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December 2021

Environmental Monitoring Offerings
Rees Scientific offers a USP <797>, USP <800>, and FDA compliant continuous environmental monitoring system. Services include CDC compliant... Read more
Outsourced Compounding Services
OurPharma is a DEA- and FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facility that can address the need for compounded medications that are in short supply across the... Read more
Temsirolimus Injection
Fresenius Kabi releases temsirolimus injection supplied as a kit with one vial of 25 mg/mL temsirolimus solution and one vial of diluent. Temsirolimus... Read more
IV Bags
Douglas Medical Products provides the EcoFLX line of PVC-free IV bags, fully stocked in all sizes. The EcoFLX line is sterile and biocompatibility tested.... Read more

November 2021

IV Administration Sets
B. Braun introduces the new CARESAFE IV administration sets with an optional AirStop component. The IV sets are not made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC)... Read more
Unit Dose Storage and Dispensing System
Presented by Pharmyx Automation, the Pharmyx CP is a unit dose storage and dispensing system that loads its own inventory, dispenses its own medications,... Read more
USP <800> and NIOSH Consulting
WMSS PharmEcology offers an initial assessment of risk for USP <800> and NIOSH 2020 reviews. Following the submission of a health system’s... Read more
Returns Solutions
McKesson Corporation launches Rapid Returns Solution to help health systems increase the amount of credit received for returned pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter... Read more
Wireless Monitoring
VaiNet wireless monitoring, offered by Vaisala, is designed to penetrate concrete walls and metal structures, eliminating the need for signal amplifiers.... Read more
Mobile Automated Medication Tray Management
MedEx TraySafe Mobile by Inmar is an automated medication tray management solution that helps hospital staff to process medication trays via the use of... Read more
Contamination Control Instrument Series
Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) announces the new PRO Series, a portfolio of complete contamination monitoring instruments. All of the products from the... Read more
Outsourcing Compounder Verification
LDT Health Solutions offers LDT-CV, a compounder verification program. The program provides annual and independent quality reports addressing prevailing... Read more

October 2021

Generic TobraDex
Amneal Pharmaceuticals releases dexamethasone and tobramycin ophthalmic suspension 0.3%/0.1% following US FDA approval. Dexamethasone and tobramycin ophthalmic... Read more
Specialty Pharmacy Technology Platform
Trellis Rx, a specialty pharmacy services provider, announces an advanced specialty pharmacy technology platform, allowing pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons... Read more
Controlled Substance Waste Verification
PharmID offers WasteWitness, a controlled substance waste verification platform that allows the user to securely close the medication lifecycle in under... Read more
Website Redesign
Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces a new design for the website The newly designed site offers ease of navigation and provides content... Read more
Pharmacy Podcast
Lindsey Amerine, PharmD, MS, BCPS, FASHP, announces the launch of her podcast series, Unscripted. Authentic conversations between Amerine and her guests... Read more

September 2021

Active Air Viable Particle Counter
Particle Measuring Systems offers the MiniCapt Mobile active air viable particle counter to help meet USP <797> guidelines. Offering three flow rates... Read more
Support for Drug Diversion Programs
Kit Check deploys Kit Check Professional Services (KCPS), a customizable suite of services designed to help hospitals optimize their drug diversion programs... Read more
Ready-to-Use Heparin Sodium in Sodium Chloride Injection
Fresenius Kabi introduces two presentations of heparin sodium in ready-to-administer IV bags. The heparin sodium in sodium chloride injection at a concentration... Read more
Female Luer Lock Caps
MedSafety Solutions expands its product line to include the Female Luer Lock Cap. The lock cap provides contaminant protection, sterility, and efficacy;... Read more
Reusable High Alert Medication Transport Bags
Maxpert Medical releases reusable printed medication transport bags with high alert medication messages, designed to transport high alert or look-alike/sound-alike... Read more
Continuing Education Platform
A partnership between TRC Healthcare, the authors of Pharmacist’s Letter, and Grifols inclusiv has been made to produce recent and relevant on demand... Read more
Compact Half Module Medication Management System
3AM Technologies presents a new option available with the ServeRx medication management system: the Half Module unit. This addition to the ServeRx line... Read more
Icosapent Ethyl Capsules
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories launches icosapent ethyl capsules, 1 gram, US FDA approved, as an adjunct to diet to reduce triglyceride (TG) levels in... Read more
RFID Embedded Tamper Evident Caps
Prep-Lock Tamper Evident Caps from IMI utilize safeguards to ensure medication safety. Now equipped with RFID technology, these devices serialize every... Read more
Vented Storage Cabinets for HD Storage
TBJ Incorporated offers a variety of vented hazardous drug (HD) storage cabinets to assist in compliance with USP <800> guidelines. Cabinets can... Read more

July 2021

Environmental Monitoring Systems
Rees Scientific provides CDC compliant environmental monitoring to support the COVID-19 vaccination effort while meeting standards for USP <797>,... Read more
PPE Dispenser
Shoe Cover Magic delivers a hands-free 3-step system for the safe, clean, and efficient application of shoe covers in HD handling areas. Designed to provide... Read more
Modular Compounding Cleanroom
Aseptic Enclosures offers mobile compounding cleanrooms available in temporary and permanent options. The cleanrooms are fully furnished, economical, and... Read more
Ertapenem for Injection
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories launches ertapenem for injection, 1 g/vial, a therapeutic equivalent generic version of Invanz (ertapenem for injection)... Read more
Pharmacy Medication Dispensing Service
Omnicell offers a pharmacy care delivery model through Autonomous Pharmacy, a combination of hardware, software, and services that enable providers to... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Software
STANLEY Healthcare’s wireless Environmental Monitoring solution has a new user interface (UI). It is designed to simplify temperature monitoring... Read more

June 2021

Automated Pharmacy Storage System
Swisslog Healthcare’s BoxPicker automated pharmacy storage system is part of an end-to-end integrated solution of equipment and software that controls... Read more
Generic Alternative
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories launches sapropterin dihydrochloride powder for oral solution, 100 mg, a therapeutic equivalent generic version of Kuvan... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring
Comark Instruments announces the RF400 WiFi Temperature Monitoring System. Comprising a range of temperature logging devices, the system connects via WiFi... Read more
Modular Lab Furniture Systems
HEMCO Corporation launches the UniLine furniture line, with offerings including base cabinets, wall cabinets, countertops, sinks, fixtures, base tables,... Read more
Unit-Dose Syringes
Safecor Health provides repackaging medication services in amber NeoMed ENFit syringes. Syringe sizes include 0.5 mL, 1 mL, 3 mL, 6 mL, 12 mL, 20 mL, and... Read more
Ultra-low Mini Freezer
NuAire presents the Blizzard HC (Hydro-Carbon) NU-99100J -86°C ultra-low mini-freezer, which offers a 100L capacity, fits under standard counters,... Read more
Remote Particle Counter
The IsoAir Pro-Plus Remote Particle Counter from Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) incorporates multiple cleanroom monitoring technologies into one instrument... Read more
Modular Pharmacy Fixtures
The Let’s Get Rolling (LGR) line from Coshatt Company consists of mobile and modular pharmacy fixtures that have the ability to be moved or reconfigured... Read more
Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
SmartScan Technologies, a division of CIMTechniques Inc, releases the SmartScan systems, an easily customizable line of temperature monitoring systems.... Read more

May 2021

IV Bag Outsourcing Platform
Fagron Sterile Services, a 503B outsourcing company, expands its offerings to include intravenous (IV) bags. The first products to be made available are... Read more
eLearning for Inventory Management Software
Swisslog Healthcare offers Pharmacy Manager, a medication inventory management software for growing health systems. Pharmacy Manager is designed to optimize... Read more
RFID Embedded Tags
Fresenius Kabi introduces smart labels for a range of products, including Diprivan (propofol) 200 mg per 20 mL (10 mg per mL) Injectable Emulsion, USP.... Read more

April 2021

Vaccine Storage Temperature Monitoring
Primex announces its OneVue Sense temperature sensor and automated monitoring platform which can help with the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. The OneVue... Read more
Unit Dose Oral Loperamide Hcl
Precision Dose, Inc. releases loperamide hydrochloride oral solution in 1 mg/7.5 mL and 2 mg/15 mL prefilled unit dose cups. Each mint flavored standard... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Alarm System
Hampshire Controls Corporation offers the MPS multi-probe alarm system for temperature monitoring. Accepting 2 to 8 sensors, the MPS can monitor and display... Read more
Dual Option Pill Crusher
Maxpert Medical presents the MAXGRIND Lite, a pill crusher offering two methods of use. Utilizing a simple crushing and grinding operation similar to that... Read more
Vaccine Distribution Software
RxWorks Pro SiteLINK from ARxIUM automates vaccine orders from off-site locations to streamline the process of vaccine ordering and delivering. With the... Read more
Remote Particle Counter
The IsoAir Pro-E Remote Particle Counter from Particle Measuring Systems aims to streamline cleanroom monitoring. While meeting global regulations including... Read more
Investigational Drug Software Integration
Endpoint Clinical and McCreadie Group are collaborating to increase study product accountability transparency for study sponsors, reduce site burdens associated... Read more
Antimicrobial Stewardship Solution
Wolters Kluwer announces the integration of DoseMeRx, a Tabula Rasa Healthcare precision dosing solution, with Sentri7’s Antimicrobial Stewardship... Read more
Mobile Compounding Cleanroom
Lasco Services offers the Mobile Biopod, a fully functioning, USP compliant compounding cleanroom in a self-contained portable structure. The biopod meets... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Kits for Vaccines
CAS Dataloggers releases four temperature monitoring kits specifically designed for the ultra-cold temperatures of the COVID-19 vaccine applications. With... Read more

March 2021

Diversion Software
ANiGENT, a company formed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, launches a drug diversion prevention platform called MAAP Analytics. Through the use of machine... Read more
Isolation Pod
Simplex introduces the Surge Isolation Pod, a solution to isolate patients while protecting health care personnel from airborne infectious diseases. The... Read more
Automated Pharmacy Storage System
Swisslog Healthcare’s BoxPicker automated pharmacy storage system is part of an end-to-end integrated solution of equipment and software that controls... Read more
Wireless Ultra-Low Temperature Monitoring
The Sentinel monitoring system from Sensaphone can help maintain strict, ultra-cold storage temperature requirements. When paired with Sensaphone’s... Read more
Dimethyl Fumarate Delayed-Release Capsules
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories announces the launch of dimethyl fumarate delayed-release capsules, a therapeutic equivalent generic version of Tecfidera... Read more
Wipe Sampling Kit
American Analytics offers the SafeChemo Kit for the detection and quantification of HDs on surfaces to help achieve and maintain USP <800> compliance.... Read more
RFID Enabled Epinephrine Kit
Focus Health Group announces the availability of epinephrine professional convenience kits with RFID product labels, enabling users to administer epinephrine... Read more
Microbial Monitoring Instrument with Antibacterial Housing
The MiniCapt Mobile microbial air sampler with a new antibacterial housing from Particle Measuring Systems leverages antimicrobial design and materials... Read more
Generic Abiraterone Acetate Tablets, USP, 500 mg
Amneal Pharmaceuticals releases abiraterone acetate tablets, USP, 250 mg and 500 mg following FDA approval of Amneal’s Abbreviated New Drug Application... Read more
PPE Storage Cart
The PPE Supply Cart from RxShelving is a mobile storage solution for all varieties of PPE supplies. With six clearly labeled drawers indicating convenient... Read more
Liquid Filled Temperature Monitors
ThermaProx launches a patented liquid-filled temperature indicator system. Rather than measuring ambient temperatures, ThermaProx is capable of being filled... Read more
Embedded RFID Tags
Partnering with Kit Check, SCA Pharma adds an embedded RFID tag to all of its products. Through the use of Kit Check technology, SCA Pharma seeks to improve... Read more

February 2021

Unit Dose Liquid Packaging Solution
Medical Packaging Inc, LLC (MPI) deploys the Fluidose Series 6, an automated bar coding packaging solution for unit dose oral liquid medication. New design... Read more
Billing for COVID-19 Testing
Change Healthcare introduces MedRx, a claims billing and consumer engagement solution that allows pharmacies to process and receive reimbursement for COVID-19... Read more
Generic Alternatives
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories launches two generic alternatives: penicillamine capsules USP, 250 mg, a therapeutic equivalent generic version of Cuprimine... Read more
Waste Verification Platform
WasteWitness, a controlled substance waste verification platform by PharmID, ensures safety for health care workers and patients by closing the medication... Read more
Increase in Copay Assistance for IG Therapy
Grifols announces an increase in copay assistance for Xembify (immune globulin subcutaneous human-klhw), a 20% subcutaneous immunoglobulin therapy for... Read more
Environmental Monitoring System
The Tensor monitor, by Power Monitors, aims to increase compliance within controlled environments. The monitor tracks temperature, humidity, barometric... Read more
Software Updates for Repackaging Machines
Euclid Medical Products announces updates to its Vantage bar code labeling software for all Euclid packaging systems. The software now includes access... Read more
RFID Tagging
QuVa Pharma expands its partnership with Kit Check to increase its portfolio of products with embedded RFID tags. Embedded RFID tags allow users to add... Read more
Thermal Packaging For COVID-19 Vaccines
Cold Chain Technologies (CCT), a supplier of specialty thermal packaging for the storage and transfer of COVID-19 vaccines, recently opened a new facility... Read more
Advanced Certification for Pharmacy Technicians
The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) launches its Advanced Certified Pharmacy Technician credential. Certified pharmacy technicians... Read more

January 2021

Sterile Topical LET Gel
Fagron Sterile Services launches a sterile topical anesthetic LET gel produced at scale through cGMP compliant operations. A topical anesthetic consisting... Read more
Inventory Management Software
ARxIUM offers RxWorks Pro, an inventory management application, to provide readily available quantity on hand (QOH) data during the COVID-19 crisis. Health... Read more
MedKeeper Acquisition
Grifols has acquired the remaining share of Goetech LLC (trade name MedKeeper), which develops and commercializes mobile and Web-based technology solutions.... Read more
Tamper-Evident IV Bag Port Seals
Steri-Tamp offers USP <800> and ISMP specific tamper-evident IV bag port seals to accommodate compliant labeling while minimizing label fatigue in... Read more
340B Resources
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services offers resources to help covered entities comply with 340B statutes, policies, and guidance. The CPS 340B Solutions team... Read more
Robotic Delivery System
Swisslog Healthcare releases a meds-to-beds pilot program that combines Swisslog Delivery Manager medication tracking software, Savioke Relay delivery... Read more
Temperature Monitor
Hampshire Controls offers the fourth generation of its single probe temperature monitors, which cover a temperature range of -200°C to 400°C, utilizing... Read more
RTA Intravenous Dexamethasone
QuVa Pharma provides dexamethasone phosphate as a compounded sterile product in a ready-to-administer IV bag, now available for order under FDA Drug Shortage... Read more
Liquid Unit Dose Packaging Machine
The Atomic liquid unit dose packaging machine from Euclid Medical Products provides increased efficiency in managing inventory and filling prescriptions.... Read more

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