Buyer's Guide: Diversion Prevention

November 2021 - Vol.18 No. 11 - Page #52
Category: Diversion Products

RxAuditor Investigate from Medacist Solutions Group, LLC

As a holder of a US patent for drug diversion, Medacist offers analytics suites to ensure regulatory compliance, reduce liability, and ensure patient safety. Using state-of-the-art technology, Medacist offers the Genesis Analytics Platform, the next generation of drug diversion analytics.

Quantified through a knowledge base of more than 23 years of health system data from thousands of facilities nationwide, the Genesis platform drives machine learning algorithms to identify diversion pattern recognition, learned and confirmed by actual diversion events. The system enables a suite of products, including the RxAuditor Investigate solution, which is designed to target risk, decrease false positives, and eliminate the time-consuming tasks associated with the diversion auditing process.

  • From Medacist Solutions Group, LLC

Bluesight from Kit Check

Kit Check’s Bluesight for Controlled Substances, ranked Best in KLAS for two consecutive years, uses machine learning to prevent drug diversion in the health system, sharpen non-compliant documentation practices, and ensure struggling team members receive the help they need. From the wholesaler order to the narcotics vault and the patient’s EMR, the system provides item-level visibility into a hospital’s controlled substance inventory and detects providers whose behavior deviates from their peer groups by using a proprietary Individual Risk Identification Score (IRIS). The Bluesight team brings extensive experience integrating the software with all major EMR and ADC vendors, including in perioperative, nursing, and pharmacy areas, and has a track record of timely implementations and customer satisfaction.

  • From Kit Check

Dispensing System Diversion Solutions from Omnicell, Inc

Omnicell offers a range of integrated solutions to tighten the chain of custody with regard to controlled substances, ensuring accountability and security across the health care system. In the central pharmacy, the XT Controlled Substance Manager tracks controlled substance inventory from the warehouse to the pharmacy and patient care areas. In operating rooms, the XT Anesthesia Workstation serves as an end-to-end solution that delivers oversight in high-diversion areas, with a closed-loop functionality that saves time for anesthesia providers and pharmacy. To discourage diversion in patient care areas, XT Automated Dispensing Cabinets feature drawers with metal locking lids and an automated single-dose dispenser that eliminates the need for narcotic countbacks. Omnicell’s integration with Epic and Cerner EHRs enables automated reconciliation of controlled substances, with reported monthly time savings for pharmacy and for nursing.

  • From Omnicell, Inc

Diversion Prevention Consulting Services from Visante Inc

Visante uses a multidisciplinary approach to uncover gaps and protect against risk by leveraging expertise from pharmacy operations, informatics, automation, nursing, and clinical services.

Visante offers a range of diversion-prevention services, including Audit, Program Assessment, Program Development and Implementation, and Corrective and Preventive Action options. Audit validates system performance with an assessment of risk points throughout the chain of custody. It includes a review of all policies, procedures, reports, and documentation related to management of controlled substances. Program Assessment examines the existing program, including a review of all policies, procedures, reports, and documentation related to the management of controlled substances, plus an onsite visit to directly observe practices, interview key staff, and identify risk areas throughout the organization. Executive briefings and a final report are included. Program Development and Implementation offers a customized program to provide a long-term strategy for success, and Corrective and Preventive Action is available for facilities that have experienced a diversion event, identifying root causes and mitigating the risk of future occurrences.

  • From Visante Inc

SafeDrop, MedDrop, and Seal&Send from Stericycle, Inc

Stericycle offers solutions for the safe disposal of used sharps and unwanted medications and helps promote the security of patients’ personal health information with regulated waste disposal systems and secure information destruction services that are easy to use. The SafeDrop sharps mailback program is designed to provide a convenient solution to dispose of COVID-19, flu, and other vaccine-related sharps waste from the pharmacy in a compliant manner. MedDrop drug collection kiosks and Seal&Send medication mailback envelopes provide a secure and convenient way to dispose of unused medications. These systems can help dispose of drugs safely while reducing the risk of diversion in the wasting process.

  • From Stericycle, Inc

Flowlytics from Invistics Corp

Flowlytics from Invistics uses machine learning and advanced analytics to aggregate data across multiple healthcare IT systems, including electronic medical records, dispensing cabinets, employee time clocks, wholesale purchasing, reverse distributors, and other internal inventory systems. A comprehensive drug diversion strategy must include all the points on the complex health system supply chain, from purchase and arrival to each time the drugs are moved throughout the facility, until they are ultimately administered to patients or safely wasted or returned.

Flowlytics can help quickly and accurately detect drug diversion and aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a drug diversion prevention program by monitoring all drugs, including both controlled and non-controlled medications and particularly costly drugs such as oncology medications and antivirals. Further, the system highlights opportunities to improve clinical workflows, patient safety, and medication charge capture utilizing existing data, while allowing facilities to convert from paper-based controlled substance tracking to electronic tracking, which improves security, accuracy, and efficiency, while also simplifying DEA audits.

  • From Invistics Corp

Drug Disposal System from Rx Destroyer

Rx Destroyer provides a safe, easy, chemical digestion method of pharmaceutical disposal that is compliant with DEA and EPA regulations. The system quickly neutralizes medications onsite, comes ready to use, does not require batteries or the addition of water, and does not require contracts. Rx Destroyer products accept all forms of solid and liquid medications, and its patented formulation uses a liquid and activated charcoal solution to neutralize medications. Pills, capsules, patches, powders, suppositories, liquids, and more are rendered irretrievable and unavailable for misuse.

The Rx Destroyer family of products offers a range of container sizes to serve any environment or budget. Users simply add medications and discard when full. When needed, a full turn-key, mail-back solution is available. With education provided in the form of phone, on-site, or web-based tutorials, facility implementation can be quick and seamless.

  • From Rx Destroyer

HealthSight Diversion Management from BD

As part of the BD HealthSight platform that is designed to support enterprise-wide medication management, the BD HealthSight Diversion Management Analytics application assists with opioid drug diversion investigations by creating an investigation workflow to monitor, triage, and assign potential diversion cases to specific investigators. Compared to statistically based analytical tools that examine opioid amounts dispensed to identify potential diversion, the BD system utilizes machine learning algorithms and multiple dispensing behaviors—such as overrides, canceled transactions, and delays in dispense, administration, or waste—to identify clinicians whose behavior indicates higher risk for diversion.

BD has partnered with Microsoft, which brings expertise in artificial intelligence and data science methodologies, to support development of these machine learning-based algorithms. Importantly, the application also aggregates EMR and dispensing cabinet data to automate what can be a time-consuming manual review process to reconcile and automatically flag anomalous dispense, administration, and waste transactions.

  • From BD


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