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September 2010
Volume: 7 Number: 9
Articles: 9

pg. 1
Lean Pharmacy: Doing More with Less
pg. 2
Increase Workflow Efficiency with Carousel Storage
pg. 10
Special PP&P Buyer's Guide: Cleanroom Cleaning Products
pg. 16
Safe Practices for IVIG Management
pg. 22
OmniLinkRx from Omnicell
pg. 24
Addressing <797> Requirements for Radiopharmaceuticals
pg. 30
Evaluating and Training Compounding Personnel
pg. 32
New & Noteworthy
pg. 36
Evaluating Pharmacist Efficiency in the Outpatient Setting
New & Noteworthy

Medi-Dose, Inc/EPS, Inc announces new peanut and soy allergy warning labels for use with European propofol and other peanut oil-based products. Due to ... read more

Medical Packaging Inc (MPI) announces the availability of its new Pak-EDGE UD bar code labeling software for use with all of MPI’s pharmacy ... read more

Baxter highlights its space-saving and easy-to-handle option for human albumin solution that’s also environmentally friendly. Baxter’s ... read more

NuAire announces key ergonomic feature updates to its PharmaGard CAI and CACI isolators. The in-work-zone sharps and waste containers can be independently ... read more

Clean Harbors announces that it is offering H1N1 Vaccination Incineration Services that will profile, collect, and dispose of H1N1 vaccines. This service ... read more

Acute Care introduces its latest addition to the Pharma Brand line of USP<797> cleanroom disposables. Pharma-Coats are specifically manufactured ... read more

Medicus Health announces the release of its narcotic box with four-digit combination lock. The lock is programmable with 10,000 possible codes, eliminating ... read more

Health Care Logistics announces its Rx Fill Trays, available in seven colors. The trays keep prescription components together from arrival to pick up. ... read more

Pharmacy OneSource announces several new improvements to its Sentri7 Web-based, enterprise-wide electronic surveillance, documentation and reporting application. ... read more

Infusion-Smart introduces its eponymous software solution that gives basic infusion pumps many of the advantages of smart pumps. Infusion-Smart monitors ... read more

Cooper-Atkins announces its new TempTrak Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Version 4.4. This version has multiple enhancements over version 4.3 including ... read more

E-Control Systems announces the release of enhancements to its FusionLive Enterprise Server Software with advanced encryption algorithms. Now, all of E-Control ... read more

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