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February 2020

Automated IV Compounding System
ARxIUM announces that its RIVA automated IV compounding systems have accurately and safely prepared more than 10 million IV doses in acute care hospitals,... Read more
Auxiliary Labels
Medi-Dose, Inc / EPS, Inc introduces its expanded line of auxiliary labels for neuromuscular blocking agents, which are intended to help pharmacists comply... Read more
Diversion Prevention Software Partnership
Kit Check and Omnicell have partnered to offer Bluesight for Controlled Substances diversion prevention software, which helps increase visibility of controlled... Read more
Automated Medication Dispensing Line
TouchPoint Medical has expanded its automated medication dispensing line with the next generation medDispense series. The new line delivers dispensing... Read more
Surface Viable Sampling Kits
Technical Safety Services (TSS) offers do-it-yourself surface viable sampling kits, in addition to other custom-tailored solutions to the anticipated changes... Read more
Automated Compounding Device
The KIRO automated compounding device for syringe batching of nonhazardous IV medications has been added to Grifols’ Inclusiv compounding portfolio.... Read more
Continuous Environmental Monitoring System
Rees Scientific’s Continuous Environmental Monitoring System monitors critical assets with parameters including temperature, humidity, and differential... Read more
503B Compounding Agreement
Leiters and Prodigy Health announce that they have entered into a national sales and marketing agreement. Through this strategic partnership, Prodigy Health... Read more
Online Service and Support Center
BD launches its newly redesigned online service and support center for BD technologies. Featuring a refreshed design, the center provides quick access... Read more
Ingestible Event Marker
etectRX announces FDA clearance of the ID-Cap System, an ingestible event marker that transmits digital messages from within the body to an external receiver... Read more
70% IPA and Purified Water
Decon Labs offers a range of products to help achieve USP <797> compliance. CiDehol ST contains sterile, 70% isopropyl alcohol and is made with WFI... Read more
Bedside Delivery System
Emporos releases At Your Side 1.0, a pharmacy bedside delivery system. At Your Side is a mobile solution that operates as an additional POS fully integrated... Read more

January 2020

Tamper-Evident Cap
International Medical Industries (IMI) expands its Prep-Lock product family to include a tamper-evident cap featuring a male Luer lock. The cap provides... Read more
Drug Verification
PharmID’s WasteWitness provides a verification solution for pharmacies to identify potential drug diversion by providing true chemical composition... Read more
Ready-to-Administer Mitomycin Syringes
Edge Pharma introduces compounded mitomycin bladder installation syringes. The standard dosage available is 40 mg/mL and is dispensed in a pre-filled,... Read more
Temperature Monitoring
AssureTemp by EoScene helps pharmacies and health care providers protect valuable inventory and ensure quality, safety, and compliance while improving... Read more
Compounding Facility Certification
Controlled Environment Consulting launches its Controlled Environment Certification program for sterile and nonsterile compounding facilities. With over... Read more
Barrier Towel for Hazardous Drugs
Waste and Compliance Management offers the RXGON Pad Poly, a barrier towel to adsorb hazardous drug API and absorb liquid. The towel contains RP 718 activated... Read more
Generic Faslodex Injection
Amneal launches the fulvestrant injection, an AO-rated generic equivalent for Faslodex injection. The generic product is available in a dosage strength... Read more
Automated Compounding Device
Gri-fill 4 from Grifols is a semi-automatic compounding device for batch and patient-specific production of non-hazardous and hazardous compounded sterile... Read more
Drug Shortages App
LogicStream offers the Drug Shortage App to provide early identification of drug shortages. Automated assessments and action plans within the app support... Read more
Medication Disposal Device
PharmWaste Technologies presents the PAC-RX medicine disposal device line. PAC-RX utilizes power-activated carbon to absorb the drug’s active pharmaceutical... Read more
Partnership for Medication Inventory Tracking
Kit Check announces an expansion of its partnership with MPI Labels to provide custom RFID tags for medication inventory tracking. MPI Labels’ custom... Read more
Technician Certification Programs
The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) launches advanced assessment-based certificate programs in two specialty areas: Technician Product Verification... Read more

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