May 2019 - Vol.16 No. 5 - Page #26

IV Workflow Management System

BD Pyxis IV Prep aims to increase the efficiency and consistency of pharmacy compounding via a guided, gravimetric-based IV workflow management system, designed to simultaneously minimize errors while improving operational efficiencies. BD Pyxis IV Prep’s combined hardware and software solution includes gravimetric analysis with hard stops for dose and preparation accuracy, bar code verification to ensure correct drug selection, embedded inventory management for operational efficiencies, and waste reduction.

The latest software release enables broader integration to the BD Medication Management Solutions portfolio, including BD Pyxis Logistics and BD HealthSight Viewer. These integrations support enterprise-wide medication visibility while helping users realize greater medication safety in combination with inventory management. A new assembly preparation workflow is offered, in addition to gravimetric and volumetric preparation options.

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Applications to Improve Workflow and Safety

The Stat Stock suite of applications from Health Care Logistics improves inventory management and overall safety. An automated medication replenishment process, Stat Stock is a fast, user-friendly way for pharmacies to check the status of medications and supplies for greater accuracy. The system uses RFID tags to manage drug and supply inventory, allowing users to instantly identify and locate expired or recalled medication anywhere in the health care facility, then replenish or remove accordingly. Automated reports facilitate monitoring inventory and tracking trends.

Stat Temp, a remote temperature monitoring system, helps ensure temperature accuracy in the health care facility. Users can monitor temperatures within set parameters and receive real-time alerts if results are trending outside of the established range. The system’s monitors transmit continuous temperature information wirelessly, and the user-determined chain of command alerts the appropriate personnel when a temperature breach occurs. It can mount anywhere and be easily customized to fit any facility’s monitoring, reporting, and alert preferences. Any Internet-connected device can access the Web-based, software-free system. Ideal for facilities not staffed 24 hours a day, the system precludes the need for staff members to manually record temperatures.

Health Care Logistics
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