April 2018

New & Noteworthy

340B Software

The Verity 340B Software Solution is a comprehensive 340B program management service, which allows hospitals, IDNs, and their retail pharmacies to quickly... Read more

Addressing the Opioid Shortage

The Medication on Demand (MOD) wireless, oral PCA system from Avancen MOD Corporation addresses the parenteral opioid shortage with equally effective,... Read more

Aseptic Isolators

Patent-pending XLTC isolators from Aseptic Enclosures help create an aseptic environment, improving aseptic compounding while reducing costs. The XLTC... Read more

Critical Airflow Visualization Studies

Performance Validation provides critical airflow visualizations (ie, smoke studies), which are used to demonstrate proper airflow to protect product sterility.... Read more

CSTD with Locking Syringe Adaptor

The OnGuard closed system transfer device (CSTD), manufactured by TEVA and distributed by B. Braun Medical, now offers a locking syringe adaptor for IV... Read more

HD Surface Contamination Monitoring

The BD HD Check system is a hazardous drug (HD) surface contamination monitoring system that delivers results in less than 10 minutes. The system simplifies... Read more

Mop Covers

Acute Care Pharmaceuticals offers a variety of disposable mop covers for compliance with USP <797>, which states that the cleanroom must have a designated... Read more

Oseltamivir Phosphate (Tamiflu) Liquid Dosage Form

Amneal Pharmaceuticals launches oseltamivir phosphate for oral suspension, an AB-rated therapeutic equivalent for Tamiflu, in a 6 mg/mL strength. The powder-finished... Read more

Response to Market Shortages

As an emerging leader in 503B compounding outsourcing, QuVa Pharma has responded to market demands with increased capability and capacity. Its cGMP ability... Read more

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