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December 2010

2011 STAR Center Course Schedule
Baxa announces the 2011 class schedule dates for its STAR (Skills Training, Academics, and Resources) Center, located in Englewood, Colorado. The ACPE-accredited... Read more
Automated Revenue Integrity System
Craneware announces the release of ChargeLink Version 3, its solution to help healthcare organizations integrate their pharmacy spend information with... Read more
Bar Code Verification
Omnicell announces a partnership with RxScan to provide pharmacists the ability to perform pick verification for both technicians and pharmacists during... Read more
Biological Safety Cabinets
NuAire announces its CellGard ES Class II, Type A2 biological safety cabinets, which aid in decontamination techniques. In the event users do not have... Read more
Clinical Surveillance Tool Upgrade
Pharmacy OneSource announces several new improvements to Sentri7, its Web-based, enterprise-wide electronic surveillance, documentation, and reporting... Read more
Controlled Substance Management System
The Pyxis CII Safe system from CareFusion can help your pharmacy comply with regulatory requirements and improve controlled substance safety by securing,... Read more
Labels for Hard-to-Scan Containers
Medi-Dose/EPS announces its new LiquiDose square labels to assist bar-coded systems with medication identification. By turning the label 90 degrees, scanning... Read more
LCD Temperature Data Logging
Marathon introduces its microDL, multi-use programmable data logger for displaying and recording temperatures for pharmacy shipping and storage applications.... Read more
New Pharmacy Solutions Web Site
Smith Medical Partners, a subsidiary of H.D. Smith focused on specialty pharmaceutical distribution and solutions, announces the launch of its new company... Read more
Ready-to-Use Cefepime
B. Braun Medical announces its FDA-approved 1 g and 2 g Cefepime for Injection USP and Dextrose Injection USP is available in the DUPLEX drug delivery... Read more
Shoe Covers
Qosina introduces its shoe covers with a non- skid sole, available in blue or white. These shoe covers help prevent both environmental contamination from... Read more

November 2010

ADC Management Software
The Pyxis Control Center, a software and server from CareFusion, enables a hospital pharmacy to administer all of their Pyxis MedStation and Pyxis SupplyStation... Read more
Bar Code Scanner
The flexpoint HS-1M handheld bar code scanner from JADAK is designed specifically for healthcare applications. Developed with input from nurses and other... Read more
Checklist Information Management
Pharmacy OneSource announces the launch of VeriForm, a checklist management system that helps hospital pharmacies document and report on compliance and... Read more
Cleanroom Mop
The TruClean cleanroom mop from Perfex is constructed of continuously woven polyester fabric, individually packaged, and laundered in a class 100 cleanroom... Read more
Cleanroom Pass-thru Unit
Liberty Industries announces its new PureSeal Pass Thru unit for hospital pharmacy cleanrooms. The unit is constructed of electropolished 304 stainless... Read more
Cleanroom Wipes
Blue Thunder Technologies introduces its Ulti- mate 5 wipes for use in cleanrooms. The wipe material is antistatic and extremely low in particle generation... Read more
Compact Robot Dispenser
Kirby Lester’s new compact, fully automated KL60 robotic dispensing system is capable of dispensing a wide range of prescription volumes... Read more
Compounding Aseptic Isolator
The Isoclean line of compounding aseptic isolators from Esco provide a safe and clean environment for compounding sterile drug preparations and IV admixtures... Read more
Data Logging Software
CAS Data Loggers announces the release of dEX for its dataTaker DT8x line of data loggers. A Web-based software package, dEX will configure, monitor, and... Read more
Destruction Services for Pharmaceuticals
Veolia ES Technical Solutions introduces its assured destruction services for unused and out-of-date pharmaceuticals. Two trained technicians will arrive... Read more
Electronic Prescription Management System
DrFirst introduces Rcopia, an electronic prescription management system that helps in- crease patient safety and organize pharmacy services. Offering the... Read more
Evaluation Tools to Measure Pharmacy Math Skills
CriticalPoint announces the launch of two interactive, Web-based pharmacy math skills evaluation tools. The interactive tools can be used for pre-employment... Read more
Hand Hygiene Compliance Tool from The Joint Commission
The Joint Commission announces the launch of its Targeted Solutions Tool (TST) for Commission-accredited hospitals. The TST will feature targeted solutions... Read more
Humidity Tracking
Freshloc Technologies introduces its humidity logger that stores humidity points for more than three days, with 83 hours of information automatically retrievable... Read more
Medication Delivery
Baxter provides FLEXBUMIN, its human albumin solution, in a flexible, lightweight plastic container—the GALAXY system. FLEXBUMIN and... Read more
Medication Dispensing
Medi-Dose/EPS announces its new E-Z Grad Bottles to assist in the preparation and packaging of pharmaceutical products. Available in green or amber, the... Read more
Mobile Medication System
The Savvy mobile medication system from Omnicell can help facilities build a comprehensive medication management solution. Savvy is a key component of... Read more
Patient Safety
B. Braun Medical announces its alliance with NeoMed, Inc—a manufacturer of neonatal medical devices. The partnership, consisting of... Read more
Pharmaceutical Transport
Eco Coolers from Attentus Medical provide secure packaging for temperature sensitive products when in transit. The cooler’s smooth individual... Read more
Pharmacy Cabinets and Casework
Health Care Logistics (HCL) announces its cabinet division offering in-stock and custom cabinets for the hospital pharmacy. Whether redesigning an entire... Read more
Pharmacy Inventory Management
Talyst announces improvements to its AutoPharm3 software platform, which manages pharmacy inventory from arrival to delivery. It works throughout the facility,... Read more
Prepackaged Drug Dispensing System
The PROmanager-Rx system from McKesson enables hospitals to fully automate the dispens- ing, storage, and restocking of tablets, capsules, and other oral... Read more
Ready-to-Use IV Bags
Samson announces the availability of Cefuroxime for injection in SmartPak pharmacy bulk package bags containing 75 grams each. The SmartPak package consists... Read more
Recycled Wipes
Friendly Green wipes from High-Tech Con- versions are made from post-consumer products. The single-ply wipes are very ab- sorbent, soft, and will not scratch.... Read more
Sterile Pouch-Style Cleanroom Mask
Kimberly-Clark Professional announces its Kimtech Pure M3 Sterile Pouch Facemask, recommended for use in ISO Class 5 or higher cleanrooms. The mask’s... Read more
Sublingual Film
Reckitt Benckiser announces FDA approval of its SUBOXONE film, a sublingual film (CIII) used to treat opioid dependence. SUBOXONE film dissolves completely... Read more
Temperature Monitoring Interface
Helmer introduces its i.C3, a modular temperature monitoring interface that offers constant monitoring and multiple information logs with historical information.... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring
The Tutela Web-based subscription monitoring service from Next Control Systems automatically records sample and room temperatures, humidity, air pressure,... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Upgrade
Isensix announces the release of version 2.0 of its Advanced Remote Monitoring System (ARMS) software. The Web-based wireless monitoring and alert system... Read more

October 2010

Asset Management Module
E-Control Systems announces the release of an Asset Manager Module for its FusionLive wireless temperature monitoring software. The Asset Manager Module... Read more
Automated IV Compounding
McKesson announces the availability of Health Robotics’ CytoCare, an automated system for compounding hazardous IVs used in chemotherapy,... Read more
Biological Safety Cabinet
Labconco introduces its Purifier Logic Class II biosafety cabinets, featuring a built-in, electronically commutated motor programmed to precisely control... Read more
Cleanroom Pass-thru Unit
Liberty Industries introduces its new PureSeal pass-thru unit constructed of electropolished 304 stainless steel with chrome-plated latches and smooth... Read more
Disposable Non-Skid Shoe Covers
Qosina introduces its non-skid shoe covers, available in blue or white. These disposable shoe covers help prevent both environmental contamination from... Read more
Isolator for Radiopharmaceuticals
Germfree introduces its new lead-shielded Radio Rx Isolator for use in radiopharmaceutical applications. Meeting USP <797>, the Radio Rx isolator... Read more
Microbial Contamination Detection
Q.I. Medical introduces GroMed, liquid media for aseptic technique testing and detecting microbial contamination in CSPs. Each glass test tube features... Read more
Modular Pharmacy Storage System
Metro Healthcare announces the redesign of its Starsys modular storage system for health care facilities. New features include integrated molded handles... Read more
Non-latex Nitrile Gloves
Kimberly-Clark Professional announces its Kim- tech Pure G3 Sterile Sterling Nitrile Gloves, offering the sensitivity of latex, without the risk of Type... Read more
Temperature Monitoring for Larger Organizations
Veriteq introduces its viewLinc 3.5 monitoring system designed for larger organizations. Fully validatable for FDA regulated, GxP compliant environments,... Read more

September 2010

Allergy Warning Labels
Medi-Dose, Inc/EPS, Inc announces new peanut and soy allergy warning labels for use with European propofol and other peanut oil-based products. Due to... Read more
Bar Code Labeling Software
Medical Packaging Inc (MPI) announces the availability of its new Pak-EDGE UD bar code labeling software for use with all of MPI’s pharmacy... Read more
Carbon Reduction Certified Human Albumin Container
Baxter highlights its space-saving and easy-to-handle option for human albumin solution that’s also environmentally friendly. Baxter’s... Read more
Compounding Aseptic Isolators
NuAire announces key ergonomic feature updates to its PharmaGard CAI and CACI isolators. The in-work-zone sharps and waste containers can be independently... Read more
H1N1 Vaccine Disposal
Clean Harbors announces that it is offering H1N1 Vaccination Incineration Services that will profile, collect, and dispose of H1N1 vaccines. This service... Read more
Lab Coat for Pharmacy Compounding
Acute Care introduces its latest addition to the Pharma Brand line of USP<797> cleanroom disposables. Pharma-Coats are specifically manufactured... Read more
Narcotic Box
Medicus Health announces the release of its narcotic box with four-digit combination lock. The lock is programmable with 10,000 possible codes, eliminating... Read more
Prescription Fill Trays
Health Care Logistics announces its Rx Fill Trays, available in seven colors. The trays keep prescription components together from arrival to pick up.... Read more
Sentri7 Updates
Pharmacy OneSource announces several new improvements to its Sentri7 Web-based, enterprise-wide electronic surveillance, documentation and reporting application.... Read more
Wireless Infusion Pump Monitor
Infusion-Smart introduces its eponymous software solution that gives basic infusion pumps many of the advantages of smart pumps. Infusion-Smart monitors... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring
Cooper-Atkins announces its new TempTrak Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Version 4.4. This version has multiple enhancements over version 4.3 including... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring
E-Control Systems announces the release of enhancements to its FusionLive Enterprise Server Software with advanced encryption algorithms. Now, all of E-Control... Read more

July 2010

Cytotoxic Handling Training
Covidien introduces its ChemoChek training and certification program to provide participants with self-administered, hands-on training for the techniques... Read more
Disinfecting Mopping System
Perfex introduces its TruCLEAN deluxe disinfection system that comes complete with a 36-liter bucket with casters and stainless steel sieve, waste containment... Read more
Lockable Supply Cabinet
Medicus Health announces the release of its lockable mini pharmacy supply cabinet with clear drawers. The cabinet provides highly visual, secure storage... Read more
Pharmacy Refrigerator
Follett introduces its line of high performance, single-door upright refrigerators that provide energy savings and environmental benefits. Follett’s... Read more
Pill Counting and Verification
Kirby Lester announces enhancements to its KL20 and KL30 counting and verification systems. The KL20n and KL30n (for non-interfaced) are designed to help... Read more
Syringe Infuser
Baxa announces the release of its InFuse T-10 syringe infuser, specifically designed for the delivery of intermittent antibiotics and other non-rate critical... Read more
Temperature Monitoring
Next Control Systems’ Tutela for pharmacies is a Web-based service that automatically records temperatures and generates exception alarms,... Read more

June 2010

Black Box Warnings Study Guide
Black Box Rx announces the release of its Black Box Warnings study guide 2010. The handbook is the first paper version of the black box warning information... Read more
Cardioplegia Solution
Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc (CAPS) announces the launch of its service for the admixture and de- livery of Hibernation Therapeutics’... Read more
Compounding Aseptic Isolators
NuAire announces several updated ergonomic features to its PharmaGard series of compounding aseptic (CAI) and containment (CACI) isolators. Engineered... Read more
Digital Pocket Test Thermometer
Cooper-Atkins introduces its DPS300-01 swivel head, digital pocket test thermometer. The thermometer will now re-start in the °F or °C... Read more
Medication Storage and Delivery Box
Health Care Logistics introduces its medication storage and delivery system. This two-piece system offers a simple, reliable solution for delivering medications... Read more
Online Pharmacy Training
CriticalPoint announces the launch of its latest training module, Fundamental Math Skills for Pharmacy Practice. This interactive, Web- based program teaches... Read more
Oral PCA Device
Avancen introduces its MOD (Medication on Demand) device. The MOD assists in decreasing medication diversion, aids in reporting and auditing, improves... Read more
Pharmaceutical Waste Estimator
Clean Harbors announces its online pharmaceutical waste management estimator for hospitals. The tool provides a menu of service/ cost options and top-line... Read more
Pharmacy Casework and Storage
H.L. Coshatt Company introduces new fixture and furniture lines to its selection of pharmacy casework. Space planners at H.L. Coshatt have experience designing... Read more
Presaturated Cleanroom Wipes
Contec introduces its sterile PROSAT presatu- rated cleanroom wipes made with single-ply and laminated polyester knits. The wipe is soft, non-abrasive,... Read more
Telepharmacy Dose Management
Envision Telepharmacy announces the release- to-manufacturing of its Pharm-Q In the Hood (Pharm-Q ITH) system, an integrated pharmacy workflow management... Read more
Temperature Validation System
Veriteq Instruments introduces vLog 4.3, its latest temperature validation system. The vLog 4.3 software permits automated and user- positioned limit lines... Read more
Workflow Management System
Baxa announces the release of a new feature for its DoseEdge pharmacy workflow management system. The upgrades include mobile dose tracking, more pharmacist... Read more

May 2010

Automated Dispensing Narcotics Safe
Innovation introduces its PharmaSafe+, an au- tomated prescription-dispensing narcotics safe that stores, secures, and manages narcotics and other high-theft... Read more
Cleanroom Mats
Connecticut Clean Room Corporation (CCRC) introduces its Pur-Comfort anti-fatigue mat specially designed to prevent fatigue in con- trolled environments.... Read more
Clinical Intervention System
Asolva announces the release of version 2 of the Medici intervention system for clinical pharmacists. Medici incorporates patient surveillance technology... Read more
Compact Robotic Dispenser
Kirby Lester’s new KL60 is the automation industry’s first compact robotic dispensing system. The KL60 handles the... Read more
Medical-Grade Refrigerators and Freezers
Veracity Group introduces its VersaFridge under-counter refrigerator and freezer line. A new “slide-in/slide-out” replaceable... Read more
New Unit Dose Products
American Health Packaging announces the launch of additional SKUs to its growing unit dose line. The most recent additions are Indomethacin 75 mg ER capsule... Read more
Online Pharmacist Community
Pharmacy OneSource announces new online features for its Web community, Features include improved interactive discussion... Read more
Pharmaceutical Waste Solution
PharmWaste Technologies introduces its Shiptastic Web-based pharmaceutical waste transportation management system. Shiptastic en- sures DOT compliance... Read more
Point-of-Sale Solution
Emporos announces its e2 SaaS-supported point of sale (POS) solution. This cross-plat- form POS system can be run in outpatient pharmacies and offers seamless... Read more
Pre-Filled Small Volume Oral Syringes
PrecisionDose announces the release of its third pre-filled small volume oral syringe (SVS). All pre-filled SVSs are directed towards the infant and small-child... Read more
Wireless Temperature Monitoring
Cooper-Atkins announces the launch of version 4.4 of its TempTrak wireless temperature monitoring system. Version 4.4 has multiple advantages and enhancements... Read more

April 2010

Bar Code Scanner
Axicon announces the launch of its 12000 2D verifier for Datamatrix and other 2D codes. Conforming to all the latest ISO, GS1, and pharmaceutical standards,... Read more
Clinical Decision Support
PEPID introduces its Portal Extensions, a technology that can integrate PEPID’s content into existing health care portals or Web sites,... Read more
Closed System Transfer Devices
ICU Medical introduces its proprietary, disposable medical products for IV therapy applications. Built on needle-free connector technologies such as the... Read more
Color Label Printer
Epson introduces its SecurColor inkjet printer, delivering flexible color printing on demand. SecurColor prints custom, color-coded prescrip- tion labels,... Read more
E-Prescribing for Oncology
IntelliDose, IntrinsiQ’s clinical chemotherapy management system, is launching IntelliScribe, which will help providers use IntelliDose... Read more
Electronic Prescription Management
DrFirst introduces its Rcopia standalone elec- tronic prescription management system. Rcopia allows pharmacies to streamline their back office business... Read more
H1N1 Vaccine Disposal Guidelines
PharmEcology, part of WM Healthcare Solutions, introduces a summary of the disposal considerations for the various H1N1 vaccines currently on the market.... Read more
Pharmaceutical Waste Services
Clean Harbors introduces its custom-designed pharmaceutical waste management and removal programs for hospitals and other health care facilities. The solution... Read more
Pharmacy Refrigerator
Helmer announces the launch of its Scientific Series undercounter refrigerator. These units can be placed under the counter, used freestanding, or be stacked,... Read more
Subcutaneous Fluid Administration
Baxter introduces HYLENEX, an FDA-approved human recombinant hyaluronidase for subcutaneous fluid administration in pediatrics patients. Unlike IV administration,... Read more
Tamper-Evident Cap for Oral Dispensers
Complementing its line of TampAlerT tamper- evident syringe caps for luer lock syringes, EPS announces its new TampAlerT tamper-evident cap for oral dispensers.... Read more
Temperature Monitoring
Next Control Systems introduces its Tutela auto- mated temperature/facility alarm monitoring and recording service. The Web-based, 24/7 alarm notification... Read more
Touchscreen Data Logger
Dickson introduces its new paperless touch- screen data logger that displays a digital graph for visualizing trends. Views are customizable and allow for... Read more

March 2010

Chemo Gowns
Tronex introduces its line of AAMI chemo-rated level 3 gowns for com- pounding pharmacists. These isolation gowns provide barrier protection from high-risk... Read more
Clinical Terminology Mapping Tool
Clinical Architecture announces its clinical terminology mapping software, Symedical. The application analyzes, creates, and updates maps between code... Read more
Label Printing System
Industrial Labeling Systems (ILS) introduces a full line of label printing systems for wristbands, charts, and admittance forms; laboratory; and pharmaceutical... Read more
Latex-free Nitrile Gloves
Kimtech Science Nitrile Gloves are latex-free gloves that provide the chemical barrier protection of nitrile and the sensitivity of latex. The gloves eliminate... Read more
Medication Reimbursement Software
Craneware introduces version 2 of its Pharmacy ChargeLink medication reimbursement software. This new version expands the comparison of quantities of pharmaceuticals... Read more
Pharmaceutical Waste Segregation
Daniels Sharpsmart introduces its S22 Pharma Sharpsmart reuseable container. The environ- mentally friendly container is designed to minimize the risk... Read more
Pharmacy Workflow Management Webinar
Baxa announces a free webinar focusing on its DoseEdge IV workflow management system. This Webinar, “DoseEdge: Changing Pharmacy Practice... Read more
Preventive Maintenance for Pneumatic Tube Systems
Swisslog introduces new preventive maintenance programs (also known as service and support agreements) aimed at helping hospitals achieve long-term optimal... Read more
Sterile Alcohol Solutions
Decon Labs introduces its sterile alco- hol solution disinfectant. CiDehol ST 70% IPA solution is made to meet water-for-injection (WFI) specifications... Read more
Supply Cart with Glass Doors
Stanley InnerSpace announces its new triple-wide cart with hinged aluminum and tempered glass doors, providing quick identification of supplies. The cart... Read more

February 2010

Airflow Control in Biosafety Cabinets
NuAire announces that its LabGard ES and CellGard ES Class II Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC) use IntelliFlow airflow sensor technology through the use... Read more
Clinical Information Software
CareFusion announces the Spring 2010 avail- ability of Pyxis Nurse Link, a software product that consolidates and presents a patient’s... Read more
Infusion Pumps
Baxter announces a three-year distribution agreement with SIGMA International General Medical Apparatus, LLC for infusion pumps. The agreement enables... Read more
Medication Access for Uninsured Patients
Cardinal Health, Inc introduces its eRecovery Onsite service, which enables hospitals to completely outsource the process of enrolling uninsured patients... Read more
Medication Management Solution
AmerisourceBergen announces the launch of its RxWorks Suite. A medication management solution that comprises pharmacy technologies and consulting services,... Read more
Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Web site
H.D. Smith announces the launch of its new Web site to better serve and inform its pharmacy, hospital, and specialty customers nation- wide. The new site... Read more
Pharmacy Automation Agreement
Swisslog announces an exclusive distri- bution agreement with TCGRx to sell and service its portfolio of automation medication management products to the... Read more
Spanish Auxiliary Label to Avert PCA-by-Proxy Errors
Medi-Dose, Inc/EPS, Inc announces the release of a series of free Spanish language auxiliary label images calling attention to the fact that only a patient... Read more
Support Guides for Chart Recorders and Data Loggers
Dickson announces the Web publication of online support guides—both in downloadable PDF formats and as videos on YouTube and the Dickson... Read more
Visitor Infection Control
Medicus Health announces the re- lease of its Visitor Wellness Center. With a hands-free Purell dispenser and brackets for facemasks and tissues, the kiosk... Read more

January 2010

Ambulatory Will-Call Bin Management
Smart Solutions, Inc introduces its SmartCheck ambulatory will-call bin management system. SmartCheck supports bags, bins, and totes by cre- ating specific... Read more
Auxiliary Labels for PCA by Proxy Errors
Medi-Dose, Inc/EPS, Inc announces the release of a series of free auxiliary label images calling attention to the fact that only a patient is to control... Read more
Consolidated DOT Shipping Descriptions
PharmEcology Services, WM Healthcare Solutions, Inc announces that its PharmE Waste Wizard and PharmE Inventory Analysis now present consolidated DOT shipping... Read more
Customer Portal and Online Store
Swisslog announces the launch of a password- protected Web portal to enable North American customers to order spare parts and accessories, track service... Read more
Data Logger Selection Guide
Dickson Company announces the availability of its data logger selection guide. The online guide provides multiple selection factors including instrument... Read more
Mobile Medication Management System
Omnicell, Inc introduces its Mobile Medication Management System, a fully integrated, closed loop, transportable solution that extends and secures transportation... Read more
Patient Event Advisor
CareFusion announces the Spring 2010 availability of a new addition to its Guardrails Suite, Pyxis Advisor. As a service that extends the Guardrails Suite... Read more
Undercounter Freezers
Helmer announces its i.Series and Horizon Series undercounter freezers. Available for placement under the counter, freestanding, or stacked, these units... Read more

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