Wipe Analysis

December 2019 : USP <800> - Vol. 16 No. 12 - Page #6

Preparation for USP <800> compliance is an ongoing effort in pharmacy; results from PP&P’s USP <800> survey (pppmag.com/article/2416) demonstrate a strong concentration on facility upgrades. As a result, compliance rates are strong in areas such as external ventilation of sterile HD CPECs, continuous pressure monitoring, and HD storage segregation. Unfortunately, many facilities report significantly lower success rates in their quality control efforts surrounding HD handling; wipe analysis efforts and spill simulations, for example, have yet to be adopted by a majority of pharmacies.

A variety of vendors offer wipe analysis kits, giving pharmacy directors the option to choose the features that best meet their needs. The “Other” category represents some facilities that rely on their certifier to conduct wipe sampling and some that utilize fluoroscein dye and solution testing, rather than true wipe sampling, to monitor staff competency with HD compounding.

Recognizing the clear benefit of adopting wipe analysis, the vast majority of facilities (83%) plan to incorporate this technology into their compounding practices.


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