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Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Diversion Prevention
November 2018 - Vol. 15 No. 11 - Page #48

Omnicell Analytics from Omnicell is a real-time diversion analytics tool that streamlines the process of monitoring potential drug diversion across the health system by using a simple user interface and intuitive dashboard approach. The advanced algorithm evaluates transactional data for suspicious patterns in comparison to peer activity, thus reducing the number of false positives. In addition, with closed-loop interoperability with select EHRs, documented administration is visible to allow users to easily compare issues against administrations, minimizing time spent identifying variances. This simple, effective tool saves time and helps reduce risk to patients by identifying diversion sooner rather than later.

From Omnicell

Visante Consulting’s drug diversion prevention program aims to aggressively minimize diversion risk throughout the health care organization. Based on the understanding that “Access Plus Opportunity Equals Drug Diversion,” the system employs a multidisciplinary approach to uncover gaps and protect against risk by using information gleaned from experts in pharmacy operations, informatics, automation, nursing, and clinical services. Because moving beyond trust is essential to a successful prevention program, the strategy must be based on a culture of safety, while employing checks and balances across the medication-use process. A thoughtful, multidisciplinary program is crucial to success.Visante offers a range of diversion-prevention approaches:
With Audit, users can validate system performance through an assessment of risk points throughout the chain of custody, a review of all policies, procedures, reports, and documentation related to management of controlled substances is included. Program Assessment facilitates a comprehensive evaluation of the existing program, including a review of all policies, procedures, reports, and documentation related to managing controlled substances, plus an onsite training visit to observe and interview key staff and identify risk areas. Executive briefings and a final report are also included. Program Development and Implementation provides a customized program, based on Visante’s assessment, which outlines a long-term strategy for success.

From Visante Inc

Stericycle’s CsRx Service is designed to help hospitals enhance existing security procedures for disposal of controlled substance waste in a safe manner. Each CsRx container includes a deactivating agent and deterrent, which require water to activate. The deactivating agent and deterrent permanently alter the substance’s chemical condition, rendering it non-retrievable; this includes pills, patches, tablets, and IV solutions. Stericycle’s proprietary containers are designed with a one-way disposal path that allows substances to enter the container but not be removed, preventing the possibility of diversion. The unique lid opening is designed to prevent a sharp, vial, or ampule from entering the container, thus ensuring that the deactivating agent can interact with the disposed controlled substance.

The CsRx includes lockable wall brackets at no additional charge. All controlled substance waste is incinerated at a permitted Stericycle facility, keeping these products out of communities and waterways. CsRx Service provides a secure solution for disposing of controlled substance waste, keeping patients and staff safe.

 From Stericycle

The DVx Solution from DYNALABS is a drug verification service that utilizes laboratory testing, subject matter expert analysis, and the DVx patented UV-Vis spectroscopy device to assist hospitals in solving complex quality problems. Built around diversion monitoring, the system provides a platform for pharmacists to introduce a continuous quality ideology into testing programs. Its core functionality is developed and validated in-house and transmitted to the device using cloud-based technology. The DVx device can provide results in less than 5 seconds, and real-time results are uploaded from the device to the DVx website for trending and data analysis.

In addition to assessing and monitoring for diversion, this pharmacy quality assurance program allows users to reduce medication errors, lower the risk and expense of an adverse drug event, verify the effectiveness of training, assess and improve processes, check in-process concentration, and provide optimal drug delivery.


HelioMetrics offers an advanced drug diversion software platform. Its proprietary Diversion Triangulation methodology, along with behavior analytics, gives health care systems and pharmacies a closed-loop process for precise monitoring, detection, and investigation of drug diversion, while validating compliance to medication handling policies and supporting process improvement. The HelioMetrics platform creates dynamic diversion visualizations that are customizable to fit the specific needs of its clients. The healthcare Rx drug diversion analytics offer eMAR reconciliation, pharmacy drug diversion analytics, distribution diversion analytics, and prescriber diversion analytics.

From HelioMetrics

Pharmacy safes, narcotics vaults, and diversion solutions from Scripps Safe can help protect controlled substances, from the hospital’s central pharmacy to the surgical units. Scripps works with hospital staff to assess each user’s current operating environment as well as potential risks, and then provides security solutions for a reasonable cost. Offering DEA-compliant, facility-centric storage solutions integrated to any pharmacy management system, these products help ensure patient safety by safeguarding controlled substances from unauthorized access, tampering, and diversion.

From Scripps Safe

Bluesight for Controlled Substances (BCS) from Kit Check aims to help hospitals close the “diversion gap,” wherein tracking and controls are incomplete and allow diverters to conceal their activity. BCS matches controlled substance dispense, administration, waste, return, and other data from ADCs, EMRs, and other systems. When data matching is not comprehensive, diverters can more easily avoid detection.

Even with data, it is difficult to detect the subtle signals of behavior consistent with diversion. BCS’ machine-learning algorithms analyze large quantities of data across patients, locations, time, movement, and relationships to specifically identify outliers within peer groups that do not appear when measuring averages and standard deviations. Bluesight’s output provides an action list of Individual Risk Identification Scores (IRIS) that identifies which staff members represent the most significant risk, highlighting where to begin investigating.

The system also makes timely collaboration among nursing, anesthesia, and compliance easier and faster. By facilitating comprehensive, closed-loop dose reconciliation across nursing areas and the perioperative space, controlled substance recordkeeping becomes accurate, complete, and able to withstand the scrutiny of an external audit.

From Kit Check

Stryker’s Cactus Smart Sink System and PharmaLock OR are controlled substance waste management systems that securely capture unused pharmaceutical waste and render it unusable and non-retrievable, ensuring discarded medications do not end up in the wrong hands or negatively impact the environment.

The Smart Sink can be utilized in pharmacies and in patient rooms and accepts both liquid and solid pharmaceuticals in the form of capsules, tablets, or patches. The device uses technology to alert the user when cartridges are full and when the system has been opened. PharmaLock OR facilitates remote wasting and is most commonly found in OR settings, but can be used anywhere liquid pharmaceuticals are administered. It can easily be mounted to a cart using available hardware and has an antimicrobial coating to maintain sterility. Both the Smart Sink and PharmaLock OR help reduce the opportunity for drug diversion and bring facilities into compliance while providing a green waste solution.

From Stryker

Rx Destroyer from C2R Global Manufacturing utilizes a patented, quick-acting formula that begins neutralizing medications on contact, minimizing opportunities for drug diversion and abuse while helping to protect local water supplies. Users simply add medications, shake, and dispose in common trash or as directed by their facility’s compliance regulations. The system’s formula is 100% natural and meets the DEA definition of non-retrievable. Due to differences in state laws, C2R Global Manufacturing maintains waste hauler and mail-back partnerships for compliance guidance and certification.

From C2R Global Manufacturing

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