USP <800> Compliance in Outpatient Infusion Clinics
December 2017 - Vol. 14 No. 12 - Page #2

Q&A with Vannessa Berrios, RPh;
Dominique Smith, PharmD; and
Jeffrey S. Reichard, PharmD, MS, BCPS

Pharmacy Purchasing & Products: How has USP <800> been received at your health system?

Berrios, Smith, and Reichard: The overall response to USP <800> has been positive. Many of our team members see the value in the chapter as a positive change designed to protect health care workers and patients from potentially hazardous substances. In fact, some of our most experienced pharmacists and nurses question why these hazardous drug (HD) handling changes were not implemented long ago, as health care workers have been handling these drugs for many years.

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