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September 2013
Volume: 10 Number: 9
Articles: 9

pg. 1
A Wealth of Information to Support Operational Improvements!
pg. 2
IV Dose Management: Bar Coding, Labeling, and Tracking
pg. 6
Making the Switch to Robotic IV Preparation
pg. 16
Requirements and Best Practices for Sanitizing Engineering Controls
pg. 24
Fall Hospital Pharmacy Conference
pg. 28
Staff Competency Program for Chemotherapy Preparation
pg. 32
Unit Dose Market Watch
pg. 37
PhocusRx from Grifols
pg. 38
Allocating Clinical Pharmacists in the Ambulatory Care Setting
New & Noteworthy

The McKesson ROBOT-Rx is capable of automating 90% of medication dispensing for the pharmacy, including odd form medications. With increased throughput ... read more

VersaTrak from Veracity Group offers patent-pending Auto-NIST Calibration (ANC) as part of its temperature monitoring system. ANC allows for pre-scheduled ... read more

MedSnap ID from MedSnap is a mobile application that allows users to identify an entire set of patient pills using a smartphone camera. The app has been ... read more

BD Medical announces the BD Neopak, a glass prefillable syringe system specifically engineered for the administration of biopharmaceutical injectable drugs. ... read more

The QC Bot from Vecna automates material transport and delivery in the hospital setting, providing fast delivery of products and supplies to support staff, ... read more

The SecureRx MD System from Metro is an integrated mobile medication tracking and transport system. Available on the Metro Flo Series of hybrid medication ... read more

Health Care Logistics introduces the Secure Drop Cart, a locking mobile drug disposal cart that helps to reduce the risk of drug diversion, tampering, ... read more

Akro-Mils introduces its TiltView Stack Cart, a mobile storage and transport solution for small pharmacy products and supplies that incorporates the TiltView ... read more

RxScan announces the release of its NDC Translator software version 2, which translates raw data in a drug manufacturer\'s bar code into an 11-digit NDC ... read more

Sentry Air Systems\' line of powder containment hoods for non-sterile compounding applications allows users to safely compound, weigh, measure, or encapsulate ... read more

Healthcare Data Solutions now offers a real-time prescriber validation tool--Prescriber Validation Subscription Service (PVSS)--to help ensure pharmacy ... read more

PillTrak from TCGRx is a dispensing container pre-packed with prescription medication by a patient\'s care provider that automatically guides the patient ... read more

FrameWRX storage system from Spacesaver Corporation is an adaptable system that delivers flexibility for pharmaceutical bulk, unit dose, and ADC refill ... read more

PolyCo USA introduces the VR Sleeve Glove for pharmacy compounding activities. Made from a combination of 8 mil nitrile gloves and PolyCo\'s lightweight ... read more

AutoPack Tabletop from Talyst is specifically designed for packaging unit dose oral solid medications. Its flexible technology permits multiple package ... read more

MEPS Real-Time, Inc announces the release of the Intelliguard Kit and Tray Management System designed to automate pharmacy tray inventory and replenishment, ... read more

The LVS 7500 from Label Vision Systems is a vision technology for thermal label printers. System functions include master-to-label comparison for blemish ... read more

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