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May 2015
Volume: 12 Number: 5
Articles: 15

pg. 3
Breathe New Life Into Powerful Technologies
pg. 4
Using Lean Principles to Optimize ADC Stock
pg. 8
Standardizing Chemotherapy Orders for CPOE
pg. 12
Pharmacy and Nursing Collaborate on CSTD Training
pg. 18
Reducing Waste with Dose-Rounding Protocols
pg. 22
Safety Games: Nice Catch!
pg. 26
Boosting Scanning Rates of BCMA
pg. 34
Reducing IV Compounding Errors at a Pediatric Hospital
pg. 38
Smart Pumps
pg. 42
340B Management Tips for Hospitals
pg. 44
USP Chapter <797> Consultants
pg. 48
Provide Patient-Centric Care via Unit-Based Pharmacy
pg. 50
New at ASHP
pg. 52
BoxPicker by Swisslog
pg. 54
New & Noteworthy
New & Noteworthy

CleanAir Solutions offers a room-in-a-room solution for USP <797> or USP <800> compliance without the need to upgrade the building. Cleanroom ... read more

Asolva's do-it-yourself database application builder, AuditBee, allows the building of medication reconciliation, antimicrobial stewardship, and intervention ... read more

Metro introduces the Starsys Emergency Department Overflow Cart, which improves the speed of care by combining the storage capacity of a supply cart with ... read more

BioMedQC offers a new laboratory service to the sterile product compounding industry. VeriGrow provides independent proof that the media staff transferred ... read more

First Databank (FDB) and Polyglot Systems announce a partnership to improve medication adherence among high-risk individuals (eg, those with low health ... read more

Ready-to-use sterile cleaning products from Health Care Logistics help pharmacy professionals maintain a clean, sterile medical environment, free of contaminants ... read more

Spellex announces the release of the Spellex Medical Spell Checker for Android. This app allows users to simultaneously spell-check medical terms and common ... read more

Pharma-Hol from Acute Care Pharmaceuticals is a low endotoxin, 70% IPA/30% USP WFI cleaner that removes many surface contaminants and can be used for disinfecting ... read more

TempTrak by Cooper-Atkins now offers users the option to have their TempTrak application hosted. A hosted solution reduces start-up entry costs and reduces ... read more

USP announces a new publication, the USP Compounding Compendium, a complete, yet focused, electronic compendium of United States Pharmacopeia—National ... read more

Avancen announces its oral PCA device, MOD (Medication On Demand), is now wireless. MODtrak software enables device programming and data tracking on any ... read more

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