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December 2013

Bar Coded Medication Preparation System for Admixtures
Pharm-Q ITH from Envision Telepharmacy now has an integrated bar code medication preparation check functionality. Pharm-Q ITH is a fully functional, Web-based,... Read more
Cleanroom Disposables Dispensers
Garb and disposables dispensers from Terra Universal help keep cleanrooms tidy and organized. The dispensers save space and allow for convenient distribution... Read more
Consumables for Engineering Controls
IsoTech Design, a company specializing in the design and manufacturing of clean air solutions including the MicroSphere CAI, ChemoSphere CACI, CleanSphere... Read more
Handheld Particle Counter
The new 3905 1 CFM portable particle counter from Kanomax offers simultaneous measurements of six particle sizes. Using the optional environmental probe,... Read more
Inventory Management Services
Guaranteed Returns provides pharmacies with inventory management services, including pharmaceutical returns, that help optimize obsolete, damaged, and... Read more
Medication Reconciliation Software
MedsTracker from First Databank is a medication reconciliation software solution that integrates with an institution\'s current CPOE and pharmacy/eMAR... Read more
Mobile Medication Dispensing Cabinet
MedRover from Swisslog is a fully integrated mobile dispensing cabinet that provides a closed-loop medication administration system to help eliminate administration... Read more
Mobile Sorter Unit
Hamilton Sorter now offers a mobile sorter unit as part of its modularCaseworks pharmacy collection. The table on wheels transports document binders and... Read more
NDC Translator Mobile Application
RxScan announces the release of its NDC Translator Mobile for Windows Mobile 6.1 devices. Users can scan medication NDC bar codes directly into applications... Read more
Outpatient Pharmacy Dispensing Security
Kirby Lester\'s new FillSafe security system provides an additional level of safety during medication replenishment on Kirby Lester\'s KL60 and KL100 outpatient... Read more
Pharmacy Storage System
Stewart Systems introduces RxStor, a pharmacy shelving system that helps pharmacies with stationary shelves become more efficient and organized by condensing... Read more
Plastic Storage Bins
Akro-Mils introduces its ShelfMax8 storage bins, designed for shelving systems and vertical carousel automated storage retrieval systems. The 8-inch high,... Read more
Refrigerator Medication Storage Boxes
EPS COLD-SAFE Storage Boxes allow medications with special temperature requirements to be kept under keyed security in an unlocked refrigerator. The storage... Read more
Sterile Chemotherapy Prep Mats
ISO-MED offers its Sterile Chemo Prep Mats in two different sizes to protect work surfaces from contamination and help control spills during IV and chemotherapy... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Software
E-Control Systems announces the latest revision of the FusionLive software with Application Programming Interface (API). The secure program ensures that... Read more
Wireless Temperature Logger
The HMT140 wireless logger from Vaisala monitors compliant storage and production environments and connects easily to a user\'s existing WiFi network.... Read more

November 2013

Air Particle Counter
FreshLoc Technologies introduces the FreshLoc Particle Counter, a sensor for measuring air quality in process-controlled environments. The sensor measures... Read more
Air Particle Monitoring System
The AES-1000 from Kanomax is a particle monitoring system that provides near real-time stable particle measurements. The measurements cover the equivalent... Read more
Automated Dispensing System
PROmanager-Rx from McKesson is a fully automated robotic solution for the storing, dispensing, returning, and crediting of unit dose oral solid medications.... Read more
Automated Pharmacy Medication Management Cart
The ServeRx Pharmacy Management System from 3AM Technologies offers bedside solutions through the SmartCart, a compact cabinet that allows for automated... Read more
Generic Pharmaceutical Company
BluePoint Laboratories is a new generic pharmaceutical company for oral solids supplied solely through American Health Packaging. The new product formulary... Read more
Handheld Bar Code Verifier
The INTEGRA 9570 from Label Vision Systems is a handheld verifier used to analyze and grade linear and 2D bar codes to ISO/IEC and GS1 standards. The product... Read more
Hazardous Drug Compounding System
ICU Medical presents the Diana automated drug compounding system, an accurate, safe, and efficient system for hazardous and large batch drug preparation.... Read more
Hazardous Drug Wipe Kit
ChemoGLO has added methotrexate and platinum analogues to the panel of drugs currently offered in the ChemoGLO Wipe Kit for hazardous drug surface contamination... Read more
Inventory Management Software
Pandora Analytics Software from Omnicell Inc, extracts useful data from medication- and supply-dispensing systems and translates it into interactive dashboard... Read more
Manual Label Dispenser
Health Care Logistics introduces the Peel \'N\' Go Label Dispenser, a single dispenser that holds up to ten labels on a roll for quick, convenient, single-handed... Read more
Mobile Application for Prescription Signatures
Emporos releases Drive-Through Signature, an app in the MerchantSoft Mobile suite of Web-based mobile applications. The app allows users to capture electronic... Read more
Nitrile Gloves
Tronex Healthcare announces a new packaging option for its nitrile examination gloves. The powder-free, fingertip-textured exam gloves are now available... Read more
Plastic Mobile Storage Bins
Akro-Mils announces the expansion of its Super-Size AkroBin line of large plastic storage bins with a new mobile kit for bin models 30288, 30289, 30290,... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Data Loggers
CAS DataLoggers introduces ECCS I-Plug+ BIO data loggers, which provide a low-cost, easy-to-use solution for temperature monitoring in pharmacies, clinics,... Read more
Temperature-Monitored Medication Transport
The KoolTemp Patient Carry Pack from Cold Chain Technologies is a safeguard for short-term travel or intermediate storage of refrigerated prescription... Read more
Undercounter Refrigerators and Freezers
i.Series and Horizon Series undercounter refrigerators and freezers from Helmer Scientific are available in ADA-compatible models. These models are designed... Read more
Vaccine Documentation Application
RxScan releases VaccineLog, a cloud-based application designed to meet the latest Vaccines for Children and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention... Read more

October 2013

Anesthesia Management System
The Pyxis Anesthesia ES system from CareFusion extends the Pyxis ES Platform to the operating room and procedural areas for a single hospital or across... Read more
Automated Dispensing Robot
RxMedic introduces the RM64, a robotic dispensing solution that can fill up to 300 prescriptions per hour. The robot fills multiple prescriptions simultaneously,... Read more
Cabinet Label Printer
The Omnicell G4 Unity automated dispensing cabinet features an integrated medication label printer that allows users to print patient-specific labels as... Read more
Closed System Transfer Device
The SEVA System from Allison Medical is a closed hazardous drug system for enclosing contaminated vial exteriors, vapor emissions, and liquid spills and... Read more
Compounding Pharmacy Audit Services
Compounding Pharmacy Audit from CPS offers a systematic review and audit to assess all major aspects of sterile and non-sterile pharmacy compounding processes.... Read more
Injectable Drug Delivery System
West Pharmaceutical Services announces the expansion of the NovaGuard portfolio of needle safety products. The NovaGuard SA (staked-needle automatic) system,... Read more
Insulin Injection Needles
BD Medical launches the BD Ultra-Fine Nano 4 mm Pen Needle with EasyFlow Technology, making it easier and faster for people with diabetes to inject themselves... Read more
Medication Cabinets
ServeRx Medication Cabinets from 3AM Technologies offer a variety of storage capabilities to meet various medication dispensing needs. Available as part... Read more
Mobile Delivery Robot
Swisslog announces the release of its next-generation RoboCourier Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) for secure, hospital-wide transport of loads up to 100... Read more
Pharmacy Management Software
MedKeeper launches PharmacyKeeper, a new, software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite of solutions addressing critical pharmacy operation challenges. The software... Read more
Pharmacy Storage System
H+H SYSTEM offers the FlexModul organization solutions for casework, drawers, and shelving systems. The solution provides customizable configurations for... Read more
Prescription Management Application
Emporos Mobile Delivery is the latest extension of the MerchantSoft point-of-sale solution for outpatient hospital pharmacies. Developed as an app available... Read more
Syringe Labeling System
Codonics Safe Label System SLS 500i is a medication labeling system that helps improve patient safety and labeling compliance in the operating room (OR)... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
The EDL-WiFi from Marathon Products is a WiFi-enabled data logger that provides real-time, multi-user, multi-site, and facility-wide temperature data collection,... Read more

September 2013

Automated Dispensing Robot
The McKesson ROBOT-Rx is capable of automating 90% of medication dispensing for the pharmacy, including odd form medications. With increased throughput... Read more
Automatic Temperature Monitoring Calibration and Validation
VersaTrak from Veracity Group offers patent-pending Auto-NIST Calibration (ANC) as part of its temperature monitoring system. ANC allows for pre-scheduled... Read more
Drug Identification Application
MedSnap ID from MedSnap is a mobile application that allows users to identify an entire set of patient pills using a smartphone camera. The app has been... Read more
Glass Prefillable Syringe System
BD Medical announces the BD Neopak, a glass prefillable syringe system specifically engineered for the administration of biopharmaceutical injectable drugs.... Read more
Hospital Delivery Robot
The QC Bot from Vecna automates material transport and delivery in the hospital setting, providing fast delivery of products and supplies to support staff,... Read more
Medication Tracking and Transport System
The SecureRx MD System from Metro is an integrated mobile medication tracking and transport system. Available on the Metro Flo Series of hybrid medication... Read more
Mobile Drug Disposal Cart
Health Care Logistics introduces the Secure Drop Cart, a locking mobile drug disposal cart that helps to reduce the risk of drug diversion, tampering,... Read more
Mobile Storage and Transport System
Akro-Mils introduces its TiltView Stack Cart, a mobile storage and transport solution for small pharmacy products and supplies that incorporates the TiltView... Read more
NDC Translation Software
RxScan announces the release of its NDC Translator software version 2, which translates raw data in a drug manufacturer\'s bar code into an 11-digit NDC... Read more
Non-Sterile Compounding Containment Hood
Sentry Air Systems\' line of powder containment hoods for non-sterile compounding applications allows users to safely compound, weigh, measure, or encapsulate... Read more
Outpatient Prescriber Validation Tool
Healthcare Data Solutions now offers a real-time prescriber validation tool--Prescriber Validation Subscription Service (PVSS)--to help ensure pharmacy... Read more
Outpatient Prescription Medication Dispenser
PillTrak from TCGRx is a dispensing container pre-packed with prescription medication by a patient\'s care provider that automatically guides the patient... Read more
Pharmacy Storage System
FrameWRX storage system from Spacesaver Corporation is an adaptable system that delivers flexibility for pharmaceutical bulk, unit dose, and ADC refill... Read more
Sleeve Gloves
PolyCo USA introduces the VR Sleeve Glove for pharmacy compounding activities. Made from a combination of 8 mil nitrile gloves and PolyCo\'s lightweight... Read more
Tabletop Unit Dose Packager
AutoPack Tabletop from Talyst is specifically designed for packaging unit dose oral solid medications. Its flexible technology permits multiple package... Read more
Tray Management System
MEPS Real-Time, Inc announces the release of the Intelliguard Kit and Tray Management System designed to automate pharmacy tray inventory and replenishment,... Read more
Vision Technology for Thermal Printers
The LVS 7500 from Label Vision Systems is a vision technology for thermal label printers. System functions include master-to-label comparison for blemish... Read more

July 2013

Asset Monitoring and Management
Rees Scientific introduces the Windows 8 Tablet Workstation to monitor critical equipment. Users have the ability to browse the net, use different apps,... Read more
Compact Robotic Filling Systems
ScriptPro announces two additional size options for its Compact Robotic System (CRS) line of robotic prescription dispensing systems: the CRS 150 and the... Read more
Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispensers
The Controlled Access Pharmacy (CAP) from ISO-MED allows pharmacists to restock dispensing units 24/7 and offers real-time usage and inventory tracking.... Read more
Drug Reimbursement Management Software
Pharmacy ChargeLink from Craneware syncs drug purchase history with a hospital\'s charge-master to identify the gaps that cause revenue loss. The software... Read more
Dry and Presaturated Cleanroom Wipes
Blue Thunder Technologies is proud to offer Friendly Green wipes, environmentally friendly cleanroom wipes available in dry (single ply) and presaturated... Read more
Hazardous Drug Cleaning Towelettes
Hazardous Drug Clean (HDClean) from ChemoGLO is a dual component towelette that uses a simple procedure to remove all detectable hazardous drugs from surfaces... Read more
Inventory Management Software
PHARMOVATIVE combines its PharMax inventory management software, automated vertical carousel, and automated tablet packager to help optimize pharmacy operations... Read more
Inventory Storage and Control System
ComboCell Rx from Grifols is an inventory storage and control system designed for hospital pharmacies. This double carousel provides safe and secure inventory... Read more
Medication Management System
The ServeRx Medication Management System from 3AM Technologies is a complete system of medication cabinets, supply cabinets, bedside solutions, computerized... Read more
Oral Solid Verification
TCGRx offers a Collation Unit as part of its InspectRx medication pouch inspector--an imaging system that works in conjunction with the ATP oral solid... Read more
Outpatient Dispensing Stations
Hamilton Sorter\'s modularCaseworks now features dispensing stations with pass-through windows and curved shelves for the outpatient pharmacy environment.... Read more
Pressure Monitoring Sensors
FreshLoc Technologies introduces its Differential Pressure Sensor, which integrates with FreshLoc\'s monitoring solution infrastructure and cloud technology.... Read more
Remote Particle Sensors
Kanomax announces the addition of new remote particle sensors with analog output. The sensors are available in both 0.1 CFM and 1.0 CFM flow rates. Available... Read more
Sterile Gloves
Tronex Healthcare introduces sterile nitrile, powder-free, fully textured gloves packaged in easy-peel pouches. The gloves are 100% latex free and feature... Read more
Task Management Program
Pharmacy Ideas Computing announces a new competency module for its RxTask service, a management program used to schedule and document all operational tasks... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
CAS DataLoggers and Lascar announce the EL-GFX-1 Graphic Temperature Data Logger, a portable, standalone temperature monitoring solution featuring highly... Read more

June 2013

Bar Code System for Newborns
IDBaby by RxScan instantly verifies that a baby\'s bar coded wristband matches the parents\' label as well as labels on items such as milk bottles, charts,... Read more
Controlled Substance Management System
Omnicell\'s Controlled Substance Management System (CSM) helps improve narcotic inventory accountability throughout the continuum of care. Users can experience... Read more
Generic Prefilled Injectables
BD announces the FDA approval of Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride Injection, USP, an injectable antihistamine as the first drug to be offered in the BD Simplist... Read more
Media-Fill Testing Kits
Hardy Diagnostics announces the release of HardyVal Media-Fill Challenge Kits for USP <797> compliance testing of compounding sterile preparations... Read more
Medication Patch Disposal System
The Medsaway ContraPatch from Verde Environmental Technologies is a new medication disposal system for prescription transdermal patches. Used transdermal... Read more
Sterile Preparation Wipes
PROSAT Sterile Low Endotoxin Wipes from Contec are made from 100% knitted polyester Polynit Heatseal. The wipes are presaturated with 70% IPA and 30% water... Read more
TPN Management System
The PINNACLE TPN Management System from B. Braun assists health care professionals in efficiently managing the entire TPN production process and streamlines... Read more
USP <797> Educational Webinar
Technical Safety Services (TSS) announces the next presentation in an ongoing series of USP <797> educational webinars scheduled for Tuesday, June... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
E-Control Systems announces the release of its enhanced IntelliSensors. In addition to having a complete wireless temperature monitoring system with both... Read more

May 2013

Bin Divider Label Tabs
Akro-Mils\' Divider Label Tabs attach to existing dividers to improve the visibility of bin labels and scanning of bar codes. Each tab features an angled... Read more
Chemotherapy Surface Cleaning
Covidien Surface Safe is a two-step applicator kit that provides a clean and safe chemotherapy work surface. Users apply the towelettes to the contaminated... Read more
Clinical Surveillance Application
Hospira\'s TheraDoc Infection Control Assistant is a configurable application that helps hospital clinicians streamline clinical workflow, contain health... Read more
Intradermal Adapter for Disposable Syringes
West introduces the ID adapter, a 510K-cleared intradermal adapter for disposable syringes. The adapter is designed to help improve the consistency and... Read more
IPA Pre-saturated Wiper
PolySat pre-saturated wipers from Texwipe combine soft, melt-blown polypropylene wipers with 0.2 μm filtered 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. The wipers... Read more
Modular Aseptic Workstation
The new Bioquell QUBE is a secure workstation that creates an aseptic environment for sterility testing and pharmacy compounding. Featuring a fully integrated... Read more
Modular Cleanroom Laminar Air Flow Hoods
CleanAir Solutions offers built-in laminar flow hoods to meet ISO Class 5 requirements inside its USP <797>-compliant modular cleanrooms. To minimize... Read more
Pharmacy Inventory Management Software
Swisslog announces the release of MedPortal, a fully integrated software for pharmacy inventory management. The Web-based software allows control and management... Read more
Reusable Pharmaceutical Waste Containers
As hospitals comply with the many regulations for disposing of pharmaceutical waste, leaders in administration, pharmacy operations, and environmental... Read more
Sterile Chemotherapy Preparation Mats
New gammaPREPMATS from gammaSUPPLIES are validated sterile, highly absorbent, and latex-free mats for use during chemotherapy preparation and administration.... Read more
Sterile Compounding Training Bootcamp
CriticalPoint is expanding its sterile compounding programs to include live training in a state-of-the-art compounding facility. This immersive setting... Read more
Sterile Syringe Caps for IV Syringes
ISO-MED\'s Tamper Evident IV Syringe Caps are sealed at the distal end with tamper-evident Luer Lock closures. The caps are sterile, non-toxic, and non-pyrogenic.... Read more
WiFi Transmitters for Temperature Monitoring
Cooper-Atkins offers fast and secure WiFi transmitters as part of its TempTrak enterprise wireless monitoring system. The new 802.11 b/g/n platform runs... Read more

April 2013

Automated Dispensing Robot
The new KL100 from Kirby Lester is a midsized dispensing robot that brings efficiency and medication safety to high-volume outpatient pharmacies and central... Read more
Closed System Transfer Device
BD Medical announces that the US FDA has cleared the BD PhaSeal, a closed system transfer device (CSTD) that reduces exposure to hazardous parenteral medications... Read more
Emily Jerry Foundation Warning Logos
To help promote medication safety in pediatric patients, Medi-Dose/EPS has partnered with the Emily Jerry Foundation to incorporate the Blue Angel warning... Read more
High Velocity Anemometer Probe
Kanomax has released a new high velocity probe for the Climomaster series of high-end anemometers that can measure airflow from 20 to 9,840 feet per minute... Read more
Isolator for Cytotoxic Preparation
The ISOCYT-FREJA from Getinge is a compact isolator for preparation of cytotoxic products in hospital pharmacies. The steel and glass construction and... Read more
Pharmacy Mop
The QuicKlean mop with MicroGenesis from Contec is light and easy to maneuver, with a mop head frame of durable, autoclavable plastic. The MicroGenesis... Read more
Pneumatic Tube Bar Code Tracking Software
Pevco Link Touch Control with bar code tracking makes sending and tracking pharmaceuticals in a pneumatic tube system quick and safe. Users can track items... Read more
Vial Stands
Health Care Logistics introduces Easy Read Vial Stands, tray organizers with silicone grippers to hold vials, tubes, and syringes at an angle and keep... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring
Vaisala launches a new wireless version of its Continuous Monitoring System that allows wireless monitoring, alarming, and reporting of temperature, relative... Read more

March 2013

Analytics Software for ADCs
Pandora analytics from Omnicell is a vendor-neutral application that provides pharmacists and nurse managers visibility into medication and supply ADCs,... Read more
Contract Pharmacy
The AutoSplit Contract Pharmacy from Talyst is a program that allows covered entities to benefit from hospital scripts dispensed at retail pharmacies.... Read more
Imprinted Shrink Bands
ShrinkSafe Bands from Medi-Dose/EPS now include five new sizes and are imprinted with the warning \"SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION\". The bands are designed... Read more
Infusion Dashboard
The Alaris Infusion Viewer for Pharmacy Logistics from CareFusion is a web-based dashboard that provides near real-time status of all infusions using the... Read more
Protonix IV for Injection
Protonix IV for Injection (pantoprazole sodium for injection)—part of Pfizer\'s portfolio of injectable solutions—is available in packs of... Read more
Slatwall Panels
Hamilton Sorter modularCaseworks introduces slatwall panels to its line of modular casework for the outpatient pharmacy. The wood laminate slatwall panels... Read more
Sterile Saturated Wipes
VAI offers sterile wipes for deactivation of most hazardous drugs from BSCs and isolators in an ISO 5 work area. Veltek\'s HYPO-CHLOR 5.25% sterile saturated... Read more
Topical Anesthesia Kit
LETS KIT from Fagron is a solution of lidocaine, epinephrine, tetracaine, and sodium metabisulfite, and provides rapid topical anesthesia without the use... Read more
Upgrade to Temperature Monitoring Services
CAS DataLoggers and T&D announce a new upgrade to T&D wireless dataloggers, adding read-only permission to the WebStorage service allowing an administrator... Read more

February 2013

Automated Dispensing Cabinet
The AcuDose-Rx automated dispensing cabinet from McKesson allows nurses to easily access the medications they need with an easy-to-use, intuitive workflow... Read more
Compact Robotic Storage and Dispensing System
The Rowa Vmax from CareFusion is a robotic compact storage and dispensing system offering an efficient stock-management solution for a hospital\'s central... Read more
Fixed-Mount Bar Code Scanner
The FM-5 bar code and machine vision scanner from JADAK is a fixed-mount camera scanner featuring a dual-purpose sensor that allows scanning in both color... Read more
IV and Filtration Accessories
Medi-Dose/EPS introduces several new products to its filtration and IV accessory line, including the Dispensing-Spike II, which reduces coring and transference... Read more
Levetiracetam Injection
Hospira announces the launch of Levetiracetam Injection available in a 5 mL single-use vial (NDC #0409-1886-02), an extension to Hospira\'s current injectable... Read more
Mobile Medication Tracking and Transport System
Metro announces the Flo 1770Rx with SecureRx Med Module designed to improve clinician workflow, medication security, and visibility in support of a closed-loop... Read more
Mobile Point-of-Sale Printer with Bluetooth
Epson announces the Mobilink P60 thermal printer available with Bluetooth connectivity for iOS mobile operating systems. Available in both receipt and... Read more
Modular Power Pack
Veracity Group Inc announces a new slide-in-slide-out replaceable modular power pack for its VersaFridge. The modular power pack allows the user to simply... Read more
Mountable Storage Shelves
Akro-Mils introduces the AkroShelf, a wall-mountable shelf accessory that attaches to Akro-Mils louvered hanging systems. The easily installed AkroShelf... Read more
Oral Suspending Vehicles
SyrSpend SF, Fagron\'s family of oral suspending vehicles, provides unique vehicles that are sugar-, alcohol-, gluten-, and dye-free. These oral suspensions... Read more
Pre-Saturated and Dry Wipes
Lint-free wipes from Health Care Logistics are ideal for cleaning pharmacy equipment, medical instruments, cleanroom surfaces, and more. They ensure a... Read more
Temperature Data Logger
The waterproof 2c\\temp-USB from Marathon Products is a versatile data logger with an 8k-memory and three-year battery life. Enabling temperature monitoring... Read more

January 2013

Automated Medication Dispensing System
The McKesson ROBOT-Rx automates dispensing for pharmacy, including odd form medications, with increased throughput and greater dose and line item capacity.... Read more
Cleanroom Cleaner and Disinfectant
TexQ disinfectant from Texwipe is a quaternary ammonium compound solution and one-step cleaner and disinfectant effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria,... Read more
Plastic Storage Bags
Health Care Logistics offers pre-printed plastic bags, ideal for drug storage, dispensing, supply management, and product protection in drawers and crash... Read more
Undercounter Refrigerators and Freezers
Helmer\'s Horizon Series and i.Series undercounter refrigerators and freezers are available in ADA-compatible models. These models, designed to fit under... Read more
Wireless Monitoring Software
TempTrak by Cooper-Atkins announces the release of its wireless monitoring software version 5.0, which includes customizable viewing options, scheduled... Read more
Workflow Management Software
Innovation announces updates to its workflow management software system for pharmacy fulfillment--PharmASSIST Symphony. The new version offers numerous... Read more

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