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November 2022

Infusion System
The Ivenix infusion system from Fresenius Kabi aims to bring pharmacy expertise to the infusion delivery process. The system can assist in increasing efficiency... Read more
Modular Cleanrooms
QleanAir provides customizable and sustainable modular cleanroom solutions offering USP/ISO compliance. The system can be tailored to the user’s... Read more
Pharmaceutical Waste Management
WM PharmEcology publicizes the newly revised 10-Step Blueprint for Managing Pharmaceutical Waste in US Healthcare Facilities, released by the EPA. Initially... Read more
New Excipients Line
Fagron launches DiluCap, a line of excipients designed to help make capsule formulation easier and faster for compounding pharmacies. This line consists... Read more
Pass-Through Airlock
Germfree provides a pass-through airlock engineered to meet the demands of a modern cleanroom. The pass-throughs have an entirely stainless steel construction... Read more
Propofol RFID Incorporation
Kit Check announces that its radio frequency identification (RFID) technology will be incorporated in the ready-to-administer propofol syringes offered... Read more
HD Deactivation Pad
WasteWise, a part of Waste & Compliance Management, introduces the RxCarbon pad, a controlled and hazardous drug deactivation pad designed to reduce... Read more
Quality Management and 503B Outsourcing Consulting
LDT Health Solutions, Inc. is a medication safety, quality management, and 503B compounding consulting firm providing expertise on pharmacy practice topics... Read more
17025 Accreditation
Rees Scientific, a temperature monitoring company, announces its subsidiary, Presidio Labs, has received 17025 accreditation following an assessment of... Read more
Modular Lab Furniture
HEMCO Corporation provides the UniLine furniture line which includes base cabinets, wall cabinets, countertops, sinks, fixtures, base tables, mobile workstations,... Read more
Pass-through Refrigerator
Helmer Scientific expands the GX Solutions cold storage product line to include new pass-through refrigerators. Offered in both single and double door... Read more

October 2022

Wireless Temperature Monitoring
STANLEY Healthcare offers a temperature monitoring solution that can provide continuous wireless monitoring of temperature, humidity, and telemetry applications... Read more
Ready-to-Administer Propofol
Genixus, a pharmaceutical company focusing on acute and critical care medicines, offers propofol as the first product within its KinetiX platform of ready-to-administer... Read more
Upright Ultra Low Freezers
Cole-Parmer presents the StableTemp 20.4 cubic foot upright ultra low freezer. Designed to meet cold storage needs to -86°C, the cabinet has insulation... Read more
Wipe Sampling Kit
Eagle Analytical Services introduces Surface-Shield, a wipe sampling and cleaning verification kit for the detection of drug residues on surfaces. This... Read more
Bortezomib for Injection
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, a generics manufacturer, launches bortezomib for injection, the generic equivalent of Velcade (bortezomib) injection, following... Read more
USP Certification Services
Health Systems Sciences provides testing and certification for USP <797>, <800>, and <825> for controlled environment cleanrooms and... Read more
Cleaning Wipes
Contec offers new TB1-3300 disinfectant wipes to assist in daily cleaning and disinfecting efforts. Designed to maximize efficiencies, the new wipes have... Read more
Wipe Sampling Kit Options
American Analytics presents a new rapid turnaround time analysis kit in addition to the SafeChemo wipe sampling kit. Wipe sampling kits can protect staff... Read more
Data Matrix Bar Codes
Fresenius Kabi introduces a 3 year plan to add GS1 data matrix bar codes to its pharmaceutical portfolio of vials, syringes, IV solutions, and parenteral... Read more

September 2022

Waste Management Container
Verde Technologies provides the Deterra drug deactivation and disposal system. This medication disposal pouch or container can be used to destroy and properly... Read more
Live USP <797> Training Program
Pure Microbiology, a microbiology consulting and training company, offers live training on viable air and surface sampling for USP <797> compliance.... Read more
Acid Storage Cabinet
HEMCO Corporation offers an acid storage cabinet specifically designed for the storage of corrosive chemicals available in 12”, 18”, 24”,... Read more
Triamcinolone Acetonide Injectable Suspension, USP
Long Grove Pharmaceuticals launches triamcinolone acetonide injectable suspension, USP, which is indicated for multiple conditions including the treatment... Read more
Cold Storage Distribution Partnership
Liebherr Appliances announces a partnership with So-Low Environmental Equipment Co, which will now begin distributing Liebherr’s German-manufactured... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
SensoScientific offers a wireless temperature monitoring system meeting CDC, VFC, The Joint Commission, USP, and CGMP compliance standards. Through the... Read more
Bio-decontamination Simulator
Vaisala provides the H2O2 Calculator, an online tool allowing users to simulate bio-decontamination with vaporized hydrogen peroxide conditions in closed... Read more
Premixed Provocholine Inhalation Solution
Methapharm Respiratory, a part of Methapharm Specialty Pharmaceuticals, introduces Provocholine Inhalation Solution, a ready-to-use methacholine chloride... Read more
Compounding Consulting
LDT Health Solutions is a medication safety and quality management consulting firm offering expertise on pharmacy practice topics such as health system... Read more
Temperature Monitoring System
Rees Scientific provides a continuous environmental monitoring system for vaccines and medications designed to comply with CDC, USP <797>, USP <800>,... Read more
Generic Treatment for Non-Squamous Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Fresenius Kabi releases PEMEtrexed for Injection, USP, a generic equivalent to Alimta. Produced in the United States, PEMEtrexed for Injection, USP is... Read more
Countertop Medication Dispensing Cabinet
TouchPoint Medical releases a new countertop model as part of its medDispense F series of automated medication dispensing cabinets. Designed to offer all... Read more

July 2022

MethylPREDNISolone Sodium Succinate for Injection, USP
Dr Reddy’s Laboratories launches methylPREDNISolone sodium succinate for injection, USP, the generic equivalent of SOLU-MEDROL (methylprednisolone... Read more
Generics Provider
Long Grove Pharmaceuticals is a generics manufacturer specializing in providing complex formulation generics with challenging manufacturing and supply... Read more
Hazardous Drug Transport Bag
Maxpert Medical introduces hazardous drug (HD) transport bags in a new 7” x 10” sizing option. These transport bags feature a dedicated caution... Read more
RFID Anesthesia Medication Station
IntelliGuard offers the Gen 2 Anesthesia Station, which provides the benefits of RFID and individual item level traceability in the OR and procedural areas.... Read more
Cloud-Based Environmental Monitoring
STANLEY Healthcare provides Aeroscout Links, a cloud-based environmental monitoring system with organization-wide capabilities, availability on multiple... Read more

May 2022

Chest Ultra Low Freezer
Cole-Parmer presents the StableTemp 3.5 cubic foot chest ultra low freezers designed to fit in areas where space is limited, and to meet cold storage needs... Read more
Robotic IV Preparation Device
Omnicell launches IVX Station, a fully automated IV compounding robot designed to deliver patient safety, accuracy, cost savings, supply chain control,... Read more
USP <800> Labels
Clearly identifying medications requiring special handling, such as those covered by USP <800>, is important for the safety of both staff and patients.... Read more
Spill Containment Mat
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals introduces the Pharma-Chemo Mat line of spill containment mats for use with chemotherapy or other hazardous drugs (HDs). Designed... Read more
Expanded Indication for ILE
Fresenius Kabi announces that the US FDA has granted expanded indication for SMOFlipid Lipid Injectable Emulsion (ILE) for pediatric patients, including... Read more
Wipe Sampling Kit
American Analytics provides the SafeChemo sampling kit, a solution for the detection and quantification of hazardous drugs (HDs) on surfaces to help achieve... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Systems
SmartScan Technologies, a division of CIMTechniques, offers a variety of temperature monitoring systems for critical applications. The company is ISO 9001... Read more
Unit Dose Liquid Packaging Solution
Medical Packaging Inc, LLC (MPI) offers the Fluidose Series 6, an automated, bar coding packaging solution for unit dose oral liquid medication. Updated... Read more
Ultralow Freezer
Nuaire releases the Blizzard NU-99729VFT, a -86°C ultralow freezer with variable flow offering a 729 liter (25.75 square-foot) capacity. Featuring... Read more
Certification Services
Technical Safety Services (TSS) is an independent testing, inspection, calibration, and certification service provider focused on ensuring compliance,... Read more

April 2022

Nimodipine, USP 360 mg Available
Edge Pharmaceuticals offers nimodipine, USP 360 mg powder in a bottle. This presentation is available for use and distribution in prescription compounding,... Read more
Environmental Monitoring Service
Quality Solutions provides environmental monitoring kits and subsequent analysis to assist in achieving USP <797> compliance. Containing all of the... Read more
Automated Blister Packager
Built for high-volume pharmacies, the SynMed Ultra Blister Packager from Parata Systems is an automated adherence packaging solution that can produce up... Read more
Generic Injectables
Amneal Pharmaceuticals announces the approval of four new generic injectables products. Dexamethasone sodium phosphate injection, USP 10 mg/mL; azacitidine... Read more
Sodium Chloride Concentrated Oral Solution 24.3%
Sodium Chloride Concentrated Oral Solution 23.4% (234 mg/mL) is now in stock and available from Safecor Health. With an NDC of 48433-215-01, it is for... Read more
Automated Will Call System
Capsa Healthcare launches the distribution of scripClip, a software/hardware solution to streamline will call in hospital outpatient pharmacies. The system... Read more
Tamper Evident Caps with RFID Technology
IMI releases the Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Cap for ENFit and oral syringes with incorporated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to help ensure... Read more

March 2022

COVID-19 Line Tracing Labels
The treatment of COVID-19 patients has increased demands on the time and attention of medical professionals, and it has also increased the use of potentially... Read more
Difluprednate Ophthalmic Emulsion
Amneal Pharmaceuticals announces that it has received Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) approval from the US FDA for difluprednate ophthalmic emulsion... Read more
Blister Card Packaging
The SynMed Assist from Parata Systems is a production guidance system for multi-dose and single-dose blister cards that integrates with existing pharmacy... Read more
Remote Monitoring Solution
Smart-Vue Pro from Thermo Fisher Scientific is a next-generation remote monitoring solution for sample storage and processing. The ability to select the... Read more
Vasopressin Injection, USP
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories launches a generic version of Vasostrict (vasopressin injection, USP) vials following US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)... Read more
Collaboration to Enhance Controlled Substance Management
Omnicell, Inc and Fresenius Kabi are collaborating to provide health systems with new pharmacy technology designed to support safety and efficiency in... Read more
Temperature Monitoring
Cardinal Health offers a portfolio of temperature monitoring devices, including data loggers and wireless monitoring solutions, that come with a variety... Read more
Children’s Ibuprofen Oral Suspension
Precision Dose offers a children’s Ibuprofen oral suspension, NDC 68094-0037-58, in 100 mg/5 mL pre-filled ENFit Syringes. Each berry-flavored standard... Read more
COVID Cash Flow Handbook
Pharma Logistics presents a new handbook, COVID and Cash Flow: How to Protect Your Pharmacy from Financial Fallout, reflecting insights on the impact of... Read more
Medication Management Software
Cureatr provides medication management software to help health care organizations ensure medications are taken appropriately, effectively, and safely.... Read more
503B Facility Acquisition
Leiters, an FDA-registered 503B outsourcing provider, announces the purchase of a manufacturing facility in Buena, New Jersey. The 110,000 square foot... Read more
Clinical Evidence Workflow Solution
Wolters Kluwer Health launches Ovid Synthesis, a new suite of applications to power evidence-based workflows in pharmacy. The first module, Clinical Evidence... Read more
Room Sanitizer
Aseptic Enclosures introduces the ViTralizer, a hydrogen peroxide-based neutralizing solution that utilizes dry fog to sanitize against a wide range of... Read more
Ready-to-Use Magnesium Sulfate
B. Braun unveils a portfolio of magnesium sulfate ready-to-use injectable drug products, indicated for the prevention and control of seizures associated... Read more

February 2022

Ready-to-use Norepinephrine in Premix Formulation
Baxter launches premix norepinephrine bitartrate in 5% dextrose injection. Norepinephrine is indicated to raise blood pressure in adult patients with severe,... Read more
Microbial Sampling Single-Use
Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) expands the BioCapt Single-Use (BCSU) line for use with applications at 100 liters per minute. The BCSU 100 is a ready-to-use,... Read more
Education for 340B Pharmacy Buyers
Apexus launches several new 340B prime vendor program (PVP) resources to help 340B buyers at covered entities. These resources can be helpful for both... Read more
USB Temperature Logger
Accucold’s DL2B is a USB temperature logger designed for use with a variety of refrigerators and freezers. As an NIST calibrated temperature probe,... Read more
Pre-filled OR Syringes
Wells Pharma provides pre-filled OR Syringes that follow ASTM color coding, utilize TALL-man lettering, and are bar coded to reduce the chance of human... Read more
Trace Elements Injection
American Regent introduces FDA-approved Multrys (trace elements injection 4, USP). Multrys is indicated in neonatal and pediatric patients weighing less... Read more
NSF/ANSI 456 Vaccine Storage Certification
Thermo Fisher Scientific announces the certification to the NSF International/American National Standards Institute (NSF/ANSI) 456 Vaccine Storage Standard... Read more
Accreditation Survey Consulting
Performance Validation offers computer system and validation services to help meet users’ regulatory requirements. Specializing in achieving 21 CFR... Read more
Medication Safety and Quality Management Consulting
LDT Health Solutions, Inc is a medication safety and quality management consulting firm providing expertise on pharmacy practice topics, including health... Read more
HD Trace Contamination Surface Monitoring
Spotcheck Trace, from SpotCheck Inc, is a hazardous drug (HD) trace contaminant monitoring assay test with a broad drug spectrum. Designed for ease of... Read more
Extended Cuff Nitrile Gloves
VIVIT International, Inc offers high strength nitrile gloves with a 12” cuff length for improved protection and coverage. The gloves feature full... Read more
Closed System Drug-Transfer Device
Fresenius Kabi now provides the exclusive distribution of the HALO closed system drug-transfer device (CSTD), an airtight CSTD that mechanically prohibits... Read more
Hazardous Drug Flag Label
Maxpert Medical offers vibrant flag labels to help identify hazardous drugs in syringes, vials, and more without impeding any markings, bar codes, or other... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring
Zebra’s family of wireless Bluetooth-enabled sensors monitor and record temperature data 24/7. The M-300 and S-400 programmable dataloggers are designed... Read more
Bio-Decontamination Measurement Guide
Vaisala releases a Bio-Decontamination Measurement Guide showcasing best practices for measuring, monitoring, and controlling successful validations of... Read more
Generic Dexamethasone
Amneal Pharmaceuticals releases dexamethasone, 4 mg, and 6 mg, following US FDA approval. Dexamethasone, the generic version of Decadron, is an anti-inflammatory... Read more

January 2022

Mobile Compounding Cleanroom
Aseptic Enclosures offers cost-effective mobile compounding cleanrooms to address compounding needs quickly. The cleanrooms are built to be sturdy, long-lasting,... Read more
Waste and Returns System
Codonics offers WasteLog, a controlled substance waste and returns system to detect and prevent drug diversion. Designed to deliver fast, accurate results,... Read more
Ready-to-Use Albumin 5% and 25%
Grifols launches the Albutein FlexBag (Albumin [Human] USP) in 5% and 25% concentrations. The bag features a port that is designed to be easy to use and... Read more
Arsenic Trioxide Injection
Amneal Pharmaceuticals releases FDA-approved arsenic trioxide injection, the generic equivalent for Trisenox. Arsenic trioxide is indicated for induction... Read more

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