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September 2014
Volume: 11 Number: 9
Articles: 9

pg. 1
Data-Driven Success
pg. 2
Establishing Best Practices for Oral Syringe Compounding
pg. 2
What should a 340B covered entity expect during a typical HRSA audit?
pg. 6
RCRA Practice Trends
pg. 8
Bar-Coded Medication Preparation for Chemotherapy
pg. 12
Checklists Drive Carousel Implementation
pg. 18
In-Person Compounding Training
pg. 20
Fall Hospital Pharmacy Conference
pg. 23
New & Noteworthy
New & Noteworthy

The EasyReach Cleaning Tool from Contec is designed to clean isolators, laminar air flow hoods, cabinets, and other mini environments. Constructed of stainless ... read more

Equashield\'s first and second generation CSTDs have been cleared by the FDA under the ONB code and have been substantiated to prevent microbial ingress ... read more

The Kanomax Cleanroom Monitoring System (CRMS) provides an automated means to monitor and gather airborne particle counts and other parameter levels in ... read more

The EL-GFX-1 Graphic Temperature Data Logger from TIP TEMPerature Products shows real-time readings, graphs, and current status, while its micro USB port ... read more

MEPS Real-Time Inc, innovator of RFID solutions for hospital pharmacy automation and inventory management, offers the time-saving and error-reducing Intelliguard ... read more

CriticalPoint announces the launch of Clinical IQ\'s updated, interactive state map, which provides users with a snapshot of each state\'s current regulatory ... read more

The Emporos MerchantSoft Mobile Drive Through Signature app was creatively deployed at University of Colorado Hospital to facilitate an employee prescription ... read more

CareLink, the newest medication cart offering from Rubbermaid Healthcare, is designed to help nurses save time and more actively engage with patients. ... read more

Kit Check\'s new RFID scanning station helps streamline the pharmacy kit restocking process. Also known as the Little Blue Box, the station is smaller, ... read more

Ateb\'s Transitional Care Solution is designed for pharmacy to intervene with patients who have been discharged from the hospital to help prevent 30-day ... read more

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