilar, oncologic, and injectable pharmaceuticals. Amneal Biosciences will deliver the same level of quality, reliability, and customer service to the institutional market as the parent company currently provides to its retail customers. With a solid pipeline of both small-molecule injectables and biosimilars, Amneal projects bringing the first of these products to market in mid-2016. More details can be found at

Amneal Biosciences
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Unit Dose Packaging Machine
The AutoPack Desk (DEN) model offers fully automated packaging for oral solid medications. The unit dose packaging machine easily integrates with pharmacy operations, maximizes space efficiency, and processes up to 60 doses per minute. Its AutoCanister feature allows automated dispensing of half-dose tablets, infrequently used tablets, and tablets with special shapes. The AutoPack DEN improves patient safety with up to 19 lines of user-defined label space to ensure accuracy and readability, and supports any current bedside bar coding system. It provides control to track and monitor inventory and helps manage costs more effectively.

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Inventory Management Solution
Swisslog’s MedPortal combines the logistics capabilities of a warehouse management system with the intelligent replenishment logic of a pharmacy inventory management system. A true enterprise supply chain solution, the system controls the movement of medication and supplies across hospital networks, from managing consolidated service centers to routing patient medication orders. Visit Swisslog at ASHP to discover the next generation of MedPortal, the new automation optimization dashboards, and the latest pharmacy-focused pneumatic tube system enhancements.

Swisslog Healthcare Solutions
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