January 2022

New & Noteworthy
Mobile Compounding Cleanroom

Aseptic Enclosures offers cost-effective mobile compounding cleanrooms to address compounding needs quickly. The cleanrooms are built to be sturdy, long-lasting,... Read more

Waste and Returns System

Codonics offers WasteLog, a controlled substance waste and returns system to detect and prevent drug diversion. Designed to deliver fast, accurate results,... Read more

Ready-to-Use Albumin 5% and 25%

Grifols launches the Albutein FlexBag (Albumin [Human] USP) in 5% and 25% concentrations. The bag features a port that is designed to be easy to use and... Read more

Arsenic Trioxide Injection

Amneal Pharmaceuticals releases FDA-approved arsenic trioxide injection, the generic equivalent for Trisenox. Arsenic trioxide is indicated for induction... Read more

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