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May 2019
Volume: 16 Number: 5
Articles: 9

pg. 1
To Err Is Human
pg. 2
Automate OR Tray Management
pg. 8
Averting the Risk of Undertreating Cancer Pain
pg. 14
A Comprehensive Approach to Unit Dose Packaging
pg. 18
Expanding Pharmacy Services in the ED
pg. 26
pg. 28
Standardize Parenteral Nutrition for Adult Patients
pg. 32
New & Noteworthy
pg. 36
Considering Biosimilars for Formulary?
New & Noteworthy

Pharma-Surface Guard from Acute Care Pharmaceuticals is a two-step process designed to clean spills without causing oxidation on stainless steel surfaces. ... read more

To address the challenge that various head shapes, sizes, and hairstyles have on aseptic gowning, Kimberly-Clark Professional offers the Kimtech A5 Sterile ... read more

Analytical Lab Group (ALG), provider of antimicrobial, pharmaceutical, medical device, and cell banking services, announces its new corporate mission of ... read more

ThingMagic Elara from JADAK is a plug-and-play USB reader that enables the addition of RFID into mid- and short-range applications. Adding interface and ... read more

The 24” Wide Ductless Fume Hood from Sentry Air Systems combines powerful air flow with a sturdy and compact enclosure for optimal respiratory and ... read more

The Drug Shortage App from LogicStream Health automates manual processes currently used by hospital and health system teams working to mitigate drug shortages. ... read more

Codonics and BD announce an agreement for the joint design and development of technology aimed to improve medication safety in the perioperative area. ... read more

The Ascor Ascorbic Acid Injection manufactured by McGuff Pharmaceuticals is FDA-approved and is available as a 500 mg/mL, preservative free, 50 mL pharmacy ... read more

Fagron’s new brand identity reflects its message of “Together we create the future of personalized medicine.” The new logo consists of ... read more

Apexus, the HRSA-designated prime vendor for the 340B Drug Pricing Program, has released a new Web-based resource to support 340B transparency and compliance ... read more

McCreadie Group’s Vestigo software solution aims to bring the investigational drug service (IDS) community together with the launch of its User Forum, ... read more

ASHP has launched a sterile product preparation certificate to teach pharmacy personnel the fundamental concepts required to ensure safe and compliant ... read more

Euclid Medical Products introduces the Vantage Bagging Machine, designed to offer simplicity, versatility, and quality in meeting pharmaceutical packaging ... read more

Next Generation minibags from Douglas Medical Products are available in 100 mL, 150 mL, and 250 mL sizes. Sterile inside and out, the bags are PVC- and ... read more

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