Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Cleanroom Cleaning Products

September 2010 - Vol. 7 No. 9 - Page #10

Perhaps the most basic aspect of a cleanroom’s daily life cycle is its cleaning and upkeep. Fortunately, USP contains a robust section on “Cleaning and Disinfecting the Compounding Area,” providing a basis upon which to build your cleanroom cleaning protocols. Chapter cites environmental contact as a major source of microbial contamination, and cautions that scrupulous attention to cleaning and disinfection of compounding areas is required to minimize it. The chapter also states that all cleaning and disinfecting practices shall be included in written policies and procedures to be followed by all compounding personnel.

How Often Should You Clean?
Surfaces in the direct compounding areas of your cleanroom require more frequent disinfecting than surfaces such as walls and ceilings. USP outlines the following minimum cleaning intervals for your compounding areas:


Compliance with USP involves upfront and ongoing costs. It is important to remember that the time your staff spends cleaning the compounding areas has an associated cost of labor beyond the price tags on your wipers and disinfecting agents. As a pharmacy director, you should examine all of the work practices in your compounding operations to identify your facility’s best practices and ensure all of your staff members are comfortable with the products being used to maintain the integrity of the compounding environment. The cost of proper cleaning represents a notable portion of the budget you must allot to the maintenance of your cleanroom and direct compounding areas. However, the decrease in bioburden derived from the proper selection of effective products may assist the compounding personnel in preparing safer CSPs and prolong the overall useful life of the cleanroom complex itself.

The following pages provide a sampling of the many products available that ease the burden on maintaining a compliant cleanroom complex.

Liquid Disinfecting Cleaners

Accel TB is an EPA registered intermediate level disinfectant with a broad-spectrum kill. It is based on Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide technology (AHP), a blend of commonly used ingredients that, when combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide, dramatically increase its germicidal potency and cleaning performance. This ready-to-use disinfectant is compatible with an extensive list of common materials, including 316 and 304 stainless steel, natural and silicone rubber, and most plastics.
From Connecticut Clean Room Corporation

NovaClean floor cleaner is filtered to 0.1 ?, and with no mobile ions it will not generate a static charge. As it leaves no residue, it will not affect the efficiency of conductive flooring. NovaClean floor clean will yield anywhere from 60 to 128 gallons of cleaning solution per gallon container.

NovaClean lab and glass cleaner is a low-ionic, ready-to-use cleaner for work stations; laminar flow benches; glass, plastic, and acrylic screens; cleanroom curtains; and painted surfaces. The cleaner has a good evaporation rate and can be applied directly on the surface to be cleaned.
From Connecticut Clean Room Corporation

Contec Sterile 70% Isopropanol is a USP Chapter-compliant alcohol containing 70% by volume isopropanol (IPA) and 30% deionized water. Filtered to 0.2 µ and induction sealed, the bottles are double-bagged and gamma-irradiated. Each bottle is lot coded and has an expiration date for easy record keeping. A trigger sprayer is included.
From Contec, Inc

CiDehol ST 70% IPA solution is made to meet water-for-injection (WFI) specifications with regards to endotoxin levels. Endotoxin testing is performed on all lots of finished sterile alcohol products and results are listed on our lot specific document (shipped with each case). Sterile alcohol solutions are filtered to 0.2 µ, bottled, and double-bagged in a class 100 cleanroom, then are gamma-irradiated and tested for sterility. CiDehol ST is available in 16- and 32-ounce trigger spray bottles and also in 1-gallon bottles.
From Decon Labs, Inc

CiDehol 70, a ready-to-use 70% isopropyl alcohol solution filtered to 0.22 µ, evaporates rapidly and is packaged in non-aerosol and gallon bottles.
From Decon Labs, Inc

Bio-Gard Neutral Quat 64 is a disinfectant effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria; it is virucidal, fungicidal, and inhibits the growth and odors of mold and mildew when used as directed. This product cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes hard, non-porous medical surfaces with no rinsing required. Its non-abrasive formula is designed for use on vinyl, plastic, glazed ceramic, glazed porcelain, chrome, stainless steel, and laminated and baked enamel surfaces on floors, walls, ceilings, tables, chairs, etc.
From Haddad-Wylie Industries

Sterile IPA Spray comes in 32-fluid-ounce bottles that contain 0.2 µ filtered 70% USP grade isopropanol (IPA). Texwipe’s complete line of sterile IPA products includes 8-, 16-, and 32-ounce trigger spray bottles, as well as one-gallon bulk bottles. All Texwipe IPA products have certificates of analysis, irradiation, and compliance attached to each case, and each lot is tested for endotoxins. The pre-assembled sprayer design ensures sterility through the life of the product and the bottles can be recycled when empty.
From ITW Texwipe

Oxivir-Tb is a ready-to-use general virucide, bactericide, tuberculocide, fungicide, and sanitizer. This hospital-grade, broad-spectrum solution disinfects most non-porous hard surfaces in just 60 seconds and kills a wide variety of organisms including Norovirus, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Avian influenza, and drug-resistant organisms such as MRSA, MRSE, and VRE. It can be used with microfiber fabrics and has no strong chemical odor. It is environmentally responsible and non-corrosive. Oxivir-Tb meets OSHA’s blood-borne pathogen standards for HBV and HIV. From Pharmacy Cleanroom Solutions, Inc

Process LpHst sterile phenolic cleaner and disinfectant is effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms without harming common surface materials. Process LpHst contains surfactants to improve disinfection efficacy and assist in cleaning performance. Filtered and gamma irradiated to ensure sterility, and double bagged for introduction into aseptic areas. The acidic Environ LpH formulation can be used with the alkaline Environ Vesphene formulation in a disinfectant rotation program. Packaged in single-use, one-ounce pouches to ensure exact dilution rates, pouches are available in a 144-pouch case or in smaller quantities of six or 12 pouches.
From Pharmacy Cleanroom Solutions, Inc

Vesphene IIst sterile phenolic germicidal disinfectant is effective against heavy soil and for use in hard water. Gamma irradiated and double bagged to ensure sterility, Vesphene IIst is ideal for use in a disinfectant rotation program with Process LpHst. Packaged in single-use, one-ounce pouches to ensure exact dilution rates, pouches are available in a 144-pouch case or in smaller quantities of six or 12 pouches.
From Pharmacy Cleanroom Solutions, Inc

Pre-saturated and Dry Wipes

The SatPax 670R pre-wetted 70/30 IPA cleanroom wiper products come in re-sealable, solvent-resistant packaging and are available in sterile and non-sterile formats. This pre-wetted format eliminates the need for squirt bottles and reduces harmful VOC fumes during use.
From Berkshire Corporation


PROSAT Sterile presaturated cleanroom wipes are made of meltblown polypropylene fabric (PS-911EB) or knitted polyester (PSPS0076), saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% DI water, and sterilized by gamma radiation. Ideal for gloves and surfaces, and routine application of sterile 70% IPA as mandated by USP Chapter , PROSAT wipes come in resealable pouches with tamper-evident labels.
From Contec, Inc

CiDehol 70 Wipes, pre-saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% USP-grade water, are for sanitizing hard surfaces, production areas and equipment. Each wipe measures 6” x 7” and 160 wipes come in a pop-up canister.
From Decon Labs, Inc

Pre-Saturated Sterile Wipers are pre-saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA). Sterile wipers from Texwipe have optimal saturation levels for effective removal of particles and help to minimize VOC burden.
From ITW Texwipe

The Brawny Industrial Surface System wipes and buckets allow end-users to combine their preferred liquid disinfectant or sanitizer with Brawny wipes to create custom-made hard surface cleaning wipes. Each case of 12” x 12” wipes contains six, 90-count packages, and a case of buckets comes with six units.
From Georgia-Pacific Professional

Kimtech Pure W4 PreSat Wipers are recommended for critical surface wiping tasks in ISO Class 4 or higher cleanroom environments. The 100% polypropylene wipers allow for a one-step application of alcohol to critical surfaces. They contain 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% deionized water. The 9” x 11” wipers are packaged, 40 to a pack, in a resealable pouch with a case liner.
From Kimberly-Clark Professional

Technowipes Lint-Free Wipes are double bagged and packaged in a clear, resealable bag. Wipes come in 9” x 9” or 12” x 12” sizes (200 wipes per bag) and are compatible with alcohol, bleach, and peroxide. Free samples are available upon request.
From Technowipe, Inc


Surface Cleaning Systems

The EasyReach Cleaning System targets hard-to-reach vertical and horizontal surfaces, including hard surface floors and walls, and works with a variety of dry and presaturated wipes that easily attach to its 4” x 10” (10.2 x 25.4 cm) mop head. Compatible with many Contec substrates for wet or dry cleaning applications, the cleaning tool has anodized aluminum extension handles available in two lengths, 4’ (1.25 m) and 8’ (2.5 m).
From Contec, Inc

The VertiKlean MAX Mopping System uses a disposable polyester and foam mop head designed to apply disinfectants for general cleaning of ceilings, walls, and floors. For maximum absorbency, the latest mop head features a single layer of hydrophilic polyurethane foam laminated to polyester fabric backed by a semi-rigid thermoformed plate that snaps onto the mop-head frame. A validated sterile version of VertiKlean MAX is available.
From Contec, Inc

The TruCLEAN Deluxe Disinfection System comes with a 36-liter bucket with casters, a stainless steel mop frame with polymer adjustable handle, a waste containment bucket, and a stainless steel sieve for both buckets. The autoclavable mopping bucket is available in red, white, and blue. The TruCLEAN uses the bucket-in-bucket concept with a sieve for waste containment, or uses a sieve alone in the 36-liter bucket. Both options are designed for small area cleaning and disinfecting.
From Perfex Corporation

The 797 Mop is a T-shaped mop with a 19”, low-profile blade for walls, ceilings, and floors. The 797 Mop covers are 19” x 5” with sewn-in Velcro closures and reinforced ends. Replacement covers come 30 to a case.
From Pharmacy Cleanroom Solutions, Inc

The Attentus Sustainable S-Mop System (ISO Class 4-8) is a cleanroom mopping tool that uses microfiber material for bioburden pick up. The system consists of maneuverable head, telescopic pole, and mopping pads. Attentus will recycle used mopping systems and will give credit off new purchases when old systems are returned.
From Attentus Medical Sales, Inc

The EasyClean 360 Isolator Cleaning System for disinfecting and cleaning barrier isolators, laminar flow hoods, workbenches, and biological cabinets is designed to clean hard to reach areas and corners. The autoclavable tool comes with disposable USP environment compatible covers and a stainless steel mop head that swivels 360°.
From Berkshire Corporation

EasySat Bucketless Floor Mop is a floor mopping system that contains no complex moving parts and is fully autoclavable. The system uses laser-cut, sealed-edge VertiKlean mop head material and the solution tank holds up to 52 ounces. The system weighs 7lbs with a full tank and the trigger flow-controlled mechanism releases cleaning solution on demand.
From Connecticut Clean Room Corporation


The Mini AlphaMop Isolator Cleaning Tool for cleaning isolators, biosafety cabinets, glove boxes, and laminar flow hoods has low, flat profile, rounded corners and a swivel joint that allows the user to reach difficult-to-access areas. Constructed from Celcon plastic, it can be readily autoclaved. The replaceable foam pad ensures that the mop cover conforms to the surfaces being cleaned. The AlphaMop Kit includes two sizes of handles—18” and 24”—and replacement parts are available for purchase.
From ITW Texwipe

TruCLEAN Microfiber Covers are made from continuous white knit microfiber material and are abrasion, chemical, and microbial resistant. Microfiber covers are compatible with all Perfex TruCLEAN sponge mops and yarn mops. The covers are cleanroom laundered and packaged 25 each in a poly-sealed bag for use in sterile environments.
From Perfex Corporation

Cleanroom Products Storage

S-Curve Technologies has a line of IPA compatible dispensers made from durable PETG materials:

The WDL-99-P wipes dispenser can be wall mounted or left freestanding. It includes a full-length hinge for durability with flame treated edges for smoothness and is available for both 9” x 9” or 12” x 12” wipes.

The BD-616-P is a bouffant cap dispenser designed for cleanrooms. The dimensions (12” W x 16” H x 6” D) allow a large quantity of bouffant caps to be stored in a safe, clean environment. A large oval opening in the front provides ease of access for the user. This dispenser can be wall mounted or left freestanding.

The GD-410-P is a glove dispenser with four compartments designed for cleanroom use. Each compartment has an access port in the front, which allows for dispensing of four different material-types or sizes of gloves. It mounts to the wall with a provided heavy-duty mounting bracket. Dispensers also are available with two, three, or five compartments.

Floor Mats

ALMA Single Pack Mats are 60-layer adhesive mats available in three color choices (blue, grey, or white) and a range of sizes to conform to your cleanroom specifications. The Single Pack Mats are available in the following sizes: 18” x 36”, 18” x 46”, 25” x 45”, 36” x 46”, 36” x 60”.
From ITW Texwipe

The Tacky Mat 800030 removes dirt on contact to minimize foot borne contamination. Each mat has a strong adhesive coating and consists of 30 disposable sheets. No frame is required; adhesive strips or full-width backing adhere the Tacky Mat 800030 in place on the floor. Each polyethylene sheet has non-allergenic, non-odorous, non-drying solid adhesive that will not age. Blue is the standard color with other colors available on request; four mats are included in each case.
From Liberty Industries

WHERE TO FIND Controlled Environment Cleaning Products

Acute Care Pharmaceuticals
Alconox, Inc
AmKing Technologies
Attentus Medical Sales, Inc
Berkshire Corporation
Clean Room Depot, Inc
Connecticut Cleanroom Corporation
Contec, Inc
Decon Labs, Inc
Ecolab Healthcare
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Haddad-Wylie Industries
IsoTech Design USA
ITW Texwipe
Kimberly-Clark Professional
Liberty Industries, Inc
Micronova Manufacturing, Inc
Perfex Corporation
Pharmacy Cleanroom Solutions, Inc
S-Curve Technologies, Inc
Spectrum Pharmacy Products
STERIS Corporation
Technowipe, Inc
Total Pharmacy Supply, Inc
Veltek Associates, Inc
Williams Medical Company


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