Unit Dose Packaging Systems

January 2022 - Vol.19 No. 1 - Page #25
Categories: High-Volume Unit Dose Packaging Machines, Liquid Unit Dose Packaging Machines, Tabletop Unit Dose Packaging Machines

Packaging operations remain a robust component of pharmacy practice as drug shortages and fluctuating unit dose availability continue to pressure purchasing practices and require flexible solutions. Pharmacy directors give strong marks to their packaging vendors and purchasing is projected to be strong in this market segment over the next few years.

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Packaging operations are ubiquitous across facilities of all sizes. The smallest facilities (with fewer than 100 beds) implement packaging operations at almost the same rate as their larger counterparts.

While the approach to managing packaging operations in-house will remain the status quo, there is increasing interest in exploring outsourcing options.

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Medi-Dose, Omnicell, Health Care Logistics, and MPI are the leading vendors under consideration among those facilities that are looking to expand or update their packaging equipment.

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