Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Diversion Prevention

November 2019 - Vol.16 No. 11 - Page #60

Omnicell Analytics from Omnicell is a diversion analytics tool that streamlines the process of managing potential drug diversion across a health system. The simplicity and effectiveness of this Web-based tool saves time and aims to reduce risk to patients by identifying diversion quickly, allowing pharmacy and nursing to save the time and effort that might otherwise be spent sifting through medication automation reports to spot suspicious activity.

Omnicell Analytics allows users to be proactive with real-time analytics. The tool simplifies diversion management by identifying abnormal drug usage and null activity, including trends, and minimizes false positives, while remaining compliant with Joint Commission and DEA regulations. Users can detect potential diversion more efficiently by narrowing down the pool of potential diverters via an advanced algorithm that identifies suspicious patterns based on comparisons to peer activity. The system allows users to focus on controlled substances with a high probability to be diverted as well as non-controlled drugs often associated with a diversion scheme.

Patient care and safety can be improved by reducing risk and analyzing medication issues, such as inappropriate medication therapy, in order to help build clinical best practices.

RxDestruct from Clear River Enviro (CRE) is a proprietary technology used to destroy unused pharmaceuticals. Utilizing a highly effective chemical process, it breaks down the compounds in pharmaceutical waste to a liquid product that is devoid of any active drug and is safe for disposal down the drain. The effectiveness of the process has been verified in independent laboratories, including one certified by the DEA, FDA, and EPA. Available in a countertop or mobile version, RxDestruct requires a minimal footprint and is ideal for all medication administration areas, including the operating room. The system provides a safe and efficient way to quickly remove opioid waste from circulation while satisfying the DEA non-retrievable rule.

The Protenus Healthcare Compliance Analytics platform audits and documents all controlled substance transactions, accurately raising potential diversion events to receive immediate attention. Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence to monitor how controlled substances move through health systems, the platform helps health care professionals focus on incidents that are most likely to put their organizations at risk.

Protenus proactively mitigates incidents before they become costly, thereby enabling pharmacy, compliance, and diversion surveillance teams to reduce risk across the organization while keeping patients safe. In addition, the platform helps identify when hospital staff members may be battling addiction, allowing these employees to receive a necessary intervention before an adverse event occurs.

The Cactus Smart Sink System from Stryker is an easy-to-use, green waste solution for disposal of unused pharmaceuticals. It accepts unused portions or partial doses of non-hazardous controlled substances and provides a secure alternative to a sink, toilet, red sharps container, or waste bin for drug waste. This innovative and compact system helps bring medical facilities into compliance by eliminating the impact to the environment while preventing unauthorized use of unused DEA-regulated controlled substances.

The Cactus Smart Sink System automatically secures and renders non-hazardous controlled substance waste unusable and non-recoverable while providing a secured bridge from traditional drug disposal to proper and responsible disposal.

This system utilizes two replaceable cartridges: one liquid cartridge for liquid waste and one solid cartridge for capsules, tablets, and patches. Both cartridges allow for continuous disposal over time and are designed to last up to 90 days. Utilizing automatic timers and weight indicators, the Cactus Smart Sink provides notice when cartridges are full or have expired. In addition, it allows users to choose a preferred expiration date by using the built-in timer selector switch.

Walk-In and Free-Standing Narcotics Vaults and Pharmacy and EMS/Ambulance Safes from Scripps Safe are DEA-compliant and are available with patent pending surveillance, audit, and anti-diversion analytics technology. Capable of serving different locations within the same health system, Scripps Safe provides solutions to fit any hospital’s budget, offering custom built storage solutions as well as attentive customer service.

WasteWitness from PharmID provides a verification solution for pharmacies to identify potential drug diversion by providing true chemical composition and concentration of controlled substances in seconds. Utilizing Raman Spectroscopy, a proven measurement technique employed by select pharmaceutical manufacturers, PharmID WasteWitness works by passing controlled substances through the patented FlowCell for sample interrogation before disposal into any common waste container. Driven by advanced cloud-based algorithmic matching software, PharmID WasteWitness assists pharmacists in identifying drug diversion and providing a safe environment for patients and health care providers alike.

Flowlytics from Invistics uses machine learning and advanced analytics to track the movement of drugs across the health system supply chain, from order and initial arrival at a health care facility, to each time drugs are moved throughout the hospital, administered to patients, and wasted or returned. Due to pressure to improve supply chain intelligence because of the opioid crisis and the high cost of medications, it is important to identify new ways to detect and prevent diversion while improving inventory management. Invistics provides solutions to manage inventory visibility and analytics across their entire supply chain.

As a cloud-based solution, Flowlytics aggregates data across the entire hospital system, including electronic medical records, dispensing cabinets, employee time clocks, wholesale purchasing, and internal inventory. This level of transparency quickly and accurately detects potential drug diversion and greatly improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the process.

Visante’s Drug Diversion Prevention Consulting Services take an aggressive stance against diversion to minimize its risk throughout the health care organization. Based on the understanding that access plus opportunity equals drug diversion, Visante uses a multidisciplinary approach to uncover gaps and protect against risk by using input from experts in pharmacy operations, informatics, automation, nursing, and clinical services. Because it is essential to move beyond trust to build a successful prevention program, consultants help develop a strategy based on a culture of safety, employing checks and balances across the medication-use process.

Visante offers a range of diversion prevention services. Audits validate system performance through an assessment of risk points throughout the chain of custody. This includes a review of all policies, procedures, reports, and documentation related to management of controlled substances. Program Assessment involves a comprehensive evaluation of the existing program (including review of all policies, procedures, reports, and documentation), plus an on-site visit to observe and interview key staff and identify risk areas. Executive briefings and a final report are also included. Also offered is Program Development and Implementation, a customized program, based on Visante’s assessment, to provide a long-term strategy for success.


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