March 2008 New & Noteworthy

March 2008 - Vol. 5 No. 3

Temperature-Management Shipping System  
Entropy Solutions launches GREENBOX, a temperature-management shipping system that maintains narrow temperature ranges for up to 120 hours. Using a durable plastic corrugated container, a combination of patent-pending phase change material, and heat-transfer-resistant panels, GREENBOX protects medications from external temperatures. Non-toxic, fully biodegradable, and 100 percent recyclable, GREENBOX is also the industry’s first sustainable thermal packaging product.

Entropy Solutions, Inc.   

Closed Vial Access Device 
ICU Medical’s Genie is a closed, needle-free vial access device designed to equalize vial pressure to eliminate aerosols, vapors, and leaks during the preparation of hazardous drugs. Align the spike with the center of the vial closure and push it through the stopper until Genie snaps onto the vial. As medication is extracted, the Genie balloon will inflate to equalize the pressure.

ICU Medical, Inc.

Sterility Testing Equipment
Lab Safety Corporation’s ThioTEQ, a 10-mL concentrate of alternative thioglycolate USP, can be used during direct-inoculation sterility testing. ThioTEQ can detect anaerobic and facultative aerobic microbial contamination in 50-mL samples of end products. Used in combination with Lab Safety’s SteriTEQ products, ThioTEQ can aid pharmacies in achieving compliance with USP <797> and <71> sterility testing guidelines.

Lab Safety Corporation

Bar Code Printers, Labels, and Software
Medi-Dose and EPS now distribute Zebra LP2844 direct thermal printers, for use with Medi-Dose’s MILT 3.0 software and thermal labels. With a small footprint, the LP2844 can use MILT 3.0 to generate bar codes, text, graphics, special fonts, tall-man lettering, shapes, and logos. The LP2844 costs $499 and includes a USB cable and operating instructions.

Medi-Dose, Inc./EPS, Inc.

Automated Chemotherapy Preparation
CytoCare automates the preparation of chemotherapy admixtures without exposing compounding personnel to hazardous materials. With a footprint similar to a standard laminar airflow workstation, CytoCare’s enclosed Class 5 environment restricts human interaction and exposure to simple loading and unloading activities to achieve sterility, accuracy, and consistency in patient-specific chemotherapy compounding. CytoCare also offers automated safety checks, audit trails, and documentation and can accommodate a variety of syringes, bags, and bottles.

Primus Innovations, Inc.

Physician Order Management System
Designed for use with MEDITECH Magic and Client/Server information systems, Galactica Rx is a faxing/document imaging system created to enhance pharmacy’s communication, documentation, imaging, and archiving needs. Galactica Rx automatically captures digital images of paper orders and uses “smart rules” to route, prioritize, manage, access, and preserve order information online. A patient demographic interface allows users to search patients within MEDITECH. Order images can be viewed by authorized users and automatically indexed to specific patients. System reports can be automatically generated, e-mailed to multiple addresses, and sorted by staff member or location to inform pharmacy administration of workflow efficiency.

The Shams Group

Ready-To-Use Cold Sterilant
Spor-Klenz is a fast-acting, ready-to-use liquid cold sterilant, formulated for sterilizing and disinfecting hard surfaces. Its stabilized blend of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and acetic acid provides microbial control, including spore control. Spor-Klenz requires no mixing or activation and has been 0.22-micron filtered. Each lot is traceable and documented by a traceable certificate of analysis that documents filtration verification. Spor-Klenz has a low toxicity profile to support worker safety.

Steris Corporation Circle

Computer Carts
Rubbermaid launches a new line of powered, pre-wired, and non-powered M38 mobile computer carts. The carts feature contoured handles, lightweight designs starting at 70 pounds, a document cover to protect papers on the work surface, and an integrated keyboard light. The carts’ open platform supports all point-of-care peripherals.

Rubbermaid Medical Solutions   


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