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September 2011
Volume: 8 Number: 9
Articles: 9

pg. 1
The Results of Our Automation Survey, Now Available in a Slide Kit!
pg. 2
A Collaborative Approach to Radiopharmaceutical Management
pg. 10
Investigate and Manage Suspected Drug Diversion
pg. 16
Ensure Contamination Control with Effective Cleaning Processes
pg. 18
Special PP&P Buyer's Guide
pg. 22
Transition from Centralized to Point-of-Care Distribution
pg. 26
Practical Solutions for Managing Difficult-to-Bar Code Products
pg. 28
Pharmacy Fixtures from Metro Lionville
pg. 32
Anesthesia Procedure Kits Enhance Safety and Control in the OR
New & Noteworthy

QI Medical announces the release of the QuickTest System for validation of aseptic technique with an automated compounder. The QuickTest System (#QT3000) ... read more

Smart Solutions announces the release of Pharmacy IVR with speech recognition. This affordable IVR system allows patients to use speech recognition, or ... read more

The SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System, manufactured by SIGMA International and distributed exclusively by Baxter Healthcare Corporation, is a large volume ... read more

Sandel introduces the Correct Medication Labeling System. This labeling system provides easy and accurate verification of medications. The patented, colored ... read more

EPS, Inc oral syringes are now available in 1-, 3-, 6-, and 10-mL capacities and can accommodate minute doses. Manufactured from durable polypropylene, ... read more

Helmer\'s line of pass-thru pharmacy refrigerators offers superior temperature uniformity with quick recovery. Featuring self-closing doors with magnetic ... read more

CAS DataLoggers has partnered with dataTaker to create the newly designed DT85M Series 3 Data Logger. The DT85M is an intelligent data logger specially ... read more

Kirby Lester announces the new KL1 compact tablet counter. The KL1 is designed in a small, six-inch-wide footprint, weighs six pounds, and will fit into ... read more

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