340B Software Buyer’s Guide

July 2022 - Vol.19 No. 7 - Page #16
Category: 340B Software

Providing support for delivering medication to underserved populations, the 340B Drug Program offers significant benefits, but also requires that covered entities dedicate time and effort to maintain certification and compliance. Recertification or a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) audit can be a complicated process. To ensure a successful program, consider partnering with a knowledgeable 340B software vendor.

The complexity of the 340B program has increased in recent years, and HRSA audits have shifted focus, with an emphasis on avoiding diversion and duplicate discounts. While the hospital should remain aware of HRSA audit trends, establish and follow P&Ps, and maintain a regular internal auditing schedule, 340B software providers can offer additional support by working with the hospital to ameliorate situations commonly identified during audits. Software applications include functions such as split billing, claims verification, savings analytics, compliance management, and program management.

When selecting a software program, consider what the vendor offers in terms of training, reporting, troubleshooting assistance, and account management. Ask whether multiple contacts (onsite or remote) are available to provide support during an audit. Further, examine ease of use, interface types, and whether the software is compatible with existing workflows and systems. Determine what metrics are available in order to gauge the success of the program. Evaluating all options prior to committing to a solution will help ensure a smooth transition and allow facilities to maximize the functionalities of their chosen software.

Because it can be challenging to stay abreast of all the components necessary to ensure program compliance, a 340B software vendor can prove a worthy investment for the hospital. The following companies in this Buyer’s Guide offer several resources to help navigate these challenges and increase the facility’s ability to achieve compliance and program success, with the ultimate goal of delivering medication to patients who need it.

340B Management Package from ScriptPro

Real-time and audit ready, ScriptPro’s 340B Management Package is designed to maximize opportunities, minimize paperwork, and streamline workflow. The software automates key elements allowing pharmacy to fill, track, order, and maintain compliance when processing prescriptions from segregated or multiple inventories.

Some of the features include 340B claims processing, a 340B supplier EDI interface, inventory setup, and 340B price tables. For 340B audit compliance, the system can handle Medicaid carve in/out and ensure accurate eligibility determinations, providing the necessary tools to navigate HRSA and financial audits.

Online Education for 340B Pharmacy Buyers from Apexus

Apexus launches 340B buyer modules to help pharmacy understand the 340B Drug Pricing Program and how it affects drug purchasing. The modules are authored by subject matter experts to align with Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) policy to support program integrity. The modules are self-paced, interactive, and specifically developed for 340B pharmacy buyers. They are available free of charge.

340B Program Optimization from CPS Solutions, LLC

With 340B Program Optimization, CPS provides resources, tools, and expertise to help covered entities improve 340B program performance. The CPS 340B Solutions team experts review key program areas where savings may not be realized in order to identify opportunities to improve revenue capture and savings. CPS consultants analyze purchasing, referral capture, program expansion, and accumulator review opportunities to bring operations to full potential, reflecting the knowledge, experience, and capabilities of an organization that has worked with the 340B Drug Pricing Program since its inception in 1992.

Comprehensive 340B Services from AmerisourceBergen Corporation

AmerisourceBergen’s pharmacy consultants create a customized approach to optimize a health system’s 340B program. The team specializes in assisting covered entities to implement 340B and providing compliance and audit-readiness. They offer expertise in program enrollment, optimization, compliance, and audit preparedness, enabling health systems to maximize 340B opportunities while preserving the integrity of their program. This solution draws >on deep industry experience including pharmaceutical distribution and contract management experience, cross-functional consulting expertise, and powerful inventory optimization tools.

The 340B solution includes reviewing the health system’s current software tools used in 340B processes, assisting with preparation for health policy changes and updates, performing a gap analysis and strategy development for program optimization, and offering development, implementation, and maintenance of executive oversight structure. The solution provides on-site and remote HRSA audit support, corrective action plan (CAP) guidance, 340B ongoing compliance support (such as annual comprehensive audits, quarterly spot audits, and monthly support activities), and split billing RFP guidance, including implementation and program redesign. Benefits to the health system include maximizing the 340B opportunity while maintaining compliance with changing requirements to reduce drug expenses, and being HSRA and manufacturer audit ready.

340B Compliance and Optimization from SpendMend

SpendMend Pharmacy, formerly Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions, offers a team of health care experts, including pharmacy leaders from a variety of care settings. Delivering compliance and optimization solutions, the team can support pharmacies and 340B covered entities in ensuring compliance with HRSA guidelines, driving savings on annual drug spend, and establishing best practices. With a combined 250 years of pharmacy experience, the industry leaders work with pharmacy to pull an initial data set, and then provide a detailed assessment of the environment to tailor services to the health system’s specific needs. Offering a combination of compliance and optimization solutions, the team understands the workload of the pharmacy and performs with the goal of maximizing time for leaders and staff.

340B for Split Billing and Contract Pharmacy from Verity Solutions Group, Inc

The 340B platform from Verity Solutions provides comprehensive solutions for split billing, contract pharmacy, specialty/hemophilia contract pharmacy, and more. To help facilities deal with increasing complexity and the ongoing demand for audit preparedness, Verity provides expertise for covered entities looking to manage their program. Users can maximize the performance and agility of their 340B program by simplifying 340B administration, optimizing federal pricing benefits, and utilizing the benefits that come with the knowledge of an experienced team. The new VERISAVE is an automated solution that searches for the best blended price to decrease the pharmacy drug spend without requiring buyer input.


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