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November 2015
Volume: 12 Number: 11
Articles: 27

pg. 2
Exposing the Gouge
pg. 4
Aligning Health System Formularies for Cost Savings
pg. 10
Preventing Diversion in the ED
pg. 16
Pharmacy-Led Monitoring of Oral Chemotherapy
pg. 20
Regulatory Inspections of Environmental Practices
pg. 22
Pharmacy's Role in Eliminating HAIs
pg. 26
Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Implementing Carousel Technology
pg. 28
Trends in Compounding Recalls
pg. 30
Top Joint Commission Compliance Challenges
pg. 38
pg. 42
Ask the Expert: Developing Written Guidelines for the Use of 340B Savings
pg. 44
A How-To Guide for Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation
pg. 50
Specialty Pharmacy Data
pg. 52
Unit Dose Market Watch
pg. 54
Closing the IV Administration Loop
pg. 58
Three Strategies to Recapture Lost Pharmacy Revenue
pg. 64
Product Spotlight: PharmacyKeeper from MedKeeper
pg. 66
Product Spotlight: Rx Waste Compliance Service from Stericycle
pg. 68
Legal Insights on the Regulation of Biosimilars
pg. 74
Managing the Addition of Biosimilars to Formulary
pg. 80
Trends in Biosimilar Acceptance
pg. 82
Pharmacogenetic Testing to Treat Chronic Pain in Children
pg. 86
Manual Unit Dose Repackaging
pg. 88
Outsourcing Telepharmacy Services
pg. 90
RCRA Practices
pg. 94
The Expanding Role of the Emergency Medicine Pharmacist
pg. 98
New & Noteworthy
New & Noteworthy

Aesynt announces upgrades to AcuDose-Rx, including electronic medical record (EMR) integration, new remote queuing, and wasting features to facilitate ... read more

Nor-Lake Scientific introduces Uniweb’s C2 locking cabinets, which offer secure, organized spaces for a variety of uses. These cabinets can be equipped ... read more

Aseptic Enclosures offers chemo sleeve liners that provide protection from possible chemical permeation through the isolator sleeve. The sleeves have elasticized ... read more

Nitritex Group LTD introduces BioClean Clearview sterile, single-use goggles constructed from lightweight ultra-soft PVC for comfort and safety. The goggles ... read more

The Evolve 1.83 ft³ compact freezer, powered by Phononic’s SilverCore solid-state refrigeration system, delivers precise temperature control ... read more

Following approval by the FDA, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories announces the launch of esomeprazole magnesium delayed-release capsules USP, 20 mg and 40 ... read more

Inmar presents MedEx TraySafe, a kit and tray management solution that automates replenishment and improves safety by ensuring all the contents are correctly ... read more

Kit Check introduces Management and Operational Reporting Everywhere (MORE), a robust, multisite reporting analytics and data visualization solution built ... read more

Korchek Technologies announces that the CareChek positive patient ID bar coding suite is now available in the Apple iOS app store. The release of the mobile ... read more

Atreo Services introduces a collection of foam liners for its leak-resistant, 6-inch pneumatic tube system carrier. The new sealed carrier provides leak ... read more

Akro-Mils announces the expansion of its line of super-size AkroBins with the addition of a new gray color. The large capacity, plastic bins securely stack ... read more

Kanomax introduces CIMscan, a complete, easy to install, customizable solution for facility monitoring. Sensors are available to track temperature, humidity, ... read more

Edstrom Inc introduces Pulse, which provides critical, 24/7 monitoring of temperature, humidity, and light for environments and equipment, including ultra-low ... read more

ELPRO announces the release of its new Central Monitoring System (CMS) software, elproMONITOR. The software is GAMP 5 validated and installed on the customer’s ... read more

Cooper-Atkins provides temperature transmitters, specifically calibrated to conform to CDC requirements for use in the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, ... read more

Vaisala introduces thermal damping cylinders for vaccine and medicine temperature probes. Common methods of monitoring temperature in refrigerators that ... read more

Technical Safety Services (TSS), an ISO 9001-certified leader in testing and certification of cleanrooms and controlled environments, announces a new series ... read more

Veltek Associates, Inc, announces Wipedown 1-2-3 kits, which deactivate, clean, and disinfect most hazardous drug surfaces for USP <800> compliance ... read more

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