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July 2010
Strategies to Ensure 340B Savings
July 2011
Deliver Financial Leadership with 340B
November 2011
Compliance and Cost Savings with 340B Software
July 2012
The Tenets of 340B Compliance
July 2013
Preparing for a HRSA 340B Audit
State of Pharmacy Automation 2013
April 2014
340B Software Maintenance Strategies
July 2014
A Legal Perspective on 340B Compliance
September 2014
What should a 340B covered entity expect during a typical HRSA audit?
February 2015
340B Participation Trends
May 2015
340B Management Tips for Hospitals
June 2015
Ensuring 340B Program Compliance
September 2015
November 2015
Ask the Expert: Developing Written Guidelines for the Use of 340B Savings
July 2016
Developing a 340B Self-Audit Plan
State of Pharmacy Automation 2016
October 2016
Strategies for Expanding Ambulatory Care Initiatives
December 2016
Understanding the 340B Audit Process
March 2017
Drive Compliance with the 340B Program
November 2017
Capitalize on 340B Software Reporting
November 2017
340B Participation Rates
February 2018
Tips for Ensuring 340B Program Integrity
November 2018
February 2019
Selecting a 340B Software Solution
July 2019
What Is the Focus of Recent 340B Audits?
December 2019
340B Trends
February 2020
340B Software Buyer’s Guide
July 2020
Prepare for a 340B Audit
November 2020
Best Practices to Prepare for a 340B Audit
February 2021
340B Software Buyer’s Guide
March 2021
Developing a Transparent 340B Audit Strategy
July 2021
Strategies for 340B Compliance

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