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December 2012

Airflow Capture Hood for HVAC
The TABmaster Airflow Capture Hood from Kanomax can be used for cleanroom HVAC certification. The unit is lightweight and optimized for single person operation,... Read more
Angled Supply Panels
Akro-Mils introduces the Lean Panel, an angled, louvered panel that combines the convenience and strength of a louvered panel with the utility of an inclined... Read more
Automated, Needle-free, Hazardous Drug Compounding System
The Diana Hazardous Drug Compounding System from ICU Medical is a needle-free, user-controlled, automated compounding system for the safe reconstitution... Read more
Ethernet Wired Temperature Monitoring
CAS DataLoggers introduces its Accsense ethernet wired temperature data loggers. These devices connect to medical refrigerators and freezers to provide... Read more
Labels for Oral Medications
EPS introduces six new LiquiDose Butterfly Labels with a distinct oral imprint. Available in white, blue, red, green, yellow, and orange, all EPS LiquiDose... Read more
Medication Inspection System
VIZEN from JVM is a fast and accurate prescription inspection system that automatically compares the contents of all medication pouches--including the... Read more
NIST-Traceable Transmitters and Probes
The TempTrak system from Cooper-Atkins offers a wide variety of NIST-traceable transmitters and probes, and is a trusted source for monitoring temperature-sensitive... Read more
Omnicell and Cerner Interoperability
Omnicell and Cerner announce interoperability between their respective solutions using the CareAware iBus to decrease implementation costs, time, and maintenance... Read more
Outpatient Storage and Retrieval System
The RetrieveRx will-call storage and retrieval system from QS/1 helps eliminate the clutter and guesswork of storing and locating filled prescriptions... Read more
Pre-saturated Cleaning Wipes
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals announces the addition of Pharma-Sat 9 x 11-inch wipers to their pharma line. Made from a polyester/cellulose blend, the pre-saturated... Read more
RFID Tagging Service
Kit Check automates the checking of code trays, OR kits, intubation boxes, and other pharmacy-stocked kits by using radio frequency identification (RFID)... Read more
Vertical Carousel
McKesson introduces the MedCarousel, a vertical, automated medication storage and retrieval system for efficient dispensing and inventory management. MedCarousel\'s... Read more

November 2012

Air Velocity and Temperature Monitor
Air Velocity / Temperature Monitor from Cooper-Atkins is the newest edition to the TempTrak product line. The TempTrak system now offers around the clock... Read more
Bar Code Verifier
The INTEGRA 9510 from Label Vision Systems is designed for offline verification of bar codes to ISO/IEC standards and verifies linear (1D) and two-dimensional... Read more
Carousel Automation and Software
PHARMOVATIVE combines its cost effective PharMax inventory management software and automated vertical carousel to help optimize pharmacy operations by... Read more
Chemo-rated Sterile Nitrile Gloves
Tronex Healthcare is pleased to introduce its chemo-rated 12-inch Sterile Nitrile Powder-Free examination gloves. For specialty applications requiring... Read more
Clinical Decision Support Tools
PEPID, a provider of developer drug data and clinical decision support resources, has added drug-indication and drug-contraindication coding to its Knowledge... Read more
Clinical Surveillance Application
Wolters Kluwer Health announces several new enhancements to Sentri7, a Web-based, enterprise-wide electronic surveillance application that helps hospital... Read more
Critical Environment Disinfectants
EPA-registered Accel TB Disinfectants are available from Contec in ready-to-use solutions and pre-saturated wipes for easy disinfection of environmental... Read more
Disposable Cleanroom Apparel
Acute Care manufactures cleanroom and controlled environment apparel and accessories for particle control. Pharma-Pak is a convenient apparel package that... Read more
Drug Class Overviews
Elsevier/Gold Standard announces the new Drug Class Overviews, supporting clinical pharmacology at the point-of-care. Clinical pharmacology Drug Class... Read more
Environmental Probes for Particle Counters
Optional probes to measure air velocity, humidity, and temperature are now available for Kanomax particle counters model 3900 and 3910. These probes allow... Read more
Foscavir (foscarnet sodium)
Hospira is now the sole US distributor of Foscavir (foscarnet sodium). Clinigen Healthcare appointed Hospira to be the exclusive distributor of the new... Read more
Gradation Bottles
Medi-Dose/EPS announces E-Z Grad Bottles. Available in seven sizes, all bottles use the same lid, minimizing confusion and storage requirements. Each E-Z... Read more
Hanging Label for Infusion Bottles
Schreiner MediPharm introduces a label for infusion bottles that allows ample space for pertinent information, helps ensure reliable documentation, and... Read more
Infield Access to Temperature Data
Health Care Logistics introduces DataPad, a handheld touch screen device that allows users of EL-USB dataloggers to download temperature monitoring data... Read more
Inmar Rx Haz App
Inmar introduces the Rx Haz App, an easy-to-use, in-store system for the management of hazardous waste and non-viable products. The Web app employs an... Read more
Methotrexate for Injection
Pfizer Injectables announces the addition of methotrexate injection, USP, to its growing portfolio of generic oncology products. Methotrexate is indicated... Read more
Mobile Island Workstation
modularCaseworks mobile islands from Hamilton Sorter offer flexibility for workflow processes. The mobile islands move effortlessly from one area of the... Read more
Outpatient Prescription Refill Website
QS/1 introduces mobileRx, a customized prescription refill Website. MobileRx is a fast and easy way for patients to submit refill requests from anywhere... Read more
Oxaliplatin Injection
Pfizer Injectables announces that Oxaliplatin Injection, USP, has been approved by the FDA and added to the growing Pfizer Injectables oncology portfolio.... Read more
Patient and Caregiver Education Website
Covidien has updated its web-based patient and caregiver education resource to offer valuable information in four new clinical categories. The website,... Read more
Patient-controlled Oral Analgesia Delivery System
Medication on Demand (MOD) from Avancen MOD Corporation is a FDA-approved patient-controlled oral medication delivery system for pain medication in the... Read more
Pharmaceutical Tubing
The platinum-cured silicone elastomer used for HelixMark PharmaFocus Tubing has been designed specifically to fit the needs of the pharmaceutical marketplace.... Read more
Pharmacy Waste Containers
Veolia ES Technical Solutions SHARPS+PAK program is a safe, comprehensive, and cost-effective disposal program for pharmacies that generate small amounts... Read more
Pharmacy Wipes Dispenser
Technowipe is offering Pharmacy Purchasing & Products readers a free Technowipe Dispenser with the first order of 20 bags of Lint-Free Wipes to celebrate... Read more
Programmable Data Logger
The micro-DL from Marathon Products is a programmable, data logger for displaying/recording temperatures for the shipping and storage of critical biologics,... Read more
Robotic Dispenser for 3-Sided Containers
Kirby Lester and Tri State Distribution announce that the KL60 compact robotic dispenser is the exclusive pharmacy automation for the TriMaxx 3-sided container,... Read more
Smart Pump
Baxter\'s Spectrum Infusion System is a smart infusion pump weighing approximately 2.5 pounds and measuring a tenth of the size of many other large volume... Read more
Smartphone Prescription Delivery App
Emporos launches a new iPod Mobile Delivery App. The app can be used by hospitals to make medication deliveries to patient rooms before discharge. The... Read more
Stainless Steel Trays
Health Care Logistics introduces stainless steel trays, heavy-gauge supply containers ideal for use in the pharmacy, laboratory, and other hospital areas... Read more
Syringe Safety System
West Pharmaceutical Services introduces the syringe safety system. The system is designed to help protect against needle stick injury when using... Read more
Tamper-Evident Syringe Caps
Medi-Dose/EPS announces TampAlerT tamper-evident syringe caps, ideal for use with controlled substances, chemo-therapeutics, or medications requiring special... Read more
Temperature Data Monitoring System
Accsense data logging systems from CAS DataLoggers provide automated temperature monitoring solutions ideal for safeguarding extremely sensitive vaccine... Read more
Temperature Monitoring with Automatic Calibration & Validation
VersaTrak offers patent-pending, auto-NIST calibration (ANC), which allows for prescheduled or on-demand automatic NIST calibration tests for any single... Read more
Tilting Bin System
Akro-Mils introduces TiltView bins, an expandable high-density storage system. Available in six sizes, TiltView bins offer users a space-saving system... Read more
Validated Sterile Nitrile Sleeves and Sleeve Gloves for Pharmacy Isolators
gammaSUPPLIES\' 5-pair starter pack is developed exclusively for pharmacy isolators. Perfect for low volume compounding pharmacies, the pack includes five... Read more

October 2012

ADC with Integrated Medication Label Printer
Omnicell OmniRx G4 automated medication dispensing cabinets help facilities efficiently manage, store, and dispense medications in acute care and long-term... Read more
Automated Monitoring and Alarming
CAS DataLoggers announces its new server management and support of the Accsense product line of automated monitoring and alarming systems. Accsense wireless... Read more
Cisplatin Injection and Cytarabine Injection
Pfizer Injectables oncology portfolio now includes Cisplatin Injection and Cytarabine Injection. Pfizer\'s expanding portfolio includes sterile injectables,... Read more
Cleanroom Mats
Tacky Mats remove dirt, dust, and lint on contact from shoes and help maintain sanitary conditions in cleanrooms for USP <797> compliance. The 2-millimeter... Read more
Clinical Surveillance System
Hospira releases TheraDoc version 4.5, an enhanced clinical surveillance system designed to support hospital antimicrobial stewardship efforts. The new... Read more
Inventory Management Software
Ideal for enterprise-wide inventory management, Pharmogistics inventory management software from CareFusion manages medication inventory in all locations... Read more
Oncology Admixture Robot
Health Robotics launches the i.v.STATION ONCO, a second-generation robot for the preparation of oncology intravenous admixtures. The i.v.STATION ONCO helps... Read more
Online Therapy Management
ReachRx OTM from Armada is a patient care tool allowing pharmacies to track adherence outcomes, access to manufacturer programs, and benefit from co-pay... Read more
Pre-saturated and Dry Wipes
Amplitude Sigma Wipes are made from 45% polyester and 55% cellulose blend. These non-woven wipes are highly sorbent, have excellent durability, and good... Read more
Predictive Acquisition Costs
Elsevier / Gold Standard introduces predictive acquisition cost (PAC) technology, developed by Glass Box Analytics, to address the need for standard drug... Read more
Reusable Sharps Container
Rehrig introduces its Sharps Tank, a 17-gallon, reusable sharps container that can be used in all clinical pharmacy environments. FDA cleared as a Class... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Software
Rees Scientific introduces the Centron Presidio, a secure, user-friendly, and intuitive software to help protect pharmacy\'s valuable products in freezers... Read more
Thin-Wall Needle for Pre-filled Syringes
BD Medical announces the BD Hyflow needle, a unique 27-gauge, thin-wall needle designed for use with BD\'s pre-fillable syringe systems. The optimized... Read more

September 2012

Bar Code Driven Dispensing and Checking
McKesson\'s MedShelf-Rx introduces bar code-driven processes to stationary shelves and storage areas. Regardless of pharmacy volume, footprint, or staffing... Read more
Controlled Substance Inventory Management
AutoVault from Talyst provides controlled access and secure hospital-wide management for controlled substances by securely storing, tracking, and monitoring... Read more
Countertop Refrigerators
Follett's REF1 and REF2 medical-grade refrigerators provide consistent temperatures required for critical product storage in a space-saving 19 x 20-inch... Read more
Dosage Recommendation Label
Health Care Logistics introduces a pharmacy warning label designed to lessen the possibility of acetaminophen overdose and help ensure proper patient use... Read more
Medication Workstation
Capsa Solutions introduces the MX Series, a line of computing medication workstations to enable efficient medication distribution. The MX Series offers... Read more
Portable Carousel System
Sapient introduces the PickaMed-Mini portable vertical carousel and cart system. It provides secure, high-density storage, saving floor space while increasing... Read more
Pre-Filled Post-op Pain Pumps
B. Braun in conjunction with CAPS now provides GOPump, GOBlock, and GOBlock-SF pain pumps pre-filled with Ropivacaine and Bupivacaine to help pharmacies... Read more
Reverse Expo Conference
Health Connect Partners connects providers and suppliers through educational meetings and conferences. Through health care education and networking, providers... Read more
Supplies Storage and Pick Racks
Akro-Mils announces new 18-inch Deep Pick Racks that provide additional options in rack and bin systems. These systems, which feature angled shelves for... Read more

July 2012

Automatic Tablet Dispensing and Packaging
The ATDPS (automatic tablet dispensing and packaging system) from JVM provides an accurate and cost-effective prescribing work environment for hospital... Read more
Color Labels for Syringes & IV Bags
The new pharmacy labeling system from Digi-Trax provides the ability to print color labels on demand in any size needed for syringes and IV bags using... Read more
Handheld Bar Code Verifier
Label Vision Systems (LVS) announces the INTEGRA 9570 handheld linear (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) bar code verifier. The INTEGRA 9570 is a handheld verifier... Read more
Infusion Software Application
CareFusion introduces the Alaris Infusion Viewer for Pharmacy Logistics, a module available as part of the Infusion Viewer platform series. The near real-time... Read more
Locked Medication Warming Cabinet
Health Care Logistics introduces the Locking Medication Warming Cabinet. This durable, melamine cabinet is designed to warm medications, such as Mannitol,... Read more
Online Ordering for Cleanroom Supplies
Acute Care introduces, an online ordering website for USP <797>-compliant supplies. Cleanroom apparel products include beard... Read more
Pharmacy Desktop Printer
Intermec\'s PC23d Printer is a fast and reliable printer for producing wristbands, labels, records, and more. Designed specifically for the health care... Read more
Pharmacy Mop
The EasyReach Cleaning Tool from Contec is designed to clean isolators, laminar airflow hoods, cabinets, and glove boxes. Made from lightweight stainless... Read more
Pill Identifier
PEPID recently added a pill identifier feature to its electronic medical and drug references, including the Pharmacist Pro reference. The tool allows clinicians... Read more
Pneumatic Tube Carrier
Pevco introduces the Pevco TEC-6--a pneumatic tube carrier designed for use in six inch pneumatic tube delivery systems for hospital material delivery.... Read more
Portable Particle Counter
The Portable Particle Counter Model 3910 from Kanomax USA is a small, lightweight, 50 liter-per-minute portable particle counter. The unit has a large,... Read more
Reverse Expo Conference
Health Connect Partners is a health care education firm focused on connecting providers and suppliers through industry-specific conferences. The upcoming... Read more
Tablet Dispensing and Verification System
The KL30 dispensing and verification system from Kirby Lester simplifies an outpatient pharmacy\'s processing of 90-day prescription filling and, with... Read more
Temperature Recording Label
Cold Chain Technologies announces the PakSense BIOmed XpressPDF Label, a method of monitoring and recording temperatures of vaccines, pharmaceuticals,... Read more
Web-based Prescription Benefit Software Application
RxEOB\'s MyDrugBenefit (v3.0) is a single platform for health plans that supports consumer access to important prescription and cost-savings information... Read more

June 2012

Automatic Prescription Inspection
VIZEN from JVM is a fast and accurate prescription inspection system that automatically assesses all medication pouches for printing information, volume,... Read more
CAI and CACI Sharps & Waste System
NuAire\'s PharmaGard ES (Energy Saver) compounding aseptic (CAI) and containment (CACI) isolators produce ISO Class-5 clean air, which meets the USP Standard... Read more
Drug Auditing System
RxAuditor 360 from Medacist Solutions is an accurate, almost-real-time drug auditing system that enables hospitals to reconcile prescription-dispensing... Read more
Dual Input Transmitter
Cooper-Atkins announces the addition of a new member to the TempTrak family, the 900 MHz Dual Input Transmitter. Working directly with the TempTrak wireless... Read more
Extendable Pharmacy Mop
FHP introduces the new 14\" aluminum extendable Roll-O-Matic sponge mop for disinfecting, cleaning, and absorbing liquids in pharmacy cleaning operations.... Read more
Filling and Dispensing Solution
AmerisourceBergen announces the FastFill 54. This compact vial-filling solution provides community and outpatient pharmacies with a simplified, cost-effective... Read more
Handheld Bar Code Scanner
Intermec introduces the SG20, a handheld bar code scanner optimized for the health care industry. Featuring a fast 2D imaging scanner, the SG20 improves... Read more
Humidity Calculator App
The Vaisala Humidity Calculator app for the Apple iPhone allows users to calculate several humidity parameters from one known value. Unit conversions can... Read more
Medication Bottles
Medi-Dose/EPS introduces the E-Z Grad Bottles. All bottles are clearly marked with both ounces and milliliters, eliminating waste by providing accurate... Read more
Oral Solid Packaging System
Talyst introduces AutoPack Slim, a fully automated packager for oral solid medications. It maximizes space efficiency with the ability to fit through a... Read more
Patient Wristband Printing
CognitiveTPG\'s C Series printer is ideal for patient identification wristband printing due to its small footprint and rugged design. It will accept most... Read more
Pharmacy Operation Software
Pharmacy Ideas Computing introduces RxTask, a web-based software program used by pharmacies to easily schedule and plan all routine operational tasks.... Read more
Portable Particle Counter
The Kanomax Model 3910 50 LPM portable particle counter is the smallest in its class. The lightweight particle counter offers an increased 50 LPM flow... Read more
Tablet Crusher
Health Care Logistics introduces Roc \'N\' Crush, an ergonomically designed tablet crusher that uses a rocking motion to quietly break and crush tablets... Read more
Training and Certification Program for Compounding Hazardous Drugs
Covidien introduces the ChemoPlus Training and Certification Program for Compounding Hazardous Drugs. This new program provides education on safe-handling... Read more
Vancomycin Hydrochloride, USP
Hospira introduces the 750 mg ADD-Vantage Vial presentation of Vancomycin Hydrochloride, USP (NDC 0409-6531-01). Hospira\'s ADD-Vantage system is a two-piece,... Read more

May 2012

ADC Scheduled Dispensing
Dispense By Time, a new functionality of McKesson\'s AcuDose-Rx medication dispensing cabinet, offers a safe method for dispensing scheduled medication... Read more
Controlled Environment Wipers
Texwipe announces the launch of Vertex Wipers, a new line of cleanroom wipers designed for the highest assurance of contamination control in hospital pharmacy... Read more
Heparin Sodium for Injection
The Pfizer Injectables portfolio of hospital products now includes heparin sodium injection, USP. The production of crude heparin begins with raw materials... Read more
Insulin Trays
Health Care Logistics introduces the Covered High-Alert Insulin Tray, a dividable, durable PETG tray with a lid, which keeps up to 18 high-alert insulin... Read more
Mobile Interface for Temperature Monitoring
Vaisala introduces viewLinc 4.0 continuous monitoring system software, featuring a fully optimized interface for mobile phones, including a dashboard,... Read more
Mop and Wiper Cleaning System
The QuickTask Mop System can now be used with the latest microfiber wipe from Contec, the MicroGenesis wipe. MicroGenesis is a laundered microfiber wipe... Read more
Oral Medication Dispensers
NeoMed announces the addition of 0.5 mL syringes to its line of pharmacy oral dispensers. These oral dispensers help ensure the accurate and precise dosing... Read more
Single Container Waste Disposal
Clean Harbors announces the One Container Program for pharmaceutical waste disposal at hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities. With this... Read more
Tabletop Tablet Counter
The easy-to-use KL1 compact tablet counter from Kirby Lester offers fast and accurate tablet counting within a tiny footprint. The KL1 is the smallest... Read more

April 2012

ADC Monitoring Software
McKesson\'s RightStock, a new software release for AcuDose-Rx ADCs, provides pharmacists with daily cabinet usage trends and helps prevent medication stock... Read more
Cleanroom Wipes
Acute Care announces the newest addition to their Pharma line, Pharma-Sat Canisters. They offer the same cleaning capabilities as all Acute Care Pharma... Read more
Configurable Medication Carts
Lionville Series medication carts from Metro provide a wide assortment of drawer configurations and accessories for any pharmacy\'s needs. The drawers... Read more
Crash Cart Tracking System
MedKeeper announces the launch of the PharmacyKeeper\'s crash cart tracking module--a web-based software that allows users to track the contents and locations... Read more
Electronic Surveillance Application
Pharmacy OneSource announces several new enhancements to Sentri7, its web-based, enterprise-wide electronic surveillance application that helps hospital... Read more
Monitor Temperatures via Touch Screen
Dickson\'s FT540 is designed for monitoring the storage temperatures of vaccines and other sensitive drugs in the pharmacy. The touchscreen instrument... Read more
Syringe Flag Labels
Syringe Flag Labels from Health Care Logistics solve small product labeling issues and help prevent medication errors in the pharmacy. The unique design... Read more
Temperature Chart Recorder
Helmer\'s temperature chart recorder (TCR) is a standalone device that provides accurate and reliable temperature recording within a specified range. The... Read more
Temperature Monitoring with Wi-Fi
Rees Scientific introduces the V.2 Wi-Fi temperature monitoring system. The system is reliable, secure, flexible, and is designed to simplify the overall... Read more
Under Counter and Counter Top Refrigerators
VersaFridge under counter and counter top refrigerators from Veracity Group come with a fully integrated wireless temperature monitoring system with auto... Read more
Web-based Drug Audit Solution
RxAuditor On Demand from Medacist is a web-enabled drug auditing system that allows the pharmacy to measure, monitor, and manage key automated dispensing... Read more
Wireless Label Printer
Epson introduces the Mobilink wireless label printer, a compact and cost-effective printer for pharmacy. Mobilink clearly prints text and bar codes, and... Read more

March 2012

Automated Anesthesia Cart
McKesson\'s Anesthesia-Rx automated anesthesia cart complements existing operating room workflow, providing fast and reliable access to medication. Simplified... Read more
Automated Medication Pick and Storage
MedPickRx from Swisslog is a high-density, automated pick-to-light pharmacy system that optimizes the storing and picking of unit dose medications. MedPickRx... Read more
Automated Storage and Prescription Retrieval
WillCall Rx from SencorpWhite combines advanced storage and retrieval capabilities with simple software that automates hospital pharmacy fulfillment. It... Read more
Automation Metrics Database
RxAuditor Report Card from Medacist allows pharmacists to benchmark key automation metrics, both internally within a health system and externally to other... Read more
Bar Code Label Software
WaspLabeler db Tracker software from Health Care Logistics helps users avoid the risk of drug delivery and medication administration errors. Users can... Read more
Closed IV Catheter
The new Introcan Safety 3 Closed IV Catheter from B. Braun protects both clinicians and patients from needle-stick injuries by providing an added layer... Read more
Disinfectants for Critical Environments
Contec offers Accel Disinfectants as a first line of defense for infection prevention and control. EPA registered Accel TB Disinfectants are available... Read more
Drug Sample Tracking
RxScan announces enhancements to, an all-in-one medication tracking solution designed to help facilities meet TJC accreditation standards... Read more
Flag and Receipt Labels
Medi-Dose/EPS introduces the new LiquiDose Flag and Receipt Labels for medications packaged and dispensed in syringes, ampules, tubing, suppositories,... Read more
Medication Safety Support System
Cardinal\'s new BarCode360 supports hospitals\' medication safety initiatives by making it easier, more timely, and more cost efficient to order medications... Read more
Mobile Bench
The mobile bench by LabConco provides extra bench space in pharmacy environments and helps transport equipment within a facility. Each bench is made with... Read more
Mobile Pharmacy Automation Monitoring
Talyst introduces AutoPharm Mobile, designed to complement a pharmacy\'s current AutoPharm Enterprise software, which is accessed on an Apple IOS device.... Read more
Remote Alarms for Temperature Monitoring
New remote alarms from Helmer extend existing temperature monitoring systems to provide alarming in remote locations in a facility. Designed for larger... Read more
Supplies Management Cabinet
SupplySelect from AmerisourceBergen Technology Group improves management of general supplies by offering highly controlled access and efficient design.... Read more
Thermal Label Printer
CognitiveTPG introduces the CRx, a thermal prescription label printer. The printer\'s compact footprint allows the CRx to fit in small or crowded workspaces.... Read more
Wi-Fi Temperature Monitoring Sensors
E-Control Systems introduces the Wi-Fi IntelliSensor for the wireless monitoring of ultra-low to high temperature (NIST-traceable) ranges, humidity, differential... Read more

February 2012

Automated Dispensing Cabinet Monitoring
Metro\'s MedDispense series now offers the NurSync feature allowing clinicians to remotely select and queue patient medications, quickly and securely,... Read more
Automated Dispensing System
CareFusion announces the Pyxis ES platform, the next-generation of Pyxis solutions that enables meaningful integration with health care IT systems. The... Read more
Biological Safety Cabinet
The Baker Company introduces the BioChemGARD e3 biological safety cabinet (BSC). The BioChemGARD e3 is a class II, type B2 BSC that is engineered to contain... Read more
Carousel Storage and Pharmacy-Grade Refrigeration
Talyst introduces the refrigerated AutoCarousel HD, a secure, automated storage and pharmacy-grade refrigeration technology that ensures medications are... Read more
Cleanroom Label Printer
Epson announces the SecurColor on-demand inkjet label printer, a solution for hospital pharmacies looking to implement accurate and cost effective color... Read more
Color Labeling System
MTS Medication Technologies introduces the PillVue color labeling system. Created for pharmacies that pre-package oral solid medications and want to prevent... Read more
Heat Seal Bagging System for Pneumatic Tubes
Pevco Smart Seal, a heat seal bagging system integrated within a pneumatic tube station, helps guard against spills and protect fragile pneumatic tube... Read more
Modular Pharmacy Fixtures
H.L. Coshatt Company provides a complete modular pharmacy fixture product offering. True modular and flexible pharmacy component applications will help... Read more
MTM Support for Seniors
Senior Care from Aprexis supports medication therapy management (MTM) consultations that focus on optimizing seniors\' use of medication, and identifies... Read more
Outsourced Compounder Verification
LDT Health Solutions offers LDT-CV, a Compounder Verification program. Subscribers to the LDT-CV program receive independent quality reports annually to... Read more
Pharmacy Staff Schedule Management
Schedule OneSource from Pharmacy OneSource is a web-based program that helps pharmacy directors generate and manage staff schedules with real-time data... Read more
Protective Pen Needle
BD AutoShield Duo, a 5 mm safety-engineered pen needle from Becton Dickinson, is designed to protect health care workers and patients from needle stick... Read more
USP <797> Compliance Documentation System
MedKeeper introduces the latest version of ez797 to document USP <797> requirements. This version includes bar code printing capabilities, multiple... Read more
Waste Disposal
The Cactus Smart Sink is designed to safely and easily dispose pharmaceutical waste that would otherwise be discarded in a sharps container, waste bin,... Read more
Wireless Temperature Sensor Calibration and Validation
VersaTrak from Veracity Group offers built-in, patent-pending Auto-NIST Calibration (ANC), which allows for pre-scheduled or on-demand automatic NIST calibration... Read more

January 2012

Ambulatory Infusion Pumps
B. Braun announces an exclusive alliance with CME America to distribute the BodyGuard line of ambulatory infusion pumps. B. Braun\'s customers have access... Read more
Automated Authorization Management Tool
AutoAuthRx, designed by RxEOB, is a new technology that automates the entire pharmacy authorization process, allowing end-to-end pharmacy utilization management.... Read more
Automated Pharmaceutical Waste Management
The Pyxis EcoStation system from CareFusion is an automated pharmaceutical waste management system with proprietary scanning to help hospitals manage pharmaceutical... Read more
Cleanroom Wipe
The Pharma-Wipe-44 from Acute Care Pharmaceuticals is a versatile, absorbent, poly-cellulose wipe for safe cleaning in USP compounding pharmacies. This... Read more
High Alert Vial Rings
Health Care Logistics introduces the High Alert Vial Ring, a flexible Lexan ring that fits around the neck of medication vials. In order to raise awareness... Read more
Inventory Management Software
Omnicell introduces Pandora Financials, a solution that presents actionable medication and supply inventory level information to hospitals, alleviating... Read more
Medication Dispensing Cabinet
McKesson\'s all new AcuDose-Rx medication dispensing cabinet provides nurses with ready access to the medications they need while pharmacy maintains oversight... Read more
Patient Services System
ScriptPro Patient Services Portal (PSP) is an enterprise-wide hardware and software application of the SP Central Workflow System that provides self-service... Read more
Telepharmacy and Remote Order Entry
Pipeline Healthcare\'s telepharmacy and remote order entry services help hospitals improve patient medication safety by serving as an expert extension... Read more
Trigger Spray Bottles
EPS announces the release of three sizes of trigger spray bottles that are easy to handle and fill, and are equipped with a long trigger grip. Ideal for... Read more
Unit Dose Packaging for Oral Liquids
Cardinal Health announces a new unit-dose, bar-coded packaging solution for their oral liquid medications. Oral liquid medications are now available in... Read more

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