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May 2014
Volume: 11 Number: 5
Articles: 14

Unit-dose Packaging Options
pg. 1
Making a Positive Impact Every Day
pg. 2
Lean Methods to Improve Medication Reconciliation
pg. 8
Optimizing Medication Inventory through Consolidation
pg. 14
New at ASHP
pg. 16
Hazardous Drug Training in a Small Hospital
pg. 22
USP Chapter <797> Consultants
pg. 26
What are the Risks of Reusing Metered-Dose Inhalers?
pg. 28
Unit Dose Market Watch
pg. 30
Maximize Use of Pre-Packaged Unit-Dose Products
pg. 34
New Proposed USP <800>: Hazardous Drugs Handling
pg. 40
Open Architecture Design Considerations in the Cleanroom
pg. 44
New & Noteworthy
pg. 48
Waste Management Inspection Trends
New & Noteworthy

Equashield\'s new SU-1 is a 1-mL closed system transfer device (CSTD) syringe that offers hazardous drug protection in pediatric oncology settings, where ... read more

Follett Corporation introduces a CDC-compliant digital data logger to use with medical-grade refrigerators and freezers for the storage of vaccines and ... read more

The Pharma-Comb Single Wrap (SW) label from Schreiner MediPharm is a new, cost-effective label that helps reduce parenteral dispensing errors. The label ... read more

The INTEGRA 9580 from Label Vision Systems is a handheld linear (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) bar code verifier. The verifier is a high performance handheld ... read more

The 3887 handheld particle counter from Kanomax is an economical tool for spot checks in particle-sensitive areas. The counter is pre-programmed with ISO ... read more

Atreo Services introduces a line of durable liners and insert options designed and molded to fit most common brand-name 4-inch and 6-inch hospital pneumatic ... read more

Hardy Diagnostics, an FDA-licensed and ISO-certified biomedical manufacturer, announces HardyVAL Media-Fill Test Kits for USP <797> compliance testing ... read more

Hamilton Sorter modularCaseworks introduces an innovative tool for the pharmacy design process. Pharmacy design specialists, dealers, and architects now ... read more

Health Care Logistics introduces its free online labeling program,, which offers quick, convenient pharmacy label printing using a desktop ... read more

PeridoxRTU from Contec is a broad-spectrum, EPA-registered sporicide, bactericide, virucide, tuberculocide, and fungicide one-step disinfectant and hard ... read more

ISO-MED announces ISOA16, a new addition to their USP <797>-compliant line of products. The product is 70% sterile alcohol in 16-oz trigger spray ... read more

Spacesaver has developed the ActivRAC 7M-SS, a stainless steel storage system that provides more storage capacity in sterile supply rooms. With the carriage ... read more

CAS Dataloggers announces the new Accsense Temperature Monitoring Kit for temperature monitoring and alarming in hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. With ... read more

Safecor Health launches its regulatory-compliant Custom C-II Packaging Program to address the critical pharmacy operational need for commercial unit-dosed ... read more

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