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July 2014
Volume: 11 Number: 7
Articles: 10

pg. 1
Creating a Structure of Compliance
pg. 2
A Legal Perspective on 340B Compliance
pg. 6
Hazardous Drug Waste Practices
pg. 10
Addressing Substance Abuse in the Pharmacy
pg. 16
Unit Dose Market Watch
pg. 18
Tips for Planning a Pharmacy Cleanroom Renovation
pg. 24
Adjusting to the New World of Outsourced Compounding
pg. 30
Charging for Inpatient Medication Therapy Management
pg. 36
Savvy and Anywhere RN from Omnicell
pg. 38
New & Noteworthy
New & Noteworthy

Attentus disinfectant tablets provide a simple solution for cleanroom surface cleaning. Users simply dissolve half of a tablet in one liter of water to ... read more

Acute Care Pharmaceuticals announces the arrival of Pharma-Plus low endotoxin wipers, the newest addition to their USP <797> compatible cleanroom ... read more

Sentry Air Systems\' line of powder containment hoods for non-sterile compounding applications allow users to safely compound, weigh, measure, and encapsulate ... read more

Omnicell announces the availability of its expanded Unity enterprise platform, which now includes a central pharmacy inventory management system as part ... read more

Hamilton Sorter modularCaseworks manufactures satellite medication cabinets that may be secured to the walls of dedicated medication rooms or positioned ... read more

Comar Oral Dispensers from Health Care Logistics are graduated with milliliter measurements only to eliminate confusion between mL and teaspoon markings ... read more

Medi-Dose, Inc/EPS, Inc announces MILT 4 software, the newest, 64-bit compatible version of their labeling and bar coding software. Every feature of the ... read more

RxMedic\'s RM64 is a robotic dispensing solution for outpatient pharmacies that is capable of dispensing 300 prescriptions an hour. The robot can count ... read more

The Centron Presidio all-in-one system from Rees Scientific is a complete monitoring solution that provides enhanced features, greater performance, and ... read more

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