September 2016

New & Noteworthy

Automated Prescription Kiosk

Asteres introduces ScriptCenter for prescription and over-the-counter medication pickup. The 24/7 kiosk allows employees to access their prescriptions... Read more

Bar Code and RFID Readers

JADAK offers HS-2R bar code and RFID readers: dual-function devices that meet the growing demand for an easily integrated reader that bridges the gap between... Read more

Cleanroom Testing and Certification

Champion Air Testing provides USP <797> and <800> compliance testing and certification services for pharmaceutical cleanrooms, biological safety... Read more

Countertop Refrigerator

The MLR102 from Helmer Scientific is a 1.8 cubic foot countertop refrigerator for storing temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines and medications.... Read more

Dispensing Pump

Healthmark offers the Precifill automated dispensing pump for batch filling of oral liquids, including syringes and unit dose cups, regardless of viscosity.... Read more

Ointment Blister Filling System

Health Care Logistics presents the ointment blister filling system, which allows users to neatly package and dispense small volumes of ointments in convenient,... Read more

Outpatient Pharmacy Automation

Ateb’s transitional care solution helps reduce readmissions and utilize Medicare transition care management (TCM) billing codes. The solution connects... Read more

Pass Through Cabinet

CleanAir Solutions features the new, smart pass through cabinet, which protects products when transferring sensitive materials in and out of the cleanroom.... Read more

Ready-to-Use Disinfecting Products

PREempt RTU solutions and wipes provide one-step cleaning and disinfecting for pharmacy cleanrooms and sterile compounding. A patented accelerated hydrogen... Read more

Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Services

QuVa Pharma, Inc, a recently formed, national platform for sterile compounding pharmacy services, announces a signed agreement to acquire an FDA-approved... Read more

Temperature Monitoring Display Module

Rees Scientific introduces the LCD display module, which allows users to view sensor conditions right from the module. Monitoring the temperature of vaccines... Read more

Temperature Monitoring System

Vaisala launches the viewLinc continuous monitoring system, featuring intuitive software with wireless technology that monitors temperature, relative humidity,... Read more

Undercounter Refrigerator

Phononic presents the latest Evolve model, a 5.5 cubic foot, medical-grade, undercounter refrigerator that uses solid-state technology to deliver reliability... Read more

Unit Dose Products

Atlantic Biologicals distributes the UDose product line of prepackaged unit dose products. The line includes a wide range of more than 100 medications,... Read more

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