November 2010

New & Noteworthy

ADC Management Software

The Pyxis Control Center, a software and server from CareFusion, enables a hospital pharmacy to administer all of their Pyxis MedStation and Pyxis SupplyStation... Read more

Bar Code Scanner

The flexpoint HS-1M handheld bar code scanner from JADAK is designed specifically for healthcare applications. Developed with input from nurses and other... Read more

Checklist Information Management

Pharmacy OneSource announces the launch of VeriForm, a checklist management system that helps hospital pharmacies document and report on compliance and... Read more

Cleanroom Mop

The TruClean cleanroom mop from Perfex is constructed of continuously woven polyester fabric, individually packaged, and laundered in a class 100 cleanroom... Read more

Cleanroom Pass-thru Unit

Liberty Industries announces its new PureSeal Pass Thru unit for hospital pharmacy cleanrooms. The unit is constructed of electropolished 304 stainless... Read more

Cleanroom Wipes

Blue Thunder Technologies introduces its Ulti- mate 5 wipes for use in cleanrooms. The wipe material is antistatic and extremely low in particle generation... Read more

Compact Robot Dispenser

Kirby Lester’s new compact, fully automated KL60 robotic dispensing system is capable of dispensing a wide range of prescription volumes... Read more

Compounding Aseptic Isolator

The Isoclean line of compounding aseptic isolators from Esco provide a safe and clean environment for compounding sterile drug preparations and IV admixtures... Read more

Cytotoxic Product Packaging for Exposure Control

Hospira introduces its Onco-Tain vial for cytotoxic products to help protect medical personnel from the risk of exposure to hazardous drugs. Each Onco-Tain... Read more

Data Logging Software

CAS Data Loggers announces the release of dEX for its dataTaker DT8x line of data loggers. A Web-based software package, dEX will configure, monitor, and... Read more

Destruction Services for Pharmaceuticals

Veolia ES Technical Solutions introduces its assured destruction services for unused and out-of-date pharmaceuticals. Two trained technicians will arrive... Read more

Electronic Prescription Management System

DrFirst introduces Rcopia, an electronic prescription management system that helps in- crease patient safety and organize pharmacy services. Offering the... Read more

Evaluation Tools to Measure Pharmacy Math Skills

CriticalPoint announces the launch of two interactive, Web-based pharmacy math skills evaluation tools. The interactive tools can be used for pre-employment... Read more

Hand Hygiene Compliance Tool from The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission announces the launch of its Targeted Solutions Tool (TST) for Commission-accredited hospitals. The TST will feature targeted solutions... Read more

Humidity Tracking

Freshloc Technologies introduces its humidity logger that stores humidity points for more than three days, with 83 hours of information automatically retrievable... Read more

Medication Delivery

Baxter provides FLEXBUMIN, its human albumin solution, in a flexible, lightweight plastic container—the GALAXY system. FLEXBUMIN and... Read more

Medication Dispensing

Medi-Dose/EPS announces its new E-Z Grad Bottles to assist in the preparation and packaging of pharmaceutical products. Available in green or amber, the... Read more

Mobile Medication System

The Savvy mobile medication system from Omnicell can help facilities build a comprehensive medication management solution. Savvy is a key component of... Read more

Patient Safety

B. Braun Medical announces its alliance with NeoMed, Inc—a manufacturer of neonatal medical devices. The partnership, consisting of... Read more

Pharmaceutical Transport

Eco Coolers from Attentus Medical provide secure packaging for temperature sensitive products when in transit. The cooler’s smooth individual... Read more

Pharmacy Cabinets and Casework

Health Care Logistics (HCL) announces its cabinet division offering in-stock and custom cabinets for the hospital pharmacy. Whether redesigning an entire... Read more

Pharmacy Inventory Management

Talyst announces improvements to its AutoPharm3 software platform, which manages pharmacy inventory from arrival to delivery. It works throughout the facility,... Read more

Prepackaged Drug Dispensing System

The PROmanager-Rx system from McKesson enables hospitals to fully automate the dispens- ing, storage, and restocking of tablets, capsules, and other oral... Read more

Ready-to-Use IV Bags

Samson announces the availability of Cefuroxime for injection in SmartPak pharmacy bulk package bags containing 75 grams each. The SmartPak package consists... Read more

Recycled Wipes

Friendly Green wipes from High-Tech Con- versions are made from post-consumer products. The single-ply wipes are very ab- sorbent, soft, and will not scratch.... Read more

Sterile Pouch-Style Cleanroom Mask

Kimberly-Clark Professional announces its Kimtech Pure M3 Sterile Pouch Facemask, recommended for use in ISO Class 5 or higher cleanrooms. The mask’s... Read more

Sublingual Film

Reckitt Benckiser announces FDA approval of its SUBOXONE film, a sublingual film (CIII) used to treat opioid dependence. SUBOXONE film dissolves completely... Read more

Temperature Monitoring Interface

Helmer introduces its i.C3, a modular temperature monitoring interface that offers constant monitoring and multiple information logs with historical information.... Read more

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

The Tutela Web-based subscription monitoring service from Next Control Systems automatically records sample and room temperatures, humidity, air pressure,... Read more

Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Upgrade

Isensix announces the release of version 2.0 of its Advanced Remote Monitoring System (ARMS) software. The Web-based wireless monitoring and alert system... Read more

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