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September 2017
Volume: 14 Number: 9
Articles: 9

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Stay Current with PP&P!
pg. 2
P&Ps and Competency Assessments for PPE and Cleaning
pg. 6
Implementing a Strategy for Drug Cost Management
pg. 10
Unit Dose Market Watch
pg. 12
Pharmacy's Role in Increasing Vaccination Rates
pg. 18
USP-Compliant Outpatient Center Renovation Part II
pg. 24
Choosing a DSCSA Compliance Service
pg. 32
New & Noteworthy
pg. 36
Ask the Expert: What is the Process for a State Board Inspection?
New & Noteworthy

The Pharma-GCS was developed to provide an easy, fast, aseptic and safe way to change sterile gloves on a barrier isolator while ensuring compliance with ... read more

Contec CritiGear Chemo Gowns are designed to provide protection against exposure to a wide range of hazardous drug compounds. The USP <800>-compliant ... read more

Spill preparedness is critical to successfully avoiding hazardous drug exposure. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst with prepackaged Chemo Spill ... read more

Countertop refrigerator carts expand the versatility of refrigerators. They are designed for raising units to a more comfortable working height and permit ... read more

Digi-Trax encourages “the three Rs of drug and IV labeling” to reduce medication errors. Recall, or setting standardized color conventions ... read more

ARxIUM announces its new Pharmacy 4.0 initiative, an approach that will make the seamless convergence of clinical pharmacy, central production, and automation ... read more

Follett LLC introduces of a new line of 45 cubic-foot, medical-grade refrigerators. These high-performance, double-door refrigerators feature an industry-exclusive ... read more

To help eliminate the problem of improperly disposed medications, Stericycle is offering Medication Collection Kiosks for use in retail pharmacies and ... read more

Grifols announces KIRO SP, which applies KIRO Oncology robotics to the production of compounded sterile preparations of specialized, non-hazardous doses ... read more

Cargin Pharmacy Technologies introduces a new line of automated robotic systems for the sterile filling and labeling of syringes, mini-bags, and elastomer ... read more

Tromethamine 0.3 molar solution is now available from CAPS (Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc). CAPS’ Tromethamine solution is supplied as ... read more

With the reported nationwide shortage of pharmaceutical quality sodium bicarbonate available to hospitals, health care providers have been carefully prioritizing ... read more

Nexus Pharmaceuticals announces the US availability of its Sodium Nitroprusside Injection. It is available as a single dose vial containing 50 mg per 2 ... read more

Ensuring products arrive safely and retain their quality requires visibility into all stages of the supply chain. It is critical to know if the efficacy ... read more

September 22nd is the launch of the To The Point Webinar Series, which shares successful methods for complying with USP <800>. Led by Jim Wagner, ... read more

QS/1 has partnered with Asembia to integrate Asembia1, a pharmacy workflow platform that gives pharmacies a wide range of resources for access to specialty ... read more

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