340B Software Buyer’s Guide

February 2020 - Vol.17 No. 2 - Page #16
Category: 340B Software

The 340B drug pricing program can help support the addition of comprehensive services at eligible facilities, and many hospitals are currently taking advantage of its benefits. According to recent Pharmacy Purchasing & Products survey data, 59% of US health systems participate in the 340B drug pricing program.

Because program compliance can be demanding, covered entities (CEs) often choose to partner with a vendor to create an effective program, avoid duplicate discounts, and obtain support in the event of an audit. Selecting a 340B software solution requires a comprehensive understanding of both the facility’s needs and the functionalities available with the various software solutions.

Vendors should be evaluated based on:

  • Software functionality: for example, consider the value of real-time interfaces vs static file transmissions
  • Workflow design: determine whether the vendor provides an audit trail to monitor manual adjustments
  • Vendor support: establish whether customer service is included in the upfront costs, or is offered on a tiered-service basis with different pricing levels

To read more about Selecting a 340B Software Solution, see pppmag.com/article/2350.

Pharmacy Stars QMS from Pharmacy Stars

Pharmacy Stars QMS from Pharmacy Stars offers a cloud-based approach to pharmacy quality management, compliance, and training. This quality management system is a single source for compliance programs addressing 340B; USP <795>, <797>, and <800>; Joint Commission; URAC standards; controlled substance diversion; and more. It offers single sign-on, real time dashboards and scorecards, and an integrated learning management system.

  • From Pharmacy Stars
For more information, visit  pppmag.com/340B

The NRx Pharmacy Management System from QS/1

The NRx pharmacy management system from QS/1 aims to make maintaining a 340B program simple and affordable by managing multiple inventories, creating formularies, and automatically reordering drugs from wholesalers. Reporting is customizable and meets the requirements of contract Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), initiates proper ordering procedures for drugs, and creates monthly reporting procedures, all without the need for a separate system. It eliminates the need for stocking additional inventories by borrowing and replacing drugs electronically from the pharmacy’s single inventory. QS/1 is an approved member of the Apexus Prime Vendor Program and offers an integrated IIAS-compliant point-of-sale system, multi-site management (MSM), IVR, and other solutions.

  • From QS/1
For more information, visit  pppmag.com/340B

340B Architect from Macro Helix

340B Architect from Macro Helix is a split-billing software solution designed to help hospitals get the most out of their 340B program. The system facilitates split ordering, group purchasing organization (GPO) exclusion compliance, managing orphan drug exclusions, and ensuring the appropriate management of a Medicaid carve-in or carve-out election. A user-friendly, yet sophisticated 340B management tool, it offers robust intelligence and includes the ongoing support of a specialized team of experts.

340B Architect allows users to dispense 340B drugs in the hospital and via a retail contract pharmacy using the same platform, receive 340B drug approvals quickly and accurately with automated NDC/CDM verification, and set up perpetual inventory replenishment and split billing to optimize inventory management. The software helps users maintain 340B program compliance with comprehensive audit preparation and support services, and creates standard and user-defined reports to demonstrate the impact of the hospital’s 340B program.

  • From Macro Helix
For more information, visit  pppmag.com/340B

ScriptPro’s Automated 340B Engine

ScriptPro’s automated 340B engine qualifies and processes prescription data to provide configurable, real-time 340B prescription processing accuracy. The 340B Management package facilitates real-time 340B eligibility checks and accurate 340B/non-340B inventory selection, helps prevent Medicaid “double-dipping,” and utilizes predetermined price tables when submitting claims. In addition, the system automates true-up for rebills (for up to 1 year afterward) and helps ensure audit compliance.

ScriptPro’s Contract Pharmacy Management System (CPMS) provides real-time 340B contract pharmacy processing services so that covered entities can provide medications for patients through cooperative arrangements with contract pharmacies. ScriptPro CPMS identifies eligible 340B prescriptions in real time, selects the correct inventory center for the eligible prescription based on the covered entity identifier (patient, prescriber, drug, etc), automates inventory replenishment for the contract pharmacy according to eligible prescriptions fulfilled for the covered entity, and acts as a financial intermediary by ensuring the covered entity is reimbursed correctly by the contract pharmacy.

  • From ScriptPro
For more information, visit  pppmag.com/340B

Verity 340B platform from Verity Solutions

The Verity 340B platform from Verity Solutions provides comprehensive solutions for split billing, contract pharmacy, specialty/hemophilia contract pharmacy, and more. As complexity increases amidst the demand for audit preparedness, Verity acts as a strategic partner, helping covered entities maximize the performance and agility of their 340B program. Users are enabled to stretch resources, foster compliance, respond quickly to changing regulations, and optimize savings opportunities.

  • From Verity Solutions
For more information, visit  pppmag.com/340B


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