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December 2010
Speaking of Accreditation Options
April 2011
Proposed Changes to USP Chapter <797>
July 2011
Techniques to Avoid TJC Survey Scoring
November 2011
TJC Compliance Challenges
December 2011
Regulatory Agencies and Accreditation Organizations
January 2013
Challenges in Accreditation Compliance
April 2013
USP <797> Consultants
November 2013
USP Chapter <797> Consultants
November 2014
Top Joint Commission Compliance Challenges
October 2015
Are USP <797> Compliance Rates Good Enough?
October 2015
The 2015 USP Chapter <797> Compliance Study
November 2015
Top Joint Commission Compliance Challenges
December 2015
Proposed USP Chapter <800> Update
February 2016
Reducing Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Drugs
February 2016
Impact of USP <800> on PEC Certification
October 2016
Is Being a C Student Good Enough?
October 2016
The 2016 USP Chapter <797> Compliance Study
November 2016
Survey Compliance Challenges from The Joint Commission
March 2017
Perform an Assessment of Risk to Comply with USP <800>
April 2017
Comparison of USP <800> Gap Analysis Tools
May 2017
Limiting Hazardous Drug Contamination
July 2017
Hazardous Drug Handling
October 2017
Prepare for Compliance: The Chapter <800> Answer Book
October 2017
What Prevents Excellence in Sterile Compounding?
October 2017
The 2017 USP Chapter <797> Compliance Study
November 2017
Ask the Expert: How Should a Facility Prepare for an Accreditation Survey?
November 2017
USP-Compliant Outpatient Center Renovation Part III
December 2017
USP <800> Compliance in Outpatient Infusion Clinics
December 2017
USP <800>: Let's Get Started
April 2018
USP Chapter <797> Consultants
May 2018
Ask the Expert: What Is New in TJC's Pain Management Requirements?
September 2018
ISMP’s Best Practices for Medication Safety
November 2018
Maintaining Regulatory Compliance in the Pharmacy
December 2018
New BPS Certification: CSP Pharmacy

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